The Best Coupon Apps for the iPhone

Paying full price for things sucks. Whether it is groceries, video games, cosmetics and anything in between, looking for deals is always a good idea. Unfortunately, finding these deals often isn’t that easy. However, there are people out there who pride themselves on their ability to save tons of money with coupons.

However, in a traditional sense, couponing is hard work. It often requires a big folder or binder of coupons from dozens of stores and can take hours and hours of time to find some quality coupons for things you want. For extreme couponers that might be okay, but for those of us regular shoppers, this simply isn’t viable. However, technology has changed the game when it comes to saving money at the store.

If you simply search the word “coupon” in the App Store, you will be greeted with dozens of different apps that can help you find and use coupons from hundreds of different stores. However, not all of these coupon apps are created equal, and many won’t be any help to you at all in your journey to save money. In order to help show you some that are worth a download, we have created an article full of great options. Note that while using these apps are helpful, it doesn’t mean that you should completely disregard paper coupons as they can also still be great.


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When most people thing about a coupon app to save money, many will think of Groupon first. The app is incredibly popular and even those who aren’t into extreme couponing or saving will likely know about it or at least recognize the name. Groupon is a great way to save money on a number of different items and experiences.

Groupon offers a number of deals and discounts at all times and there is certain to be a deal for something that you would enjoy doing. Groupon often works as the middle man between you and a local company. The local company will offer a deal and if enough people on Groupon commit to purchase the experience or item, then the deal will go through.

The app is completely free to use, and the discounts on the app can be massive, as many of the deals will save you over 50%! This app will not only save you money, but will also get you out there to experience more cool things in your local area.

This app is definitely one of the most popular and great options for a couponing app. This app has a ton of coupons and deals from various different stores such as Walmart, Forever 21, Starbucks, Best Buy and more, you can

In addition to these markdowns and drills, you can also get access to some free samples, which is a great perk. This app also gives you some extras like cheaper gas and the ability to share coupons with your friends. Also, you don’t ever need to worry about this app feeding you the same old coupons all the time as they refresh each and every day.

Like many of the apps in this list, The Coupons App is free to download and use. The app itself is also designed very attractively and the user interface is incredibly simple to use and get the hang of quickly, which makes it not only a helpful app, but one that is not going to confuse you in the slightest.

RetailMeNot is an award-winning app that brings you thousands and thousands of different deals right to your phone. These deals are from all of your favorite stores and restaurants, so you won’t have to go far out of your way to take advantage of them. In fact, they offer deals from more than 50,000 retail locations so wherever you shop, there is a very good chance that they will have deals from that store.

The app is also great because they allow you to either just use your phone to get the deals, or they even offer you the option to print off their deals and coupons if you prefer that. They also offer many different kinds of deals. Whereas one app may only offer you cash rebates and others may only offer you a certain percentage off of a product, this app offers both those options and more.

The app also includes a very handy savings map that will show you a live map of all the savings near you. So if you are in a mall, for instance, this app will show you all the various deals you could find throughout the mall, which can help make shopping cheaper and easier. The app also has a good notification system that allows you to get notified when there are deals. All in all, definitely one of the best options in this category.

Slickdeals is amongst one of the biggest deal-sharing services out there and millions of people use it. Not only do people find deals and coupons here, but they also rate and share the deals with others, so you always know how good a deal is and where to find it. Thankfully, this app features deals from a ton of stores including Walmart, Macy’s and many more of your favorites.

There are plenty of deals to be found and many ways to find them from the front page, to the popular deals and the featured deals. The app also updates deals every day and has the ability for you to be alerted when deals go up, to make sure that you always know when and where the deals are at.

But perhaps the coolest and most unique feature of this app is its community. There is a forum on the app where people go to help each other find the best deals and exchange feedback about the various different deals they have taken advantage of.

SnipSnap is among the most popular and plentiful coupon apps on the planet. Coupons come from some of your favorite retailers and there is a Discover screen to see what friends and families have used, and this screen also allows you to search through SnipSnap’s massive database of coupons.

There is also a helpful feature called Scout. Your Scout will help find a coupon that works with what you want. Simply snap a photo of the product, and the scout will be able to help you to locate a deal on that item. This saves you the time you would spend manually searching through their giant database.

So while this app may sound like your run-of-the-mill couponing app for the most part, there is one massive difference. In addition to being able to search coupons and such on this app, you can also transfer paper coupons into this app. All you have to do is snap a picture of the printed offer and the app will convert the offer to one that can be used right from your phone. While this doesn’t work for each and every coupon you might have lying around, it is still a very good feature.

While some apps exclusively offer you coupons to save money at the grocery store, this app works by giving you cash back after you shop. SavingStar works on purchases at over 60,000 locations, which means you should always be able to find a good deal to save some money.

The app is also incredibly easy to use as all you have to do is scan your loyalty card after purchasing. If the location you are shopping at doesn’t have one, then you can simply scan your receipt. While many of these apps may have deals on only a certain type of item, this app varies a ton in terms of what you can save money on.

Every week the app is reloaded with great deals, so be sure to check it often. Also, the app gives you a few different ways you can choose to receive your money.  You can opt to get the money in the form of a gift card, or can get it sent right to your PayPal account. All things considered, this is among the best apps in the space and is simple enough for anyone to pick up and use.

This is one of the few apps that seem to get the idea of customized couponing right. Most of the time, there are simply a few one size fits all coupons available. While you can definitely make use of that coupon and save money, it may not be actually getting something you want.

This app allows you to make a customized request and then search the database to see if anything matches your request. For example, if you are looking to fix the brakes on your car, the app will search to see if any coupons match your request. Also, while many of these apps will simply help you at the grocery store, that isn’t the case with this one.

This app has a wide variety of coupons available from stores of all different kinds. All you have to do is show the coupon on your phone at the checkout and you will save money, wherever you like to shop. You can even share the coupons you find with family and friends if you think they will enjoy them as well.

If you have been couponing by hand for years, there is a new option in town and its name is the Krazy Coupon Lady. This app features thousands of different coupons and dozens of new deals are being loaded onto the app each and every day. You can even search through the deals of other apps on this one. Think of it like a large aggregate for the deals of various different couponing apps.

You can create a shopping list, sync with other devices as well as take advantage of a number of other great features. After saving money with this app, you can also head over to the forums and share your experiences with the community of the app. In addition to all of this, the app also looks quite good and is very easy to navigate.

Whether you are new to couponing or have been doing it for years or decades, this app is perfect for you. It is a good choice for beginners especially, though, as it offers in-app tutorials as well as videos which can both help you become incredibly good at couponing and saving money at the store each and every trip.

This app is simply among one of the best shopping companion apps on the market today. Think of it like an online coupon and flyer for almost any store you can think of. This app allows you to quickly and easily search items by brand, store or category and see what sorts of deals are available.

In addition to that, the app has a number of other helpful features for the store. One such feature is the ability for the app to help you create lists to make sure you are always prepared for your trip to the store. You can even add your loyalty card or points card to your account to take advantage of even more savings and deals.

The reminder system in this app is also top notch as it allows you to be notified whenever a deal is expiring, whenever a new one has been created, and even get updates from your favorite local retailers. It is a free app and is a great option for you to download and try.

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