The Best Workout Apps for the iPhone [February 2021]

Workout apps have always been an important part of using your phone, but in 2021, they’re more vital than ever before. With many gyms still closed down—and many of us not in a major rush to return—finding a way to stay fit and active, while also balancing your physical fitness with your mental fitness, can be tough. Even tougher, of course, is finding the motivation to workout at all, or learning where to start if you’re new to fitness.

Thankfully, the App Store is full of great apps that can help you work out harder and smarter. At TechJunkie, our goal is to help you find some of the best workout apps out there in the App Store, so that you can get right to working towards your goals. These apps will let you customize workouts, teach you new workouts, and do so much more! The category is fairly broad, so you will see a number of different types of apps included in this article.

While many of us think of working out as purely running on a treadmill or lifting weights, things like your diet and sleeping patterns can have a big impact on how good or bad your workouts are. But without any further ado, read on to discover some of the greatest workout apps for the iPhone that will help you get in shape and stay in shape!

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While many people like to lift weights or do body weight exercises for their workouts, there are a lot of other options you can do as well. One of the most popular kinds of workout is going for a run or going for a bike. If you are one of those people who like to run or cycle, you should give Strava a try. Strava is a great app to record these activities and compare your performances over time.

The app uses the GPS capabilities of your iPhone to track your path, track stats (distance, pace, calories, elevation etc…) and more. Whether you want to see how you are doing during an activity or after you are done, this app will be able to help. It offers you a ton of helpful information and data and will show you trends when it comes to your performance over time.

The app also comes complete with a great community full of people who will share their stories, photos from their journeys, inspiration and more. The app is free, but there is also a premium membership you can purchase if you want extras such as personalized coaching, extra live feedback and more.

Charity Miles is a great app for tracking the distance you walk and run, but there is a different reason why this app is on this list. In addition to helping you become more fit, this app also lets you earn money for your favorite charity, just by running! It’s really that simple.

Whether you want to take the dog for a walk, go for a stroll around the lake, or run some laps of your neighborhood, you can use Charity Miles. The app is very simple to use and it can track your distance with only a few taps of a button. You can choose from over 40 different charities to download. The more you run and be active, the more money you will generate for your charity.

So far, the members of this app have donated millions and millions of dollars to charity, so it really works. While you are donating to charity, you will also be getting fit in the process. The app is extremely simple and clear, and is available to be downloaded for free. So if you are a runner, or want to become one, why not download this app to help out a charity at the same time as getting in shape.

While creating a workout plan and tracking progress over time is one thing, it is just as important to log your workouts to make sure everything is getting done in a suitable manner. While many people may just use a pencil and piece of paper for this, there is a better way. GymBook is a great way to effectively create and analyze your workouts, while also letting you log them in real time.

Whether you want to create your own exercises or choose from the included exercises in the app. You can also easily define sets, weights, reps and more. So now that your workout is set, you can get to it! This app makes logging your workout incredibly quick and easy, while also giving you the ability to add notes and compare to past workouts. Various stats are available in graph form for instant comparison to past workouts to see how you are progressing.

The interface of this app is incredible and makes everything from logging to analyzing extremely easy, quick and streamlined. You can even change the design and look of the app if you want. While it may not have as many features as some of the other great apps on this list, it is great at what it does.

If you want a portable personal trainer in your pocket, FitnessBuilder might be the app for you. The app contains over 1,000 hand-made workouts for people of all levels. So whether you have been working out for years, or are walking into a gym for the first time ever, this app can help.

The app keeps you on track and can schedule workouts in the future so you always know when your next one is coming up. The type of workout you do every day can be different, or you can use the same one if you want. That is the brilliance of this app; it lets you choose from such a large number of workouts that you always have many different options for what you want to do.

The app has a few different types of accounts that you can use, and the one you select will depend on what you want to get out of this app. They are Free, Plus, Pro and PT. They range in price from $0 a month up to $49.99 a month. Each comes with their own special and extra features, and are tailored towards a certain kind of clientele.

With over 1 million users, Strong Workout Tracker is one of the single best apps to keep track of your workouts whether you are a pro bodybuilder or a newcomer to the gym. Whatever your goals are in the gym, this app will be able to help you achieve your desired results.

The name of the game when it comes to Strong Workout Tracker is simplicity and speed. Whereas other workout apps might be full of pictures, videos or features that you don’t need, not this app. This app gets rid of all the unnecessary features in order to give you the best and fastest way to track your workouts over time.

