The Best Gaming Chairs [February 2020]

As video games have become more and more complex, so too have the ways we consume they. Though children in the 80s flocked to arcades with pockets full of quarters, ready to waste an afternoon beating their high score in Pac-Man, the 90s cemented home consoles as the best way to play video games. The 2000s continued, this trend, with most arcades across the US closing down due to disinterest, while the 2010s saw more ways to play than ever before. Home consoles, smartphones, handhelds, PCs, tablets—the list goes on and on.

With more ways to play than ever before, it goes without saying that having a place to play is more important than ever. It no longer makes much sense to spend ten hours sitting in an uncomfortable kitchen chair while playing League of Legends, just as it doesn’t make sense to enjoy modern games on an old black and white television. That’s why serious gamers are continuing to invest in specialized gaming chairs that add new levels of comfort and functionality to those epic gaming sessions that take up your day. Having a go-to comfortable gaming chair is, of course, even more important if you’re a pro-level gamer who depends on long gaming sessions for a living.

So instead of breaking your back on a regular, around-the-house chair the next time you plop yourself down for an all-day gaming session, check out our list of the best and most affordable gaming chairs money can buy.

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