The Best Cable Modem/Router Combos [October 2020]

While many people use the words “modem” and “router” interchangeably, there actually is a very different meaning between the two words. While not everyone has both a router and a modem, both components are required for a wireless internet network, whether at home or in your office. A router’s job is to create a network between all the Internet-capable devices in your home or office, while a modem’s job is simply to connect that network to the Internet. And while this may seem trivial, a surprising number of people are confused and disappointed when they purchase only a router and are unable to connect to the Internet.

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That very same confusion plagues buyers who purchase a modem and can’t understand why their wireless devices aren’t being recognized. Many major Internet providers have sought in recent years to eliminate such needless confusion by creating cable modem/router combinations, which handle everything from setting up a home network to connecting to the Internet—all in one convenient package. If you’re looking to pick up a combination modem/router for yourself, either to replace your old hardware or to avoid paying fees to the cable company, you’ll wanna check out one of the routers we have listed below. Hopefully, these routers will be powerful enough to carry you through 2020 and beyond. Let’s take a look!

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