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The Best Gaming Chairs

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The Best Gaming Chairs

As video games have become more and more complex, so have the ways we consume them. Though children in the ’80s flocked to arcades with pockets full of quarters, ready to waste an afternoon beating their high score in Pac-Man, the ’90s cemented home consoles as the best way to play video games. The 2000s continued this trend, with most arcades across the US closing down due to disinterest, while the 2010s saw more ways to play than ever before. Home consoles, smartphones, handhelds, PCs, tablets—the list goes on and on.

With more ways to play than ever before, it goes without saying that having a place to play is more important than ever. It no longer makes much sense to spend ten hours sitting in an uncomfortable kitchen chair while playing League of Legends, just as it doesn’t make sense to enjoy modern games on an old black and white television. Serious gamers get a powerful desktop computer, laptop, or gaming console, but they also care about where they play their games. Aside from a sturdy and spacious table, they also invest in specialized gaming chairs. These chairs add new levels of comfort and functionality to those epic gaming sessions that take up your day. Having a go-to comfortable gaming chair is, of course, even more, important if you’re a pro-level gamer who depends on long gaming sessions for a living.

So instead of breaking your back on a regular, around-the-house chair the next time you plop yourself down for an all-day gaming session, check out our list of the best gaming chairs money can buy you in 2022.

01 Secretlab Titan Evo 2022

The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 is undoubtedly among the best gaming chairs that guarantee top-notch comfort. The chair is available in three sizes. The regular variant is excellent for most people, especially if you’re around 5’7″-6’2″ in height and weigh 200 pounds or less. Their small model is for those 5’6″ and below, weighing 200 pounds at max. Lastly, they have an XL chair for taller people between 5’11” and 6’9″ who weigh up to 395 pounds. The chair features cold-cure foam and a magnetic memory foam head pillow that easily snaps on and off the chair’s backrest. Users can easily adjust the head pillow to get the best position to provide superb support. The Secretlab Titan Evo has adjustable full-metal 4D armrests that are easily replaceable. The chair’s pebble seat base will let you survive long gaming sessions with consistent comfort, and it has a waterfall edge, providing better sitting freedom thanks to its contour. You have the freedom to find the right support for your back thanks to the chair’s built-in adjustable four-way L-adapt lumbar support system. People will love the overall ergonomic design of the chair since its recline, tilt, and hydraulics adjustment will make it easy to find the perfect position for your gaming marathon. The chair has a reinforced ADC12 aluminum wheelbase that provides extra stability. You can rest assured that the chair will last a long time because it’s covered in Secretlab Neo Hybrid Leatherette which they say is more durable than standard PU leather. Customers can purchase the chair in different color options like Stealth, Black, Classic, Royal, and Ash.


  • Comfortable
  • Comes in 3 sizes
  • Cold-cure foam
  • Magnetic memory foam head pillow
  • Adjustable full-metal 4D armrests
  • 4-way L-adapt lumbar support system
  • Recline, tilt, and hydraulics adjustment
  • Premium Secretlab Neo Hybrid Leatherette


  • Expensive


  • Price $589.00
  • Material Faux Leather
  • Product Dimensions 19.3"D x 22"W x 51.2"H
  • Seat Material Type Leather
  • Maximum Weight 285 Pounds
Secretlab Titan Evo 2022

02 Razer Enki

Razer is a reputable brand that has released tons of gaming laptops, accessories, and more over the years. It’s no surprise that they’ve created their own line of gaming chairs, and the Razer Enki is among their best options in 2022. The chair is worth about $400 and is available in Black/Green, Black, and Quartz. It features 110-degree shoulder arches that promise long-lasting comfort and a soft 54 cm seat base that provide a cushier feel and excellent weight distribution. The core areas of the chair are covered in dual-textured, eco-friendly synthetic leather that is durable yet comfy. A gaming chair isn’t complete without its ergonomics, and you will love the Razer Enki’s reactive seat tilt and recline adjustments up to 152 degrees. The chair also has 4D armrests, and you can conveniently adjust their position, angle, and height. Whenever you want to lean your head back on its headrest, you’ll love its premium memory foam cushion that molds to a person’s head shape. Its built-in lumber arch also ensures that your lower back gets there proper support it needs and helps you with your posture. If there were areas that the chair needs to improve, it would be its lumbar support that can be stiff and its cushions that some might still think is too firm.


