The Best Chromebook for Students [November 2020]

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For millions of users all around the world, Google’s Chromebook lineup of computers are an ideal product. The natural evolution of the netbook, a product that went through a short phase of popularity from the late 2000s to the early 2010s, Chromebooks today compete directly with tablets for low-cost computing devices, and so far, the market has responded with passion. Unlike tablets, Chromebooks come in a standard laptop layout, offering users the ability to take notes with a real keyboard, and often feature all-day battery life. Traditional laptops, though supplied with a wider market share of applications, also typically cost more than twice the amount for a Chromebook with similar qualities, thanks to the need for higher processing power when running an operating system like Windows. Many of these advantages come from using Chrome OS, an operating system built by Google based on their Chrome browser.

Everything inside Chrome OS is done within a browser window, from checking your email to editing a photo, and that helps maintain both a low standard for quality performance, and excellent battery life, making them affordable and excellent for taking notes, writing essays, and watching Netflix. When it comes to college students, whose lives are made up of roughly 70 percent of a combination of those three things, Chromebooks are a perfect computer for lugging around campus all day. They’re cheap, small, easy to use, and do nearly everything a standard college decision would want to do in everyday college settings. If you’re looking for something that can manage design work or other similar intensive projects—not to mention any sort of gaming—you might want to look elsewhere, but for nearly every college student, Chromebooks are perfect for both your daily schedule and for hanging out in the dorm.

Of course, as with every gadget, not every Chromebook on the market today is perfect for lugging around school. Students need portable laptops with high-resolution displays, long-lasting batteries, and devices that don’t weigh a ton so they can be thrown in a backpack for a day-long excursion along school grounds and to the library for all-night study sessions. It can be tough to pick out the right laptop for a student when they’re just starting class; luckily, you don’t have to do the work on your own.

Whether you’re shopping for an early Christmas gift or trying to pick yourself up something to simplify your studies, we’ve dived into the world of Chromebooks to separate the best from the rest. Students need a laptop that’s sturdy, light, powerful, and above all else, affordable. These are our favorite Chromebooks for students on the market today.

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