The 40 Best Movies on Amazon Prime [March 2021]

There is so much to love about Amazon Prime that it’s hard to keep track. From the two-day free shipping on nearly every major item in the store, free titles on your Kindle, savings at grocery stores like Whole Foods, and access to a collection of over two million free streaming songs, there’s a ton of good you can get out of your annual $119 subscription. One of the best additions to the service, of course, is Amazon Prime Instant Video, a Netflix-esque subscription service that offers a wide range of movies and television shows, original and otherwise, for your viewing pleasure. While Netflix is the biggest streaming service on the web today, Amazon Prime offers a huge library of films, including some critically-acclaimed pieces of work that simply must be seen.

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The lineup on Amazon Prime is often incredibly different and much more diverse than the library on Netflix, even if it’s smaller overall. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what content you can expect to see from Amazon Prime for March 2021, and what films you should absolutely be watching with the streaming service. Here are forty of the best films now streaming on Amazon Prime, in no particular order.

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pfpfpakd says:
testing if this 10 minute email thing works lol
Bob says:
What happened to the James Bond movies on Amazon Prime Video? They were supposed to be there until the end of the month May 31. Now they’re gone! And so are the Leslie Nielsen Naked Gun comedies, Johnny Depp’s Nick of Time, James Spader’s Bad Influence and Stephen King’s Monkey Shines, which all just arrived on Prime Video on May 1. And more than 50 other MGM and Paramount titles which were all removed on May 15 without any warning, including your number 13 The Firm. Tom Cruise’s other films, Top Gun and Mission Impossible, were also removed. Do you know what’s going on?

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