  • Premium and comfortable built
  • Soft 54 cm seat base and 110-degree shoulder arches
  • Dual-textured, eco-friendly synthetic leather
  • Reactive seat tilt and recline adjustments up to 152 degrees
  • Adjustable 4D armrests
  • Premium memory foam head rest
  • Built-in lumber arch


  • Still pretty pricey for a chair
  • Some might think the chair's cushions are still firm
  • Stiff lumbar support


  • Price $399.99
  • Material Faux Leather
  • Product Dimensions 26.79"D x 26.4"W x 55.51"H
  • Seat Material Type Memory Foam
  • Maximum Weight 330 Pounds
Razer Enki

03 Cooler Master Caliber X1C

If you want a more aesthetically pleasing chair while remaining reasonably priced, you might want to check out the Cooler Master Caliber X1C. It features a modern and stylish Gray/Black color. The chair’s Cool-In fabric technology uses star-shaped yarn and jade powder particles to enhance breathability and heat dissipation, resulting in a chair that feels cooler than standard chairs. Its fabric is high quality, easy to clean, dust-proof, and scratch-proof. Users won’t have trouble finding the correct position for their extended gaming session since the chair has seat height adjustments and 4D aluminum armrests. People of all sizes can use the chair since it has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds. No matter how heavy you are, it won’t easily break because it has a class 4 gas lift, aluminum alloy 5-star base, and a solid steel frame. You will feel like you have a zero gravity experience, and you can easily rock back and forth thanks to its tilt tension mechanism. The Cooler Master Caliber X1C provides comfort even when you play games for an entire day because it has a comfortable cold-molded foam seat, lumbar support, thick padded back, and high-density neck rest. You can expect less spine pain and neck strain when using the chair. The chair allows you to recline the backrest up to 180 degrees, and its 75mm multi-direction PU casters and 360-degree swivel ensure you can roll smoothly.


  • Comfortable, stylish, and aesthetically-pleasing design
  • Cool-In fabric technology
  • Easy to clean, dust-proof, and scratch-proof
  • Seat height adjustments and 4D aluminum armrests
  • Durable with a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds
  • Recline the backrest up to 180 degrees
  • 75mm multi-direction PU casters and 360-degree swivel


  • Could use more color options
  • Armrest adjustment is pretty stiff


  • Price $349.99
  • Material Faux Leather
  • Product Dimensions 33"D x 21.3"W x 54.3"H
  • Seat Material Type Leather
  • Maximum Weight 330 Pounds
Cooler Master Caliber X1C

04 Noblechairs EPIC Real Leather

The Noblechairs EPIC Real Leather is ideal for those with no budget limitations and who want a gaming chair with genuine leather. This premium gaming chair has a luxurious real leather finish, and you can get it in either all black or a combination of black/white/red. Right off the bat, you’d think this chair is for a professional who has already won many gaming championships. The chair provides comfort for an extended period thanks to its cold foam upholstery that is deformation-resistant and breathable. Its high-density foam ensures the chair won’t lose its shape and sink into its upholstery. You can quickly tell that the company made sure that the chair was made-well because of its Vegan PU leather that features perfect and neat stitching. The chair has 4D armrests that you can adjust vertically, horizontally, and laterally. You can even tilt the armrests to an angle of your choice. The chair’s matte black powder-coated seat base is thick and comfy, and its solid aluminum allows it to support people who weigh as much as 264.5 pounds. Noblechairs offers customers a manufacturer’s guarantee for two years.


  • Premium and high quality build
  • Superb ergonomics
  • Impressive comfort
  • Deformation-resistant and breathable
  • 2-year manufacturer's guarantee


  • Expensive
  • Only 2 color options


  • Price $699.00
  • Material Faux Leather, Alloy Steel, Leather
  • Product Dimensions 27.95"D x 26.4"W x 55.1"H
  • Seat Material Type Foam
  • Maximum Weight 120kg
Noblechairs EPIC Real Leather

05 Homall S-Racer

For those looking for a gaming chair that won’t hurt your wallet too much, you can choose a budget-friendly option like the Homall S-Racer. It will only cost you less than $100, and the chair has a design fit for a gamer. It’s covered in PU leather that’s wear-resisting and skin-friendly, and its embroidery, patchwork, stitching, and color pairs are fantastic for the price you’re paying. Gamers will have enhanced comfort, elasticity resilience, and anti-oxidation with this chair because of its high-density shaping foam. The chair is also sturdy and durable because of its thick steel frame. You get a 360-degree swivel with the Homall S-Racer, and you can rock all you want. It’s capable of reclining between 90 to 180 degrees. Users can easily adjust the height of the chair’s seat, and its headrest pillow is removable. The chair has a lumbar cushion and smooth armrest, but unlike its more expensive rivals, these aren’t adjustable. The maximum weight the chair can handle is 260 pounds, but it might not be the best option for bigger people since it’s pretty narrow and the armrests are on the smaller side. For customers who encounter missing parts, damages, and installation issues upon purchase, you can have your chair exchanged without any extra fees.


  • Affordable
  • Stylish design
  • Maximum weight capacity of 260 pounds
  • Rocking function
  • 90-180-degree reclining
  • Height adjustment
  • Free exchange when you experience missing parts, damages, and installation issues


  • Narrow chair
  • Armrests are pretty small
  • Armrests aren't adjustable


  • Price $89.99
  • Material Faux Leather
  • Product Dimensions 20"D x 14.5"W x 51"H
  • Seat Material Type Leather
  • Maximum Weight 280 Pounds
Homall S-Racer


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