The Best Flip Phones [June 2020]

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It’s been more than ten years since the original iPhone launched, and in that time, we’ve seen smartphone adoption skyrocket. Just fifteen years ago, smartphones weren’t much more than a utility for white-collar business workers and folks with exorbitant amounts of cash, but since 2007, smartphones have become commonplace. In that decade, your parents have upgraded to iPhones, your tech-addicted friend has switched between a dozen phones, and kids as young as eight years old have begun to adopt their parent’s old smart devices.

Meanwhile, the major players in the smartphone wars of the 2000s—Microsoft, Nokia, Palm, and Blackberry, have all but left the market, replaced by Apple, Samsung, and Google, bought out or replaced and forgotten about in the minds of consumers over the years. And while those companies create flagship devices that can run upwards of $1000, budget smartphones have also gotten really good, allowing access to a powerful new device for on-the-go computing no matter your budget.

In 2019, smartphone adoption in the United States had hit 81 percent according to Pew Research, meaning more than four out of five American adults now have a smartphone in their life. Those numbers have especially increased among adults over 50 years old and lower-income Americans, presumably due to the increased simplicity of smartphones and the ability to buy a good device for around $100. But those numbers still mean one in five Americans have held onto non-smartphone devices, and from a certain perspective, it’s easy to see why. Feature phones tend to get the basics right, with solid call quality, the ability to send text messages, and perhaps the most important feature: multi-day battery life.

Whether you haven’t yet committed to owning a smartphone, or you’re looking for a secondary device to take camping, hiking, or to keep on the side for emergencies, owning a basic flip phone is a great idea for some consumers.

Unfortunately, most technology sites don’t quite keep track of flip phone devices any longer, which might leave some consumers on their own when looking for a new device for the basic necessities. Let’s fix that. This is a look at the best flip phones on the market today.

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2 thoughts on “The Best Flip Phones [June 2020]”

Avatar Michael S Reiter says:
which phone if any has apps and most importantly bluetooth? Apps like spotify,FB,google chrome,weather, etc.
Avatar Tom says:
Does the Nokia 2720 work on AT&T in the United States?

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