The Best Lego Sets for Adults [February 2021]

We all have some extra time these days, whether you’re stuck at home or just spending your time without vacation plans, and that might mean it’s time for a new hobby. If you haven’t checked out Lego sets since you were a kid, you might be pleased to know they just aren’t for children anymore. Just like puzzle sets, there are a ton of Lego sets that are created and reproduced for a teenage or adult audience, those capable of handling the small details and thousands of pieces included in each set.

These aren’t small, hundred-piece sets: they’re incredibly challenging, with long manuals and tons of pieces. Some are incredibly difficult to build without the focus and attention that comes with adulthood, while others include pneumatic gadgets and other moving parts that are challenging to children to create and enable. Some of them are even themed to suit adults, those of us who have interests in cars or architecture.

But, unsurprisingly, it can be tough to find a Lego set that suits you. Some of us want something professional-looking, to complete at night after a difficult day of work. Others of us are still kids at heart, or might be looking for something that we can complete with our kids under our supervision. Whatever you’re looking for in a Lego set, we think we’ve found some of the best ones on the market right now—though make no mistake, you’ll be paying for these extravagant kits. Let’s take a look at some of the best Lego sets for adults.

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Sarah Shepard says:
Taj Mahal was definitely a favorite. It is a bit overpriced for what you get. Tower Bridge is another set that was worth the money but a bit hard to move after set up. My last set that I own on this article is the Assembly Square. Again, another good set but way overpriced.

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