The Best Gaming Chairs

Posted by Nick on August 5, 2019

Video games have come a long way since their humble, 8-bit inception. Instead of wading through 2D universes while attempting to avoid underwhelming and less-than-intimidating monsters, it’s now possible to lose yourself in stunningly realistic worlds filled with incredible 3D graphics and interactive environments. Whether you play professionally in front of thousands of screaming fans in packed arenas (yes, that’s a real thing) or simply like to unwind with a nice game of Mario Kart at the end of a long day, video games inevitably make life much more enjoyable. 

But as the games themselves have become far more complex and arguably intense, so have gaming accessories. It no longer makes much sense to play an epic ten-hour game of Call of Duty with your friends while sitting in a kitchen chair, just as it doesn’t make much sense to enjoy the incredible graphics of most modern games on a black and white TV. 

That’s why serious gamers are investing more and more in specialized gaming chairs that add new levels of comfort and functionality to those epic gaming sessions that can take up large chunks of the day. Having a go-to comfortable gaming chair is of course even more important if you’re a professional gamer who depends on long gaming sessions for a living. 

So instead of breaking your back on a regular, around-the-house chair the next time you plop yourself down for an all-day gaming session, check out our list of the best and most affordable gaming chairs money can buy. 

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