The Best Cheap Android Phones [December 2019]

The last few years have seen smartphones get really good—and really expensive. While most flagship devices seemed to hold their price points at around $650 unlocked, the release of the iPhone X in 2017 seemed to be an open invitation for price increases from phone manufacturers, with Samsung, Google, and LG all following the lead. It’s often to see flagship devices come in nearing a grand or more, and while smartphones do last longer than they used to, it’s a lot of money to spend on a single gadget.

Of course, not everyone needs to buy a flagship device. Great Android phones exist in every price range. Whether you’re looking to pay a few hundred dollars for a phone that is nearly as good as those $1000 phones—with a few compromises, of course—or you just drop a couple hundred dollars or less to get a phone that will do what you need and not much else, Android’s 2019 offerings are the perfect place to look. The budget smartphone category has really come into its own as processors have advanced, good phone displays have gotten cheap, and even mediocre cameras have gotten good enough for Instagram.

If you aren’t a heavy user and you just need something cheap and reliable, we’ve gathered the best cheap Android phones you can grab as you head into 2020. From the cheapest Android phones around to a good middle-ground that’ll last you years to come, there’s something for everyone in our list. Let’s dive in.

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