The Best Fitness Apps For Your iPhone

Posted by Kale Havervold on January 10, 2017

Working out and being healthy is one of those things that everyone knows is good for them, but few people actually make a big part of their lives. Whether it is because they are too bust, have no motivation, or don’t know where to start, they often find reasons not to do it. But with technology advancing as it has, those excuses don’t work anymore.

Smartphones are able to do more things than ever, and that includes powering your workout routine, motivating you and making fitness easier than ever to integrate into your life. Whereas you used to have to pay top dollar for a personal trainer or a nutritionist, you can now have access to some amazing fitness resources, advice and tips, right from your phone.

While people used to use a pen and paper to track their workouts, you can now use your finger and a screen. Whether your goal is to put on muscle, lose some fat or simply get healthier, mobile fitness apps can be your own personal trainer and nutritionist.

Here are a few of the best fitness apps out there to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be.

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For a lot of people, laziness and a lack of motivation is the reason they are out of shape. There are so many things that they would rather do instead of go to the gym and eat healthy.

That is where this app comes in handy, for people with no motivation to go to the gym. Pact is an app where you can wager money on whether you will go to the gym and get a workout in. The app can verify by check in and if you reach your goals or go beyond them, you can earn cold hard cash. As the saying goes, money talks, and the existence and popularity of this app proves it.

But if you don't meet those goals, get ready to pay up to others who have met theirs. This works by having a communal pot among the users of the app. Everyone puts a bit into the pot in the middle and those who succeed are rewarded with some cash and those who fail are punished by losing some. This is a good way to not only stay motivated at the gym, but also potentially make a bit of money at the same time.

While this likely isn't something you will do forever, it is a great way to develop good habits and get into the routine of going to the gym. Once going to the gym and being healthy is part of your routine, it is not difficult to find motivation to hit the gym.

This app is fantastic and is like a nutritionist in your pocket at all times, no matter where you are. Years ago, you would have to pay someone a large amount of money to plan out your meals and caloric intake for you, but now, this app can do that for you at a much much lower price (for free).

This app can track your food intake as well as your fitness activities and workouts. The app records your age, gender and fitness goals, and will then create and construct a caloric intake based on how much you burn and how much you take in. This is a very simple way to look at losing weight and that helps this app be extremely easy to follow.

If your calories in are less than your calories out, you will lose weight. Lose It is also home to a great and supportive community that will help you achieve along your path to achieving your goals, no matter what they are. There are also many great challenges presented in the app to make sure you are always motivated to attain your goals.

If Lose It is like a nutritionist in your pocket, this app is like a personal trainer alongside him. First, this app will assess and record your information and goals with a simple set of preliminary questions that you will be asked when you first register on the app.

Once it has what it needs to know about you, the app will tailor a perfect workout for you (with the help of some post workout questions too). These questions help the workouts be dynamic each time to ensure that they are challenging, but not impossible to take on. There are a ton of exercises and sessions that can make sure you never do the same thing twice.

This app is great because it can get you a solid workout in, even if you don't have a lot of time. The app can craft you a workout anywhere from 7 minutes to 50 minutes. Also, the app was created by Tony Gonzalez, who is one of the best Tight Ends in NFL history and later bought by Fitbit. If it's good enough for a future Hall of Famer, it's good enough for us.

Giving to charity is a very noble thing to do and is something everyone should do if they have the means to do so. Well, what if I told you that you could earn money for charity while exercising and getting in shape this new year? With Charity Miles, you can do just that. Every time you run, bike or walk while using this app, it will earn cash for a charity of your choice. A corporate sponsor will have its logo or message in the backdrop of the app and in return, they agree to donate a bit of cash to charity for each mile you conquer. While it may only be a little bit, when a ton of people us the app, there can be some massive donations.

With Charity Miles, you can do just that. Every time you run, bike or walk while using this app, it will earn cash for a charity of your choice. A corporate sponsor will have its logo or message in the backdrop of the app and in return, they agree to donate a bit of cash to charity for each mile you conquer. So not only are you getting fit and in better shape, you are also earning cash for a worthwhile cause.

While it may only be a little bit, when a ton of people us the app, there can be some massive donations. In fact, millions and millions of dollars have been donated as a result of people using this app over time. You really can't go wrong with this app as it doesn't cost you a thing, gets you in shape and helps out a number of different charities.

While most of the apps on this list are free, this app will run you a couple of dollars. Despite this fact, it is still deserving of a spot on this list. While the fact it's not free might turn off some people, it really shouldn't. If you are someone with no real experience running, yet want to start, this is definitely the app for you.

This app has helped thousands of couch potatoes become runners in a short amount of time. In only 9 weeks, with only a few half-hour workouts a week, this app claims it can get your from your couch to running a 5k. What makes this app incredibly special is that your coach you select will actually talk to you during your workouts and give you instant feedback.

Tracking your progress over time and calculating your workouts is a breeze. If you want to get into running and have no experience, this app is definitely one that is worth a few dollars, it could change your life.

Getting the motivation to go for a run, but this app turns your run into an immersive horror game. Every run is a mission where you must keep running to escape zombies that are chasing you. Audio from the game combined with your own chosen playlists will keep you running harder than any other app.

There are a ton of different missions and stories so you will never run out of motivation to run. Over 3 million people use this app, so at any time there are hundreds or thousands of people using the app and playing along with you. Finding ways to working out "fun", is never easy, but this app has figured out a way to do it.

While the app is free, there is a "Pro" version that can be bought for $2.99 a month and will unlock more missions, and more extra features. If motivation is the reason you don't work out (and you like immersive games), this is a great app.

While apps that deliver you post-workout feedback and such, there is still something to be said about the value of real-time training. Well, this app provides that for you at a much lower cost than it would run you to interact with a personal trainer at your local gym. Also, these coaches that assist you are world champions and Olympians and they are actual human voices helping you, not robots.

There are hundreds of different exercises and workouts that can be crafted for your own goals in life, and with professionals with you all along the way, your chances of meeting your goals and being a success are high. While the app has a free 30-day trial, it will cost you a bit for such a good service like this. Even still, it will only run you $3.99 a month or $29.99 for annually. That is a very small price to pay for virtual personal training like this!

This app is all about personalized workouts on your own time. The app provides a ton of different video workouts that range from only a few minutes, up to an hour. These exercises will target all the different areas of your body depending on what you choose and watching videos is always more immersive and motivating than pictures or simple audio. This means this app hs a good chance at keeping you "into" working out if you struggle with motivation.

Over 20 million people use this app and there is no equipment needed, so you can do it whenever and whatever you want! While there is a fair bit of content available for free, there is also a premium membership you can purchase if you'd like. Most of these apps you have seen charge more for a premium membership but considering most gym memberships cost about as much a month as these do for a year, it is a smart investment on your part.

The premium membership costs $4.99 a month or only $39.99 a year. With the premium membership, you get a number of extra features such as guided workouts, ad-free workouts, and much more.

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