The Best Dumb TVs

If you wonder, a dumb TV is any TV that doesn’t have smart features, such as the ability to load apps and streaming services. This means that dumb TVs don’t have internet connectivity or an operating system. On the contrary, these types of TVs rely solely on external devices for the video signal.

The majority of TVs sold nowadays fall into the category of smart TVs due to the convenient and modern features they offer. However, many people prefer buying a dumb TV, not only because they are much more affordable, but because of the amount of security and privacy they provide.

When someone says “dumb TV,” you might conjure up an image of a low-resolution TV with a small screen. Quite conversely, there are a lot of high-quality dumb TVs you can find, and that’s exactly what we will be going through in this article.

When searching for the right dumb TV, there are a couple of factors you should keep in mind. One of the most essential features is the number of input ports available. Other factors, such as screen size and resolution, are also important. Here are the best nine dumb TVs you can find in the industry.

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