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The Best Gadgets for Pets and Furparents in 2023

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The Best Gadgets for Pets and Furparents in 2023

Pets are a part of the family too. And so furparents will do anything to keep their pets well-cared for. These days, we already have a lot of devices to choose from that will help us care and monitor our pets better — from cameras to even DNA testing kits!

As furparents, we all want the best for our “kids”. And so, we rounded up some of the best devices that will also help other furparents pamper, monitor, and even ensure their furbabies’ overall health. If you’re a furparent too, read on to find out which devices suits your pet’s needs and your requirements the most.

01 Varram Fitness Robot

Design-wise, the VARREM Pet Fitness Robot is made to resemble a nice pet toy. Even its predetermined shaking and accelerating behaviors give off a fun vibe. All fitness robots are now equipped with a case that shields them from the jaws of life for those of us who have larger pets who could actually cause some damage. Additionally, it comes with a kit with a cat tail attachment for the cat lovers out there to let your pet feel fun.

This robot is obviously intended to draw our pets’ attention, yet it is in no way a typical pet toy. You can use the app to remotely keep an eye on your pet’s activity. You may even choose the times you want the robot to interact with your pet or the routes it takes.

In addition to physically entertaining your pet, it can also give out treats to maintain their focus and encourage play. Your pet will spend more time playing with the robot if it becomes Pavlov’d, which maximizes its value. Therefore, it’s a wonderful touch to incorporate some treat-dispensing classical training into the toy.

The hardware on the VARRAM pet fitness robot is quite cool too. To detect and record its surroundings, the robot is using ToF sensors and gyro sensors, which measure distances using infrared lasers. It also calculates how long it takes something to go a certain distance. The distance between the sensor and the object or things it is sensing is then calculated using that information. After that, it generates individually measured points and produces images using the measurement data. Seeing these sensors inside a fitness robot for your pet is very cool because they are frequently used in automobiles for autonomous driving or topographic mapping.

However, it’s not for larger pets as it’s not as durable without a protective case.


  • Keeps pet physically entertained
  • Comes with extra attachments to keep pet even more entertained


  • Requires protective case
  • Battery life could have been better


  • Price $107.00
  • Target Species Cat, Dog
  • Theme Animal
  • Breed Recommendation All Breed Sizes
Varram Fitness Robot

02 GoDogGo Ball Launcher

GoDogGo Ball Launcher is one of the best automatic dog ball launchers on the market today as it has its own unique features that make it an ideal choice for dog owners. The GoDogGo G4 caters to larger canines and those with plenty of outside area by launching full-sized tennis balls.

The spiraling green bucket on top of the G4 is something you’ll notice right away. The bucket may be carried about by using its edges as a form of handle because it is completely linked to the rest of the apparatus.

One of the G4’s greatest advantages is its capacity to hold a large number of balls at once. The balls will line up and descend toward the launch area one at a time, as you can see. As a result, it is the only automatic dog ball thrower that can handle loading multiple balls at once.

The bucket’s unusually wide surface area makes it ideal for teaching a dog to drop a ball into. It sure is one of the best ball launchers on the market.

However, it’s not perfect. Unfortunately, some users report that they had issues where having extra balls queued up to be fired seemed to affect launching a ball. This affects the ball’s trajectory and distance. Overall, it’s a nice cool toy that will still keep your dog entertained most of the time.


  • Ideal for dogs
  • Can launch more balls than its competitors


  • Not for small spaces
  • The number of balls queued can affect its trajectory and distance


  • Price $159.95
  • Target Species Dog
  • Theme Animals
  • Breed Recommendation All Breed Sizes
GoDogGo Ball Launcher

03 CleverPet Console

The CleverPet Hub functions like a game console for dogs, presenting them with intriguing tasks to keep their minds sharp. An automatic dog feeder is an additional bonus. These days, technology-enabled pet products are all the rage, and CleverPet ups the ante!

Numerous difficulties face The CleverPet, and fresh ones keep emerging. These exercises begin easy, automatically adjust to your dog’s ability, and progressively harder as your dog “gets it.” The most current challenge from CleverPet is Color Match, where your dog must match the colors of all three lights. Are you surprised that your dog can somewhat perceive color? Us too. However, since the CleverPet was created by neuroscientists, they were able to push the boundaries of what your dog is capable of.

The CleverPet functions in tandem with iOS and Android compatible mobile apps. The app allows you to keep track of some stats and regulate the CleverPet hub’s operation schedule.

Even when your dog is left alone at home, he or she can engage with the Clever Pet and keep engaged, preventing boredom. The hub can contain up to 2.5 cups of your dog’s regular food, so once you set up the schedule, your dog will be fed automatically and in a delightful, engaging manner.

There is currently nothing else on the market that compares to this product. There are many puzzle feeders available, but none of them are high-tech or use a mobile app. There are some that are substantially less expensive and are nonetheless extremely intriguing. But once more, as we previously stated, that one lacks the CleverPet Hub’s cool aspect, clever technology, and wide range of tasks. There are also automated smart feeders, but they are merely automatic feeders with a mobile app; no games or puzzles are involved.


