The 5 Best FREE Video Editing Software for your PC

Posted by Jamie on October 27, 2017

With cameras like the GoPro being small and portable and smartphone cameras becoming better quality, we are all recording more of our lives than ever before. But what do you do once your sequence has been recorded? Store and forget it or turn it into a professional quality production for later viewing? If you do the latter, you might be interested in the five best free video editing software for PC in 2017.

Video editing software has grown alongside our expectation for professional looking productions from anyone aged 6 and above. Fortunately, you don’t need a Hollywood budget to deliver a quality video production as there are a few very good free packages out there. I have tried and tested them all and here are what I think are the best of the bunch for this year.

The five best free video editing software

Whether you want something simple to knock out a quick video of a mountain bike ride or to create something more sophisticated, there will be something in this list that will help.

1.   Lightworks

Spend longer than five minutes with Lightworks and you will wonder how it can be free. There are two versions, the free version which I suggest here and the Pro version which helped edit The King’s Speech and Road to Perdition. There is quite the learning curve to master this program but the effort is well worth it.

Lightworks is a very good video editor on its own but will also play nicely with Avid, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Boris, Combustion and Sapphire. It will also support a huge variety of formats too.

The best free video editing software for PC 20172

2.   Blender

Blender is another very competent video editor that is also free. It is open source and is primarily a 3D modeling product that also works very well with video. Blender is apparently used a lot by NASA, The History Channel and helped create effects in Spiderman 2. That’s how good it is.

While it is a 3D program, the included video editor is very accomplished and includes lots of effects, compositing tools, transitions, corrections and editing tools and a whole lot more. Plus you have all that animation power to call on once you get to grips with the package. The community is strong too which means an answer to your problems is never far away.

3.   VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad Video Editor is much more accessible and useful for people who just want to edit a quick video here and there but not have to spend a month mastering an application. It is simple yet powerful, intuitive and very straightforward. That is not to say it doesn’t have lots of tricks up its sleeve because it does.

There is a lot of potential in VideoPad Video Editor. It has tons of tools, audio tricks, transitions and effects. Lots of camera and video optimization features and a whole lot more. It isn’t as in-depth as Lightworks or Blender but still creates excellent productions. Ideal for someone who just wants to fool around with a video but still produce something decent.

4.   Windows Movie Maker

Keeping with accessible video editors for a minute, let’s look at Windows Movie Maker. It is Microsoft’s answer to iMovie and is a credible editing tool for Windows users. Again it isn’t as in depth as Blender or Lightworks but is great for knocking up a quick snowboarding video or vacation shoot.

Windows Movie Maker utilizes drag and drop timelines and has a few visual effects you can use to add a little pizazz. There are also corrections, transitions, audio tools and lots more besides. All for free. It is part of the now defunct Microsoft Essentials pack. Windows Movie Maker is available for download here.

The best free video editing software for PC 20173

5.   Shotcut

Shotcut is another application for those who want power. It looks and feels different from all the others because it began life as a Linux application. It has since been converted to Windows but retains the Linux look and feel. This is another video editor with quite the learning curve, but like the others in this list repays that investment with some superb results.

Shotcut has a huge array of filters, transitions, effects and more that you can add to a video. Audio is well taken care of too. The interface and its potential takes a while to get used to but once you do, you will be creating professional standard videos in no time.

Those are what I consider to be the five best free video editing software available for PC right now. Each delivers a solid video editing experience with varying levels of complexity. Some are easy to pick up, others not so much. There is definitely one for you in here!

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