The Best Wireless Gaming Mouses – May 2019

Everyone loves a great video game. Whether you play professionally in front of thousands of screaming fans inside a packed arena (yes, that’s actually a real thing) or you simply like to unwind after a rough day with some Mario Kart in the comfort of your own living room, video games inevitably make life far more enjoyable—allowing us escape the monotony of real life in exchange for far more exciting virtual worlds. 

Over the course of the past several decades, countless video game consoles released by companies ranging from Sony to Nintendo have dominated the markets and caused more than a few turf wars between loyal gaming fanatics. These standalone consoles are doubtlessly awesome, and for a while they were the only resource when it came to playing the world’s best and most advanced games. 

But those days are coming to a close, thanks to a growing number of supremely powerful and accurate graphics cards and powerful processors that allow gaming fans to play their favorite titles right on their desktop computer—eliminating the need for most gamers both past and present to invest in an expensive and cumbersome third-party gaming console. 

Of course in order to truly enjoy all of your favorite games on your desktop (or even on your laptop), you need to have the right gear, and one of the most important pieces of gear in which a gamer can invest is a mouse.

Acting as the equivalent of a gaming console’s controller, these intrepid gaming mice can spell the difference between draggy performance and top-notch character speeds, and most of them come with a host of additional buttons and features that can be programmed to carry out a seemingly endless number of commands during a variety of go-to gaming experiences.

So before you start gaming on your desktop using that old-school and function-lacking mouse, check out this list of the best and most adaptable gaming mouses around. 

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