  • Suitable for dogs of all ages
  • Created by neuroscientists to boost dogs’ capabilities


  • Expensive


  • Price $269.00
  • Target Species Dog
  • Theme Animals
  • Breed Recommendation All Breed Sizes
CleverPet Console

04 Pet Qwerks Babble Ball

A distinctively made toy that engages with your pet is the Babble Ball. Both cats and dogs are available. You can choose the ideal babbling ball for your dog from a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors available in the dog alternatives.

When touched, these interactive pet toys make sounds. They are easily triggered to catch your pet’s attention because they are sensitive. The amazing features of the interactive babble balls will draw your pet’s interest and keep them occupied for hours.

The Babble Ball is excellent for enhancing your pet’s auditory and visual senses. When the toy is not in use, it shuts off automatically so that it doesn’t just sit there creating noise.

The good thing about this toy is that it’s not only for dogs. Pet Qwerks Babble Ball also comes in several different variants to choose from that can also help stimulate and entertain your cats. What’s more, each of them makes multiple sounds that will keep your pets entertained even more.

However, this toy also comes with some cons. One of them is the fact that some dogs may react negatively to the noise and lights it makes. Apart from that, this isn’t ideal for furparents who have dogs that like playing catch, as it’s only made of hard plastic. Additionally, the ball’s sensitivity is high.

Overall, the Pet Qwerks Babble ball alternatives are great entertainment-oriented toys. They aren’t your conventional catch or chew toys; instead, they’re made to prevent boredom in your pet. You really can’t go wrong with them because they are easy to use, entertaining for the pet, and there are many possibilities to select from. Although dogs are the most frequently promoted species for them, any sort of pet can utilize them! Let’s now appropriately entertain your pet.


  • Ideal for both cats and dogs
  • Different variants to choose from to keep pet entertained
  • Interactive


  • Not designed for playing catch
  • Sensor’s sensitivity is high


  • Price $11.49
  • Target Species Dog
  • Theme Animals
  • Breed Recommendation All Breed Sizes
Pet Qwerks Babble Ball

05 PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog Feeder

There is a sizable hopper within the PetSafe Smart Feed that you fill with cat or dog food. It is covered with a plastic top with two latches that keep it in place and can accommodate around 24 cups of food. When it’s time to distribute the Purina, the food moves up a chute from the hopper before being poured into a stainless steel bowl. To wash all the components that come into contact with the food, you can easily disassemble the complete appliance (albeit not too easy for a hungry pet).

The schedule of the Smart Feed app (available for Android and iOS) is quite adaptable. Up to 12 times per day, it can dispense between 1/8 cup and 4 cups of food at a time. To prevent your pet from gobbling up all the food too quickly, you can alternatively set it to dispense food gradually over a 15-minute period. Additionally, setup is simple. A child lock can be configured using the app to stop the feeder from dispensing food when the feeder’s button is pressed.

You can also set up an Amazon Dash Replenishment from within the app, which will automatically place new orders of food when the feeder’s stock is low. Though it makes sense in theory, pet food bags are frequently far bigger than the Smart Feed’s hopper, so you don’t need to buy a fresh bag each time the feeder runs out of food.


  • Easy to operate
  • Feedings are customizable
  • Big food hopper


  • Doesn’t work with Purina Plan Savor food


  • Price $149.95
  • Target Species Dog, Cat
  • Theme Original Smart Feed
  • Breed Recommendation All Breed Sizes
PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog Feeder

06 SureFlap Pet Door

The SureFlap White Microchip Cat Door is essentially an automatic pet door that connects to your cat’s microchip and either allows them entry or denies them access based on the parameters you select for your cats.

You can use the SureFlap RFID collar tag or any other current microchip for your pet. Each SureFlap Microchip Cat Door purchase includes one RFID tag. The very inventive SureFlap dual scan microchip cat flap automatically lets your cat in or out if you allow it while preventing trespassers or other animals from using the same pet flap to access your home.

Additionally, it features a SureFlap microchip cat flap timer that allows you to set curfews for your cat, determining what time they are permitted to leave the house and when they are permitted to enter.

The door aperture of the battery-operated SureFlap dual scan microchip cat flap is around 120 mm in height and 142 mm in width, making it a good size for small to medium cats and even small dogs. You can purchase the SureFlap microchip cat door, which is 178 mm high and 170 mm wide, if you have a larger cat or dog.

There will be additional training required for pet owners whose pets are allowed to urinate and defecate outside.


  • Programmable lock setting
  • Reads pet’s microchip or programmable collar tags
  • Battery-powered
  • Can be installed in doors, walls, or windows


  • Requires extra training for pets


  • Price $299.99
  • Target Species Cat, Dog
  • Theme Animal
  • Breed Recommendation All Breed Sizes
SureFlap Pet Door

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