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The Best 27-Inch Gaming Monitors

While there are many gaming consoles to choose from on the market, using your computer for gaming is still pretty common. Having a computer powerful enough for gaming makes things convenient because you can use it for work and play. Aside from your CPU and GPU, you also have to make sure that you purchase a reliable, high-quality monitor. You want a big enough...

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The Best Gaming Routers

If you plan to do heavy gaming regularly, you will need more than a fast computer and a high-quality display. You need to ensure that your internet connection is fast and stable, especially if


The Best External Hard Drives for PS5

Gaming is something that is part of millions of people's lives. The PS5 is among the latest gaming consoles on the market. The new PS5 is faster than its predecessors, and it features a


The Best Monitor For the PS5

If you're an avid gamer, you have probably upgraded to the PS5 already. Many people use gaming consoles with their smart TVs, but some use them with a monitor. The latter would be the

The Best Gaming Tables

Ever since the gaming industry became big, there have been a lot of brands that sell different gaming products to make gaming more fun. This is good, but it also brings confusion for first-time

The Best Gaming Headset under $50

Buying a gaming headset doesn't have to break your bank, as you can see in this article you can get headsets that have impeccable quality at just under $50. When you are buying gaming


The Best Graphics Card Under $600

If you are an average consumer looking for a new PC, you will most likely settle for the specs that come with your computer of choice. This is the easiest method, but some of you

How to Decide What Screen Size for a Laptop

How to Decide What Screen Size You Need for a Laptop

Choosing the right laptop isn’t easy, especially with so many options on the market. In addition to the hardware, it’s important to choose the correct screen size. Although it may seem like a


Nov 9, 2021

3 mins read

Best PS5 Exclusives

Have you recently gotten your hands on an elusive PS5 console? Or maybe you’re debating whether you should buy a PS5 next-gen console or go with “the other guys.” Whether you’re still

Best PS5 Exclusives