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The Best Gaming Chairs [February 2020]

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The Best Gaming Chairs [February 2020]

As video games have become more and more complex, so too have the ways we consume they. Though children in the 80s flocked to arcades with pockets full of quarters, ready to waste an afternoon beating their high score in Pac-Man, the 90s cemented home consoles as the best way to play video games. The 2000s continued, this trend, with most arcades across the US closing down due to disinterest, while the 2010s saw more ways to play than ever before. Home consoles, smartphones, handhelds, PCs, tablets—the list goes on and on.

With more ways to play than ever before, it goes without saying that having a place to play is more important than ever. It no longer makes much sense to spend ten hours sitting in an uncomfortable kitchen chair while playing League of Legends, just as it doesn’t make sense to enjoy modern games on an old black and white television. That’s why serious gamers are continuing to invest in specialized gaming chairs that add new levels of comfort and functionality to those epic gaming sessions that take up your day. Having a go-to comfortable gaming chair is, of course, even more important if you’re a pro-level gamer who depends on long gaming sessions for a living.

So instead of breaking your back on a regular, around-the-house chair the next time you plop yourself down for an all-day gaming session, check out our list of the best and most affordable gaming chairs money can buy.

01 Homall Gaming Chair

Furniture of all shapes and styles tends to be expensive. Anybody who’s done a quick scan of the furniture section of the Ikea website can attest to the fact that even the market’s less-expensive models can be obnoxiously pricey, and buying a new chair can often feel a bit like you’re investing in a new car. That’s why when most people think of specialty chairs—such as gaming chairs—they understandably think that they’ll be more pricey than your run-of-the-mill kitchen chair. Although an understandable concern, this need not be the case, since there are plenty of top-notch gaming chairs that can get you through a day of non-stop sitting without breaking your bank account in half. 

This Homall chair is the embodiment of this reality, thanks to an incredibly comfortable design and specialized features that’s combined in a model that comes in around $100. Available in a wide variety of colors (some of which may cost about $20 more than this baseline model), this chair boasts high-density foam that offers the perfect balance between support and softness, along with anti-oxidation coatings that mean even the sweatiest gamers among us won’t have to worry about soaking into the seat after a long day.

Thanks to a thick steel frame, this chair seems as though it can withstand any gaming abuse you can manage to throw its way, and since it’s rated to withstand up to 300 pounds, you won’t have to worry about the chair falling apart. This chair also features a handy recline function that allows you to either sit back in comfort or roll back and forth when you adjust a simple knob underneath the seat—a feature that can come in handy if you’re one of those gamers who’s a bit restless when those high-stress levels kick in. 


  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable seating


  • Assembly can be difficult
  • 300lbs limit may not work for everyone


  • Price $95.99
  • Overall Dimension 27.6" L x 27.6" W x 54" H
  • Materials PU leather, sponge, iron, steel
Homall Gaming Chair

02 Nokaxus Gaming Chair

When we assemble these lists, quality and overall functionality of the products is of course paramount. But we also factor in cost, since listing only the best gear on the market without taking into account the inevitable exorbitant prices of the gear itself would of course be a useless endeavor. And it’s with this sad but true reality in mind that we bring you this runner-up chair, which likely would have landed the number-one spot on our list if it were about $100 cheaper. 

Similar in size and comfort to our number-one pick but packing just a few more bells and whistles, this chair is ideal for both aspiring professional gamers and seasoned pros who are about to make a living playing games in the comfort of their own home. Made from high-quality PU leather, this chair sports large and soft handrails whose height can be adjusted on the go, and a thick, high-density sponge material means that you can go hours without feeling that annoying arm fatigue that most serious gamers know all too well. 

This latest iteration features smooth seat lifting functions and a thickened support chassis that allows for ultimate stability, and you’ll be able to wheel around at will thanks to large swivel wheels that won’t scratch up your wooden floors. 

Aside from being an absurdly comfortable chair (thanks to superior foam that proves just enough support without being too rigid), this gaming behemoth packs some features that make it ideal for pro-level gamers—including an extendable footrest, a full 360-degrees of rotation, adjustable height, and even a USB waist massage pillow that will keep you relaxed through even the most nail-biting gaming experiences. 