The app contains a ton of different workouts and exercises to choose from to ensure you are able to change up your routine whenever you want. Tracking and analyzing your progress or going back through your workout history is also easy to do in this app. It is fairly barebones in terms of features, but it does everything you would expect out of an app like this, which is enough for us.

While many of you might be surprised to see an app like this in an article about workout apps, hear us out. Sleeping is a very important part of recovery and being healthy, and how much you sleep can have a huge impact on your workouts. If you get no sleep (or have a bad sleep), it can make your workout much worse.

Sleep Cycle is an app all about helping you have the best night sleep possible. Instead of waking you up with a blaring tone, Sleep Cycle guides you awake with a relaxing melody and the app even tries to wake you up when you are in your lightest sleep, which will save you from ever being jumped awake by your loud and annoying alarm clock.

In addition to helping your sleep and wake up better, the app also works very intelligently as well. It can track a wide variety of things including how long you sleep, how deep or light you slept, sleep quality and more. The app can even record any sounds you might make while you sleep. The app is also free, which definitely makes it one of the best apps for sleeping out there. This app ensures you will always be well rested before your workouts, which can help you work harder and longer.

Out of all the apps on this list, this might just be the most popular. Millions upon millions of people use this app to organize, track, analyze and create their workouts. The app also provides feedback and stats so you can always know how you are progressing in your workouts. The app also makes it easy to discover new workout routines if you ever need a change or want to try something new.

Map My Fitness lets you choose from over 600 different sports and activities to track and it is one of the best apps out there for keeping track of your runs, walks or bike rides. It can keep track of everything from distance, to pace, to elevation and even calories burnt. The app also keeps interactive maps for each of your workouts so you can see how far you went, where you went, and more.

The community of this app is also fantastic, as you could expect out of an app with tens of millions of users. People offer tips, tricks and other valuable information and it is incredibly easy to share your workouts or comments/tips with others. The app is free, but there is a premium MVP version of the app you can pay for which will get you a few extra features and such.

If you are a busy person and are just looking for a few quick and easy workouts to get done in your busy life, this is the app for you. The app is jam-packed full of different exercise routines that range from only a few minutes, up to ones that can go as long as 30 minutes. Best thing about it, is that most of these can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Without even needing to be connected to the internet, Daily Workouts gives you access to 100+ exercises and lots of targeted workouts, that come complete with videos. The app eas developed by personal trainers and shows videos and instructions with every exercise so you always know how to do it, and do it correctly.

Not having time to workout is no longer a valid excuse with apps like this one on the market. Also, the app is available for free, so it is worth a try (even if you feel that you are too busy to work out). Even just a few minutes a day is better than nothing, and can help you achieve a healthier life overall.

If you sometimes get intimidated by workout or fitness apps, Sworkit might be the one for you. It is incredibly simple and allows for a lot more creativity and customization than many of the different apps in this category. The app can get you started on a number of different programs with a single tap. Whatever your fitness level, this app has a program for you.

The app has a huge database of exercises, and you can do them anywhere, in as little as only a few minutes. Also, if you don’t like the idea of going with a certain pre-made workout or program, you can create your own workout using your favorite exercises.

The app is free, but there is indeed a premium membership you can get if you want to get the most out of the app. However, even the free version of the app is great. While it may lack in a bit of features, it is indeed one of the simplest apps to use in this entire catoegry, which is definitely what some people are after.

From one of the most reputable athletic brands on the planet, comes one of the best workout apps out there. Nike+ Training Club has over 150 workouts available for free, and they span a wide range of categories. Whether you want to do yoga, cardio, or strength training, this app has a variety of different workouts for you.

The app includes workouts of all levels, for people of all different experience levels, so whether you are a fantastic athlete or someone just looking to lose a few pounds, this app can help you out. If you need structure, the app can provide plans for you, but if you want to do it yourself, you can do that as well. The app can also suggest you workouts it thinks you will enjoy based on your past workouts or exercises.

So in addition to the variety of different workouts, features and content in this app, this app has something special that many others do not have. As many pro athletes are sponsored by Nike, this app is full of workouts inspired by some of the best athletes in the world such as Serena Williams, Kyrie Irving, Rory McIlroy and more. So you get all of these great features, for free. If you are into bodyweight exercises and are looking for a workout app, definitely give this one some consideration.

