The Best Liquid CPU Coolers [July 2019]

Posted by Nick on July 15, 2019

Everyone who has either owned or operated a computer at some point in their lives is familiar with CPU heat. Whether you’re working with your laptop on your lap and begin to feel that unmissable heat emirate from the bottom of the machine onto your legs, or you’re using a desktop in an already-warm room and feel the temperature rise with every click, computers getting hot is just a fact of life. 

This is especially the case for those of us who work with pro-level applications and tasks—such as video editing, music production, or even gaming. 

And if you’re constantly pushing your CPU to its limits, the repercussions can be more serious than a warm leg or a slightly heated room. Constant amounts of extreme processing that overheat your CPU to the point that your internal fan can’t help can permanently damage your processor and subsequently your computer. 

Indeed, there have been several cases of both the CPU and surrounding circuitry melting away after prolonged periods of insufficient cooling, which can both ruin your work and lead to an expensive replacement board. 

It’s for this reason that more and more people are turning to external cooling systems to keep their CPUs nice and happy even during their more extreme tasks. These systems not only prevent dangerous and damaging overheating, they also actually enhance the performance of the processor itself. 

And although it may seem a bit counterintuitive, the latest and greatest CPU cooling technology is liquid-based—allowing for more efficient cooling across the board for people who are constantly pushing their processors to their limits. 

So if you find yourself constantly fretting about an over-pushed and super-hot CPU, we highly recommend picking up one of these liquid cooling systems before it’s too late. 

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