  • Reclining feature with footrest
  • Adjustable ergonomic features


  • Expensive
  • USB massage pillow can be finicky


  • Price $209.99
  • Overall Dimension 33.07 x 25.59 x 12.6 inches
  • Materials Alloy Steel
Nokaxus Gaming Chair

03 GTRACING Gaming Chair

Next up we have this incredibly popular and well-priced gaming chair from GTRACING. Don’t let its name fool you—this chair is just as great for non-racing games as it is for racing games, and features a lower-back pad for added lumbar support. Ideal for pro-level gamers who need to spend hours on end in their seats, this chair has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and features a supremely ergonomic design along with a strong steel metal frame that helps promote a comfortable seating position. 

You’ll be able to quickly and easily adjust the height and tilt of the chair with a simple lever at the base, and a multi-function armrest allows you to fine-tune the height in order to minimize arm and hand fatigue at the keyboard—a serious problem for gamers who don’t use third-party controllers. The material on this chair is also high-quality, and features plush smooth leather along with an added seat cushion and headrest pillows for added comfort and support. You’ll also enjoy heavy-duty base and nylon smooth-rolling casters for added stability and mobility. 


  • Quality materials
  • Easy to adjust


  • Assembly can be difficult
  • Armrests can get loose


  • Price $135.99
  • Overall Dimension ‎20.86 x 21.26 x 51.97 inches
  • Materials Faux Leather
GTRACING Gaming Chair

04 BestOffice PC Gaming Chair

A fan-favorite on Amazon, this sleek and stylish chair is supremely comfortable and incredibly easy to put together straight out of the box. (It only took us fifteen minutes to assemble from start to finish.) Equally well-suited for everyday computing needs, this chair is a bit wider than the average desk chair and allows you to adjust everything from the height to the tilt with ease.

Made with PU leather that feels firm and supportive but not abrasive, this chair is ideal for anyone who needs to spend seemingly countless hours at a desk. We were also impressed with how nice this chair feels on the lower back given its relatively low price point, though the 250-pound weight rating is a bit low compared to other chairs on this list. All in all, it’s one of the best budget chairs on the market today, but budget chairs still have their fair share of problems.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Easy assembly


  • Low weight limit
  • Less comfortable than more expensive chairs


  • Price $79.88
  • Overall Dimension 28 x 27.3 x 44.5 inches
  • Materials Leather
BestOffice PC Gaming Chair

05 HugHouse Musso Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Notching things up a bit in terms of both function and price, we come to the famed HugHouse Gaming Chair. Although this brand got off to an admittedly rocky start (thanks to an initial release that was plagued with problems), they’ve managed to turn things around with a series of best-selling chairs that have gained the admiration and awe of gamers across the world. This chair features an ergonomic design that comes with large armrests and seat cushions, along with a widened and heightened chair back for added comfort and neck support. 

We’re also a fan of this chair’s rather unorthodox camouflage design that adheres to a classic racing seat model and utilizes a unique stitching style. You also get high-quality PU leather along with high-density thick sponge in the seating, and a thick-bottom support metal plate means that this chair can stand the test of time regardless of how much intense play you throw its way. Given its supreme durability, it’s surprisingly lightweight and easy to assemble straight out of the box. 


  • Very comfortable
  • Tall back


  • On the expensive side
  • Design not for everyone


  • Price $179
  • Overall Dimension 49.6 x 26.8 x 26.8 inches
  • Materials Faux Leather
HugHouse Musso Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair

06 KILLABEE Reclining Memory Foam Racing Gaming Chair

Last but not necessarily least (depending on your budget and needs), this gaming chair allows you to adjust everything from the height and back angle to the overall recline and locking system. Featuring a back-angle of up to 175 degrees and a 360-degree swivel, this minimalist chair is great for both gamers and office-workers alike. Plus, with a 350 pound weight limit, it’s perfect for most gamers out there.

You get plush comfort thanks to high-density foam that feels supportive without being too hard, and a padded adjustable lumbar cushion is ideal for gamers with lower-back problems (or anyone who’s afraid of developing lower-back problems in the future). The high backrest and seat ensure proper alignment and support of your spine as well as your neck, and an integrated metal frame along with an explosion-proof gas spring ensures that you’ll enjoy maximum stability at all times.


  • Integrated metal frame
  • Lumbar support


  • Features can be hit or miss
  • Only three colors
KILLABEE Reclining Memory Foam Racing Gaming Chair


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