The Best No WiFi Offline Games For the PC – February 2019

We have all had those times where we want to game, but for one reason or another we don’t have an internet connection.  Perhaps it’s because we have a laptop on an airplane, or the weather knocked out the cable. In the days of 8- to 64-bit gaming that never mattered.  You just popped in your favorite cartridge, hit the power button, and off you went, bouncing off turtles and or fighting ninjas to your heart’s content.  No longer is PC gaming defined by opening the CD-ROM tray and dropping in our favorite disc to jump into the worlds of Sims or Star Wars.

Today though, gaming has gotten more sophisticated.  Most video games now are internet based and if they’re not massive, multiplayer experiences requiring high speed internet connections they at least revolve around internet access for updates, events, and downloads.

There are still several PC games that can be played and enjoyed without an internet connection. Many of them are story based, but there are several different styles to meet the needs of any gamer. We’ve taken some time and pulled together twenty of the best no WiFi games for PC, so without further ado, and in no particular order – here we go!

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