The Best Cheap Android Phones [August 2020]

Smartphones are a necessary part of everyday life, but even if you have some spare cash, no one enjoys shelling out more than a thousand dollars for small improvements in performance, cameras, and design. Phones started to reach four figures a few years ago, but they haven’t slowed down—this year’s Note 20 Ultra from Samsung is a great device, but at $1,300, you might as well buy a full-blown laptop instead. And while features like 5G and a lineup of five cameras on the back of a device may seem like they’re must-haves, for most users, taking an Instagram-worthy photo and being able to reliably send messages is all you really need.

Flagship devices might be reaching astronomical prices, but thankfully, affordable devices continue to grow more powerful each year, with improved designs, performance, and more. If you aren’t a heavy user and you just need something cheap and reliable, we’ve gathered the best cheap Android phones you can grab as you head into the last few months of 2020. From the cheapest Android phones around to a good middle-ground that’ll last you years to come, there’s something for everyone in our list. Let’s dive in.

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