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TORRAS Ostand Power Banks: Top 5 Features You Must Know

TORRAS Ostand Power Banks: Top 5 Features You Must Know

TORRAS is a popular name in the world of smartphone accessories. Be it cases and covers for smartphones or phone holders for cars, the company has a huge presence across the segment. And now, TORRAS is back in focus with the launch of the TORRAS Ostand range of power banks. These TORRAS power banks are available in two capacities—10,000mAh and 5,000mAh.

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In this post, we will highlight some of the standout features of the TORRAS Ostand power banks. So, let’s begin.

Notable Specs

TORRAS-Ostand-Power-Banks-notable specs

1. Versatile Design

One of the more impressive things to note about the TORRAS Ostand power banks is the fact that they come with a versatile design. These power banks not only have a slim form factor, but they also come with a circular rotatable stand at the back.

This magnetic kickstand can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing you to place the phone (when attached) in both portrait and landscape modes. It means you can check your phone’s notifications or watch a movie or video while charging wirelessly.

Moreover, this circular stand also doubles as a ring holder when needed, allowing you to easily hold the power bank.

View the 5,000mAh Ostand Power Bank
View the 10,000mAh Ostand Power Bank

2. Smart Charging

A power bank’s job isn’t simply to provide backup power for your phone. It’s 2024, and power banks should be able to deliver the power smartly. These TORRAS Ostand power banks offer wired and wireless charging, allowing you to charge two devices together when needed. While the 10,000mAh power bank can deliver 15W and 20W for wired and wireless charging, the smaller power bank can provide power up to 7.5W and 15W for wireless and wired devices.

The wireless charging feature makes them compatible with newer smartphones like the iPhone 15 and the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. For wired charging, the Ostand power packs bundle a USB-C port.

And that’s not all. These power banks can also trickle charge low-powered devices like earbuds, smartwatches, and headphones. All you need to do is press the power button for a few seconds.

3. Strong Magnets

As prefaced above, one of the signature features of the Ostand power banks is the circular stand at the back, which also doubles as a MagSafe charger. Notably, the magnetic ring holds connected phones firmly.

In fact, the company claims that the Halbach magnets at the back can hold up to 1.2 Kg of weight.

4. Lightweight

The Ostand power banks are also lightweight. Naturally, the lightweight and the small form factor makes them easy to carry. You can easily keep it inside your backpack and laptop bag or slip it in your pocket.

To give you perspective, the smaller of the two power banks weighs 131 grams and measures about 0.45 inches. The compact size can be attributed to the lithium cobalt oxide cells inside, which are comparatively smaller than conventional batteries.

5. Safety Controls

More importantly, the TORRAS power banks have some impressive safety systems in place to ensure you don’t face any issues while using the power banks. These systems work to prevent overcharging and short circuits. Further, the NTC sensors onboard monitor the temperature to improve safety.

Last but not least, these power banks are also capable of dissipating heat smartly, paving the way for an efficient charging system.

Smart Power Solutions

These were some of the notable features of the TORRAS Ostand power banks. These are all-in-one backup power solutions for your smartphones and earbuds. The small form factor makes them easy to carry, while the versatile charging mechanism eases the charging process. So, if you’ve been in search of a smart charging solution for your phone or earbuds, then do check out the Torras Ostand power banks.

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