The Best Convertible Laptops [August 2019]

Posted by Nick on August 4, 2019

When the tablet came along, personal tech changed forever. Steve Jobs’ vision of creating a middle ground gadget that brought together the minimalist beauty of an iPad but the power of a more traditional laptop led to not only iPad domination, but also a slew of copycat technologies that offered the same type of functionality at a lower price. 

But tech consumers are notoriously greedy people, and they soon clamored for more. Why, they asked, must they be forced to settle on buying either a laptop or a tablet? Or why couldn’t they simply have both at once?  This selfish scramble led to the invention of the convertible laptop (also known as a 2-in-1 laptop), which effortlessly allows users to switch almost instantly between a traditional laptop configuration and a tablet—all on the same device simply by flipping the screen. 

The convertible laptop revolution was slow to take hold. Users were undeniably skeptical of a Transformer-like piece of technology, having been routinely duped by companies no less respected than Apple in the past. (Remember the Apple Newton fiasco?) But thanks to a roaring field of competition and an eagerness to please on behalf of tech companies, the technology quickly improved, and reliable convertible tablets started to become more accessible to the general public. 

Of course one stubborn problem still remained: The only good ones were still too expensive to make them practical for the everyday consumer. But thankfully those days are over, and it’s now completely possible to land a truly top-notch convertible laptop without breaking the bank. So enjoy our list of some of the best 2-in-1 laptops that money can buy. 

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