The Best iPads Out Right Now [October 2019]

We have to admit that we weren’t the biggest fans of the iPad when it first came out. Although doubtlessly pleasing to the eye and fantastic for streaming movies, the original iPads simply seemed to lack the type of functionality and customizability that most true tech junkies crave. 

But the iPad has come a long way since its humble inception, and thanks to a combination of increased processing power, lower weights, and a string of peripherals that make it easier to treat the iPad as more of a laptop than a tablet, we now stand fully by the iPad revolution as a legitimate contribution to the world of personal computing. 

Used by both business people looking to finish their work on the train and children whose parents want them to be entertained on road trips, iPads now play an undeniably large role in our lives, and it seems that with each new generation more and more people begin to embrace tablet technology in general. 

There certainly are countless other tablet options to choose from, many of which are far more affordable than the iPad. But for better or for worse, we still believe that if you have the money to throw around, the iPad remains the best bang for your buck in terms of overall quality, aesthetics, and functionality across a wide range of third-party apps and services. 

But that doesn’t really narrow down your choices, since there are a slew of iPads currently on the market that offer different benefits for different potential buyers. 

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best iPads around, each of which tends to appeal to a different type of user with different computing and lifestyle needs. Enjoy. 

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One thought on “The Best iPads Out Right Now [October 2019]”

Jim says:
Thanks for the post. However, the prices that you quote for these iPads are for the least amount of storage. This way too low for any serious usage. Combining that with the fact the iPad storage cannot be increased easily with an external SD Card slot like Fire tablets, you sre quickly make these obsolete. Hence, I recommend 128 GB as a minimum which adds at least $100 to the price.

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