The Best Deals Apps for Android – January 2018

In this modern, always-connect society, you probably spend a lot of your time shopping online as opposed to making the trek to giant shopping centers and malls. Nearly everything you need in your life, from electronics and furniture to the produce on your dining room table, can be delivered right to your door by any number of online services and stores. So whether you’re looking to stay inside during the harsh winter, or looking to get a little bit more of your time back during the summer when you could be outside enjoying the weather, ordering services, food, and more is easiest when it’s done from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

That said, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be looking to save a little bit more cash on your purchases throughout your daily life. Even if you plan on making a trip down to your local mall or plaza, your phone can be a big help in saving cash. More than ever, online outlets are more than willing to lower the price you pay for good in temporary and flash sales that are limited in quantity. From e-commerce giants like Amazon and Walmart to smaller, seller-driven services like Etsy and traditional brick and mortar stores like Walmart, you’ll find some incredible deals online if you’re willing to look for them. Video games, mattresses, electronics, appliances and more all regularly go on sale for up to half their traditional prices through online and physical locations, and keeping up with these deals is the best way to save a buck on the purchases you make everyday.

If you’re looking for the best value and deals you can find in shopping today, you came to the right place. There’s a ton of great deals apps for Android that make it easy to shop and save at the same time, typically all without leaving the house. Here’s our guide to the best deals apps you can download for your phone on Android.

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While Rizknows Deals and Slickdeals are both focused primarily on online shopping and commerce, Groupon encourages you to get out in your community to do things. Whether it’s deals on local pizzerias and restaurants, savings on bowling, laser tag, or miniature golfing experiences, promotions for escape rooms in your local area, or deals on spa getaways for a relaxing weekend, Groupon likely has you covered. The app uses your location to look for deals automatically in your area, and features a clean and modern green and white interface that’s easy to browse, all without advertisements or in-app purchases. You can view locations on a map or by simply browsing through the application for standard deals, and a notifications tab lets your favorite areas around where you live populate the full list. Obviously, the quality of your deals is really going to depend on where you live. People in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, or any other major metropolitan area are going to have far more to choose from than those in the midwest or deep, rural south. Overall, Groupon is a must-have app for adventurers, food lovers, and anyone looking to support the businesses that fill in their local city. Just don’t expect to find many deals for electronics, games, and home appliances.

This technically doesn’t count as a proper deals application, since Reddit basically covers the entirety of the internet for some people. To the right group, however, Reddit is the perfect way to get super-specific deals that correlate perfectly with your favorite types of deals. Sure, if you’re a fan of standard deals, you can browse through r/deals to get an idea of what’s on sale at any given time. If you’re interested in video games, PS4Deals, NintendoSwitchDeals, and GreatXboxDeals will keep you covered with deals for all of the content listed. BuildAPCSales helps users find new ways to purchase PC hardware in order to properly build a device to game, edit, and work on, while subreddits like FrugalMaleFashion and FrugalFemaleFashion help men and women find proper clothing and attire deals for the right style, and DealsReddit provides users with a good source of content for anyone looking to browse through some standard content. Overall, Reddit is a great way to aggregate a ton of deals together in order to create your own Slickdeals-style source of user-specific deals. You’ll have to put the work into subscribing to the sources of content you want specifically, but once you’ve built your account, you’ll be on your way to saving cash.

Brad’s Deals promises to be a customizable deals experience, similar to how you can use Reddit to get only the best deals for your lifestyle, albeit without having to create the experience by subscribing to subreddits. Instead, Brad’s Deals asks you some basic questions, based on what you shop for and what your general preferences are. Only interested in men’s fashion? No problem—just input men’s fashion into the algorithm. You can select as many or few categories and deals as you like, though it’s important to keep in mind that the more you select, the less-specific the app will be when you’re looking for deals. Brad’s Deals isn’t a perfect service; plenty of reviewers have mentioned that their account has had some items highlighted when they didn’t select the original category as an option to view, and we had a few women’s items leak into our app during our testing period as well. That said, Brad’s Deals is still a great option for anyone looking to customize their deals experience, and the inclusion of deal alerts and quick search options isn’t too shabby either.

RetailMeNot is less of a deals app and more of a couponing application, specializing in barcode coupons for your local stores and restaurants. Like Groupon, you can browse through the list of applicable stores based on your location, either through a full list method or by viewing locations on a map. When you’ve found a location or store that you like, you can click on the applicable brand to view their assorted coupons and deals. Some locations, like malls, allow you to view the entire layout of the mall, which makes it easy to pick a specific store while browsing through the app. Once you find a sale, each coupon can be added to your virtual wallet, allowing you to get alerts on expiring deals and easily access the coupons once you’re cashing out in the store. RetailMeNot really represents a great app for those who still like shopping in person and in a physical store. Though there are plenty of us that have moved on to the likes of Amazon and eBay, there’s no denying that the instant gratification of shopping at a mall can’t be beat, and apps like RetailMeNot can really help around big shopping times like holidays or summer sales. If you prefer shopping from the comfort of your own house, don’t fret: RetailMeNot also offers a wide variety of online coupons and codes, so there’s something here for you too.

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