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The Best Minecraft Discord Servers – February 2019

The Best Minecraft Discord Servers - February 2019

Before the popularity of games like Fortnite and Apex Legends, there was Minecraft. Created by a developer who goes by the name of “Notch,” