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Best Android TV Launcher

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Best Android TV Launcher

One of Android’s main characteristics is a customizable interface design due to an open-source code. However, while the Android TV interface differs slightly depending on the TV’s brand, the overall layout and functions are alike. Unfortunately, this means that every new update affects all Android TVs regardless of the brand. A more recent update has left many users devastated by how inconvenient navigation has become. Furthermore, the native Android TV launcher doesn’t support sideloaded apps and doesn’t offer many design customization options.

We’ve created this guide to help you find a worthy alternative to the official Android TV launcher. We strived to include options to fit any preference, from highly customizable and functional to minimalistic. Some of the launchers focus on design and interface layout, and others are dedicated to opening any non-Android TV apps. Read on to find your perfect Android TV launcher.

01 TvHome Launcher

The TvHome Launcher’s layout will be familiar to those who own an LG or Samsung Smart TV running Tizen or Web OS. Minimalist lovers will appreciate the streamlined way the icons are presented along the bottom of the TV screen. You can also personalize the background to your liking.

The icon placement makes it easier to navigate your destination and scroll through the list using the remote control’s left and right arrow buttons. Unlike other launchers, the TvHome Launcher doesn’t drain the system’s resources because of its simplistic design and functionality. Overall, it’s a straightforward yet pretty stylish launcher.


  • Free
  • Simple interface
  • Customizable background
  • Not demanding to system resources


  • Design customization options are limited to background
TvHome Launcher

02 Simple TV Launcher

Simple TV Launcher is another option if you favor simplicity over flashy interfaces. It features a user-friendly interface with only six large icons on the main screen. If you rarely use the full functionality of your TV, preferring only to watch YouTube and browse the net, this may be the perfect option.

If you hate scrolling through endless icons, with Simple TV Launcher, you can add the most used apps to your home screen and cut the time spent searching for the correct icon. To access the complete app list, you can click a square icon in the upper left corner of the screen. You can also instantly access the settings by pressing the icon in the lower right corner or checking the time via a digital clock in the upper right corner.

You may think the uncluttered design is “limited,” but its smart yet simplified design may appeal to those who want to un-clutter their life. For interested users, the launcher’s code is open-source and can be accessed through GitHub. If coding is your forte, you can customize this launcher further to meet your needs and preferences or check how safe it is. This launcher was designed to fit 720 and 1080p screens and is free.


  • Simple navigation
  • Customizable
  • Quick access to the complete app list and settings Free
  • Basic functionality


  • Background not customizable
  • Only for 720 and 1080p screens
Simple TV Launcher

03 HALauncher

HA Launcher is among the most aesthetically pleasing Android Launchers the Google Play Store offers, though that’s merely subjective. By default, it features a colorful interface in turquoise, green, and coral tones, a vivid and stylish combination. However, if the default interface is not your style, you can change the background image, icon color scheme, and graphic style.

The layout is very similar to the previous native Android TV launcher, which many users loved. We highly recommend this launcher if you don’t like the last Android TV update and prefer the first version. To tailor the user experience to your preference, HA Launcher lets you create shortcuts to apps and set which ones appear on the home screen. You can also enable or disable the side panel.

HA Launcher, unlike the official Android TV launcher, supports sideloaded apps on the home screen. Thus, you can access apps designed for smartphones and tablets without a fiddly workaround. It also lets you open non-Android TV applications through Nvidia Shield, Razor Forge, or Nexus Player.


  • Highly customizable design
  • Supports sideloaded apps
  • Opens non-Android TV apps
  • Free
  • Like the previous version of Android TV Launcher


  • Broad functionality may be overwhelming to some users

04 Unica TV Launcher

Unica Android TV Launcher introduces a unique interface design. However, its uniqueness isn’t the main reason to check it out. This launcher is for users who wish to navigate their TV with their remote control’s D-pad. It’s optimized specifically for these controls. All the apps appear in four columns based on their category. You can set the categories yourself and create custom ones.

You can view the categories through one of the shortcuts at the bottom of the screen. Aside from categories, the bottom menu features favorites, music, videos, camera, and settings shortcuts. Through the favorite’s shortcut, you can access the most-used apps along with custom wallpapers. At the top of your TV screen, you’ll find a digital clock and weather based on your location.

The launcher is only free for the first 14 days. Afterward, the launcher’s interface will go into a restricted mode, and you’ll need to buy the full license. The restrictions include disabled weather location, the inability to edit app categories and recently used apps, and a reminder about using the free version. While this may be annoying, Unica TV Launcher is one of the most convenient launchers for D-pad remote control owners.


  • Navigation optimized for D-pad remote control
  • Customizable design
  • Apps divided into custom categories
  • Handy shortcuts
  • Free 14-day trial


  • No free versions
Unica TV Launcher

05 op TV Launcher 2

7op TV Launcher 2 offers a unique interface design along with complete control over your TV’s home screen. While the new design and customization options may be overwhelming, it’s the best choice to tailor everything to your needs.

With the help of a built-in layout editor, you can locate the app icons on your screen in any order. Plus, you can create and add shortcuts and widgets and customize app titles. You can personalize the icons, too. Select any image from your gallery or an ICO file instead of the default one to personalize your icons. If you prefer less clutter on your home screen, you can separate the apps into categories using the folder feature. This way, you’ll see multiple apps in the same tile rather than each on its own.

Of course, the wallpaper is also customizable. You do have to pay for this launcher, and it doesn’t offer a free version. However, it is ad-free and will suit most users’ needs. After all, the interface is so deeply customizable that the same launcher may look like two completely different things on different TVs.


  • Customizable background
  • Customizable app icons
  • Customizable layout
  • Ad-free


  • Paid versions only, no free trial
op TV Launcher 2

06 ATV Launcher

ATV Launcher is one of the most advanced Android TV launchers with a beautiful, professionally designed interface. It’s like the native Android TV launcher in its comprehensive functionality but is even better, offering numerous customization options. You can set your background image and change the color scheme and tile appearance.

For instance, you can set a custom image from your gallery as an app icon or make the tile transparent. The widget support lets you quickly access the most-used apps and essential information, such as time and weather. You can also customize the widget scale to fit your needs.

Navigation for the ATV Launcher is optimized for D-pad remote controls, so it isn’t the best launcher for remotes that only have left and right arrow buttons. However, if you’re on board with a D-pad-centric control scheme, the layout is also customizable.

Users can set up how apps are divided into rows and change the row height. For users who like to have the best of both worlds, this launcher supports non-Android TV apps designed for smartphones and tablets as well as standard TV apps.


  • Customizable layout
  • Customizable theme
  • Optimized for D-pad remote controls
  • Supports non-Android TV apps
  • Free


  • Need remote control with D-pad
ATV Launcher

07 Ugoos Launcher

Ugoos TV Launcher is yet another minimalistic Android TV launcher in our selection. Its interface is very distinct, featuring a clean layout with no unnecessary elements. Instead of a list of apps, the Ugooos Launcher introduces a scrolling wheel on the left side of the screen and nine tiles on the right.

The scrolling wheel features broad categories, such as Apps, Music, Settings, and so on. The tile layout is customizable and enables you to access the most-used apps quickly. At the top of the screen, you’ll see the local time and Wi-Fi indicator. This launcher supports both remote control and an air mouse. By default, the interface has a grey-blue color scheme, though you can easily change the background and icon colors.

You can also edit the icon border size and scale. The launcher offers nine pre-designed color themes for the main elements. This is one to check out if you want a free launcher with a user-friendly interface and minimalistic design.


  • Free
  • Customizable themes
  • Quick-access app menu
  • Unique scrolling wheel interface design


  • No widget support
Ugoos Launcher

08 Sideload Launcher

Sideload Launcher offers a beautiful interface and the ability to open just about any app, even those not designed for a TV. While using sideloaded apps not intended for a TV may not look the same, they should still work the same. The launcher shows you the entire list of Android apps you would typically see on your phone or tablet without limitations.

As for the interface, the Sideload Launcher has ten icons on the home screen by default, but you can customize them to suit your needs. You can add more apps or remove ones you don’t need through the Settings app. Overall, the interface is clean and may even seem overly minimalistic to some users.

There’s no built-in widget support and no time or weather display on the home screen. However, as the launcher supports any app, you can add widgets by installing dedicated software. The background picture is customizable, too.


  • Free
  • Clean interface
  • Customizable background image
  • Opens any app


  • No widgets
  • Scarce customization options compared to some other launchers
Sideload Launcher


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Best Android TV Launcher

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