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Should I Use a Laptop or Desktop for PC Gaming?

When it’s time to decide on a new build to satisfy your gaming itch, one of the first questions is always “Do I buy a laptop or a desktop for gaming?” Unfortunately, the first question can be the most difficult to answer. However, it will provide a good foundation to guide you in your purchasing process. Luckily, the choice these days is extremely forgiving...

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Best SSDs for Gaming [June 2021]

The Best SSDs for Gaming

Solid-state drives – SSDs – are a great way to not only store data but also read it quickly. Initially, internal SSDs were quick but had little storage space compared to HDDs, or hard disk drives.


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The 15 Best Roku Games You Can Play Right Now

So you finally decided to pick up a brand new Roku device for your television. It's always a great time to do it, especially if you're stuck inside the house. Of course,


The Best Games for the Chromebook

Chromebooks weren't designed for gaming. Most Chromebooks run between $300 and $500, using low-end processors perfect for web browsing. They don't come with dedicated graphics cards or hard drives capable of


The Best Female Streamers on Twitch

If you pay any attention to the livestreaming community online, you've heard of Twitch. Originally created as a spin-off from, Twitch (or originally focused on just gaming, with streams


The 40 Best Free Android Games

As with any digital market, the Play Store is overrun by loads of poorly optimized, boring, or straight-up bad mobile games, especially when you're trying to find free games. It can be difficult


May 26, 2021

3 mins read

The 30 Best Offline Games for Android to Play without Wi-Fi It's no secret that online multiplayer games have long ruled over the Google Play Store. Games like Clash of Clans