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The Best Free Dynamic DNS [November 2019]

The Best Free Dynamic DNS [November 2019]

If you’re looking for a Dynamic Domain Name System, DDNS, or DynDNS you probably already know what it is. If not, here’s a brief explanation. A Dynamic DNS gives you access to a dynamic or changing IP address.

Since most routers connect computers to the internet using the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), the IP address keeps changing. The DDNS, however, is there to help with tracking your current IP address at all times.

A service like this can help you remotely access your computer, or make a home-based webserver. Read on to find the best free Dynamic DNS.

Top 5 Best Free Dynamic DNS

There are many dynamic DNS providers but most of them require a subscription. As you shouldn’t pay for something you can get for free, we’ve compiled a list of the best free dynamic DNS providers out there. DynDNS used to be the go-to provider, but they started charging for their services, and there are better free alternatives.

These providers aren’t listed from best to worst, but all are a solid choice. Choose one based on your preferences.

1. FreeDNS

FreeDNS is exactly what it says it is. You can get free dynamic or static DNS services, based on your needs. This is a simple yet effective way of getting free Dynamic DNS. Follow this link to their site, and choose from thousands of domains or even use custom-made domain names.

With billions of monthly requests, FreeDNS is extremely popular . If the site isn’t working right away, therefore, it’s due to high traffic. The only requirement for using their services is to register a free account, with an email address and password.

You can have up to five subdomains for free, and an unlimited number of domains. You can also use URL redirection, FreeDNS offers a premium service for those who want it, with upgraded security and additional options. Best of all, it isn’t that expensive.


2. Dynu

Dynu is one of the best free Dynamic DNS providers. You can use your own domains for top-level domains, or third-level domains provided by Dynu. And the top-level domains work regardless of the domain country.

Dynu has software that you can install on your computer and run in the background. This software will update your IP address in real-time, so you’ll never be out of sync. If you register for a free account, you can have a maximum of four subdomains.

The free account gets you SSL certificates, domain registration, and email service. If you upgrade to a premium account, you’ll get many benefits, including wildcard aliases, backup, support, etc. The premium service is quite cheap since you pay it on a yearly basis.

3. Securepoint DynDNS

Securepoint DynDNS isn’t as simple to use as some of the other free sites. You can create a maximum of five hosts, and up to ten domains for your Dynamic DNS address base. The registration is easy, and it only requires an email address, username, and password. You’ll also need to confirm your email address.

Securepoint DynDNS supports IPv6 addresses, and it has increased security with their token system. Overall, it’s a very safe and useful site based in Germany. You can still use their dynamic DNS just fine, despite the fact the company is across the ocean.

4. DuckDNS

DuckDNS is a cute and simple site, just as you would expect from a provider of that name! It uses AWS (Amazon Web Services) infrastructure, and you can sign up for free using your Google, Reddit, Twitter, GitHub, or personal account.

This site is run by only two people (software engineer experts), and it focuses solely on Dynamic DNS domains. As a free user, you can use a maximum of four subdomains. They value your privacy, keeping very little of your personal data, which they never share with others.

You can find tutorials on their site, which give instructions for installation on many (even unpopular) operating systems. If you want to get more domains, simply donate to the site itself.

5. No-IP

No-IP isn’t an ideal Dynamic DNS provider, but it is pretty solid. Over time, they’ve become a premium service, really limiting the options of free users. If you register for free, you can only get three subdomains, with limited options in terms of domain names.

These domains are yours to keep if you confirm your activity each month. Additionally, you can use URL and port forwarding, which can come in handy. Here’s a heads-up though – you’ll get a lot of ads using the free version of the service.

When you subscribe, all the flaws of this site will disappear. It isn’t exactly cheap, but it gives you a lot more domains and subdomains.

free DNS

Some Things Do Come for Free

Most things that are free aren’t that good, but free Dynamic DNS services are pretty great. Don’t expect anything fancy from these sites though. Also, don’t despair if your desired domain name is taken.

Some things won’t go your way, but at least you’re not paying for an overpriced Dynamic DNS. Go through this list and check out multiple options until you find the best one for you.

Post your questions and thoughts in the comments section below.

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I’m using Free-DDNS at simple but it works fine
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The site is inaccurate and need an urdent update because No-IP don’t provide anymore free DNS and there are many else free providers avaliable

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