The Best Cheap Android Tablets [August 2020]

In some ways, tablets feel like they’ve been a product in our lives for far longer than they actually have been. Though the idea of a tablet-shaped computer dates back to episodes of Star Trek and, in reality, can even be traced to the ’90s with products like the Apple Newton, the true idea of what we consider a “modern” tablet began with the launch of the original iPad back in January 2010. Now, more than a decade later, we can say that the tablet truly is here to stay. Though the idea of a tablet-style computer is still relatively new to the market, we’ve already seen dozens of variations on the basic idea. In addition to the twenty-plus iPad models that have been sold since the launch of the device, we’ve seen convertible laptop-style tablets, tablets that can dock into a keyboard, tablets that use phones to power their large displays, and even tablets that are meant to replace your laptop entirely.

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Although Google has moved away from the tablet market, Android tablets continue to rule the budget space. The mass adoption of tablets as third devices has slowed over the past two or three years, as phones grew larger and newer tablets began to make only minor incremental changes between generations, but it’s still a popular tech category, especially for kids or anyone looking for a thin and light device for Netflix. Just like phones, cheap tablets have been getting better and better over the past two or three years. Devices that used to be considered “good for the price” are now simply “good,” with higher-resolution displays, faster processors, and more memory than ever before. The sub-$200 market has become overloaded with Android options, and it can be pretty difficult to determine which devices are good for the money and which aren’t.

Which brings us to this guide of the best cheap Android tablets on the market in 2020. Whether you’re looking for a gift idea, something to keep your kids occupied in the back of a long car ride, or just a tablet to keep around the house, we have you covered with the best sub-$200 tablets money can buy today. Let’s take a look.

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