The Best Chromebooks Under $200 [November 2020]

Although a few Chromebooks manage to creep up past into the high-end to compete against MacBooks and Microsoft’s Surface Laptops, most computers running ChromeOS come in at $500 or less, offering a fantastic way to browse the web, game, and create for not a whole lot of cash.

As you can imagine, that comes in handy—especially in years like 2020, where everyone suddenly needed the ability to make Zoom calls, work or study from home, or even just to watch Netflix to calm down after a stressful week. Although Chromebooks are made for purchasing laptops without dropping a ton of cash down, unfortunately, it seems like everyone had that idea, and these days, it can be tough to find a Chromebook in stock. Meanwhile, third-party retailers have bumped their prices up to match demand, leading to a situation where it can be really hard to find a Chromebook for under $200.

If you’re ready to know what to look for in an affordable Chromebook, you’ve come to the right guide. While we wouldn’t recommend picking up one of these laptops as your primary computer if your work demands a lot of processing power, each laptop on this list is more than capable of carrying out virtually every imaginable every-day task you can throw its way. Just be prepared to have to wait for many of these laptops to come back into stock at affordable prices.

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