The Best Keyboard Apps for Android [December 2019]

Posted by William Sattelberg on December 19, 2019

Communication is one of the most important things to get right on your phone. Texting, calling, instant messaging, or Snapchatting are all important ways we communicate with each other, sending out messages to let our family know we’re home safe, to make plans with our best friends for the weekend, or to reply to work emails from colleagues. You might not give it much thought, but the keyboard you use on your phone can make or break your messaging experience. You use the keyboard app on your phone in almost every app, from communicating to posting memes on Facebook. Even browsing the web or searching Google for directions often requires the use of your keyboard. If you’re using the wrong kind of app on your phone, your day-to-day communication experience can be downright dreadful, which is why it’s absolutely worth looking into one of the many keyboard replacements available on the Play Store.

Android has had the ability to replace your phone’s stock keyboard app since the early days of the platform, and it still works better here than on any competing operating system If you’ve ever tried to install a new keyboard on your phone, you’ve probably dived into the Play Store and realized there are a ton of keyboard replacements on Android. You could install all those apps yourself, but you’d likely exhaust yourself before even finishing half of the possible options. That’s where we’ve come in—after testing more than a dozen keyboard replacements, we’ve come up with the seven best keyboard apps on the market today. These are the best experiences you can have typing on your phone bar none, with each app tested for accuracy, features, customization options, and comfort. This is our round-up of the best keyboards available on Android in 2019 and beyond!

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Louisa says:
Been using Typany keyboard for quite a while, and all I can say is they improve a lot. Worth to try. Gboard is pretty good too, but not for non-English speakers. Because they support combining two languages’ dictionary that leads to wrong auto-correction.

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