While a name like Seven doesn’t automatically scream “workout app” to you, it is definitely one of the best in this entire article. With only a few minutes per day, and no workout equipment at all, you can get in shape. The app is also full of different awards and achievements to keep you motivated too. Also, with more than 20 million people using this app, you can be sure it’s good and worth your time.

As you could probably tell from the name of the app, it is all about you working out for just seven minutes a day. With these customized workouts and exercises, you will be shocked at just how good of a workout you can get in only a few minutes per day. All you need is your body and maybe a chair here and there to do these workouts, so you can do them anywhere.

While some people may have time for more than 7 minutes a day, this app is great for those busy bees reading this article. The app looks good, performs good and is free to download, so what more is there to want? The app even includes a “Learn” tab, in which you can learn how to do each exercise with perfect form to minimize the chance of injury.

Just like Sleep Cycle a few entries ago, you might be shocked to see a diet and nutrition app included in this list. However, the things you eat play a major role in how good your workouts are, and how much results you see. With that in mind, anyone serious about getting good with workouts should have an app like Fooducate on their iPhone.

This app can help you track your food intake (and workouts) to ensure you are on the right path. The app has a huge database of different foods so you can keep a running log with not only how much you eat, but also the actual foods you are consuming. The app will also give you healthy food suggestions and the community within the app is a great place to go to ask and answer a variety of different questions.

Also, if you want to learn about food and what you should and shouldn’t be eating for your specific goals, this is also a great app. It can teach you a ton of things you likely didn’t know, which will help you become a much healthier person. The app can also be personalized for you as you can add things like gender. age, dietary conditions and more. Best of all, the app is completely free to use and while a Pro version is available, the free version should be more than enough for most people.

One of the most fun and underrated way to get a solid workout in is to go hiking or trail running. Not only do you get a great workout, you also get to see the great outdoors and can often get some great views in the process. AllTrails is an app that has been downloaded millions of times and helps you explore more than 50,000 trails from around the world. No other apps will give you a collection even close to the one on this app.

AllTrails will show you a map of the trail, pictures of the trail, reviews of the trail and much more. Whether you are a newcomer or a pro, this app has trails for all types of different people and skill levels. The app also lets you record your activity, so it is much more than just a resource, it can also record your pace, elevation, distance, and speed.

Even if you live in a fairly flat place, you should still download this app and give it a try, you never know what you may find nearby. Also, with the app being free to download, there is no reason not to try it. Even if you haven’t been hiking or are just interested in taking it up, this app can be a great place to start.

A huge part of personal fitness is learning good habits, and that’s where Noom comes in. Noom is a hybrid diet app that focuses on helping users relearn how to eat, while dropping some of their bad habits along the way. Although the app does require you to track calories, the app is much more than a simple tracker.

In addition to the calorie counter, Noom offers some exclusive features you won’t get anywhere else, including a personal coach, a group to help keep you on track, and articles that help Noom feel more like a class than anything else.

The biggest reason not to use Noom? It’s expensive—like, really expensive. Although the app has a two week trial for just $1, the app is priced over $50 per month, and that might put a lot of people off from using it to lose weight.

Although Home Workouts – No Equipment is a pretty self-explanatory app name, it’s still worth looking at one of the most popular home fitness apps that has skyrocketed to popularity, earning a massive 4.9 star rating from more than 41,000 reviews on the App Store. Like many fitness-focused apps on iOS, Home Workouts is designed to give you programs it can walk you through specifically targeting certain parts of your body. It’s easy to use, with a solid interface and tips for making sure you’re getting the most out of the workout.

Unfortunately, like many free-to-start apps on this list, the workouts can get expensive quick—especially since many of the workout programs are locked behind a paywall. Still, the app’s workouts really show a ton of positive results, and it makes it hard to not at least try the app. If you’ve canceled your gym membership but you’re missing your old classes, this is definitely the program to try.

Planet Fitness hasn’t taken 2020 lying down. With many locations now reopened—albeit at reduced levels—it’s finally time to start designing a plan to return to the gym, and Planet Fitness has its die-hard fans covered. The app has added a crowd meter to the app, showing how busy a specific club is and whether it’s nearing capacity. This can help you determine when it’s time to head to a club, or whether you should stay home to avoid waiting in line.

If you’d rather stay home altogether, the app also offers workouts you can perform in your living room. Streaming live workouts can also help you feel connected to your workout partners, all from the comfort of your house or apartment. It’s a solid app, with support for Apple Watch as well.

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