The 30 Best Free Android Games [November 2019]

Posted by William Sattelberg on November 25, 2019

Mobile gaming is just one of the many device categories toppled on its head by the evolution of smartphones over the past ten years. Portable gaming in the late ’90s and ’00s was completely dominated by Nintendo’s various Gameboy models and the Nintendo DS and even Sony made their own bid for on-the-go gaming domination with the PSP. Since the launch of both the iPhone and Apple’s App Store, however, both iOS and Android have become the dominant platform for gaming on the go. Sure, plenty of gamers still own dedicated systems, with Nintendo’s 3DS and Switch systems both finding success in a post-smartphone world (Sony’s PlayStation Vita, not as much), but for most casual gamers, apps like Temple Run, Angry Birds, and Cut the Rope have become entertaining enough to abandon expensive gaming platforms in favor of the device you already own. The financial factor, the convenience factor, and the ease of use all make smartphones an ideal gaming device—not to mention the power driving current flagship smartphones.

But as with any digital market, the Play Store is overrun by loads of poorly optimized, boring, or straight-up bad mobile games, especially when you’re trying to find free games. It can be difficult to tell the difference between a quality game and a quick cash-grab, especially with the popularity of in-app purchases disguising pay-to-win games as “free.” So we’ve done the hard work for you—we’ve found some of the best free games on the Play Store available today for download. These games aren’t perfect titles, and many of them typically contain ads or free-to-play mechanics, but in our testing, each game has been found to offer a nice compromise between in-game purchases or advertisements and quality free gameplay. And of course, we’ve included games from as many genres as we could, in order to make sure something on our list appeals to everyone. So whether you’re a casual player, or a dedicated gamer looking for something to play on the way to work, we’ll have you covered in this round-up of the best free games on Android.

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