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The Best Docks and Hubs for Your MacBook Pro [March 2020]

Just like any piece of popular technology, Apple’s MacBook Pro is not without flaws. One of the primary complaints voiced by early adopters was the surprising lack of port functionality, due to Apple’s decision to forgo the familiar USB and Thunderbolt ports for largely unfamiliar USB-C ports. 

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While these new ports indeed provide more power and speed, they’re also largely incompatible with many of our devices, cables, and adapters—making things exceedingly difficult for those of us who need to connect several external devices simultaneously.  Of course you have the option of investing in several expensive and cumbersome adaptors in order to bridge this gap, but that will inevitably take a toll on both your wallet and the weight of your backpack when you’re on the go. 

A far more reasonable move is to invest in one of the many docking stations or hubs that have been developed since the release of the newest MacBook Pro. These stations offer the convenience of being able to connect all of your peripheral devices directly to your laptop through a single USB-C connection, and many of them offer the added convenience of allowing you to keep your MacBook in a vertical position, which frees up precious desk space. Don’t let your new computer’s lack of familiar ports hold you back from connecting all of your go-to devices. Here are some of the best docking stations and external hubs money can buy.