The Best Desktops for Video Editing [June 2019]

There’s never been a better time to work in the increasingly lucrative and interconnected worlds of graphic design and multimedia production. Whether you’re a freelancer who works from home or a salaried employee at Google who brings in six-figure salaries, media manipulators are in high-demand across virtually every industry, and their career prospects are only going to continue to grow in the upcoming years. 

But even the most talented and trained media pros and video editors are only as good as the tools at their disposal, and if you lack the right hardware to get the job done your work will inevitably suffer. 

In the not so distant past, you needed to invest several thousands of dollars in top-notch computing equipment such as individual CPUs, graphics cards, and monitors in order to get the tools you needed to be successful in the field. 

Thankfully those days are over, and it’s now completely possible to get a pro-level video-editing computer for a modest price if you know where to look. And the even greater news is that you don’t need to look much further than this list, which rounds up the best video-editing and multimedia-savvy desktop computers that money can buy. 

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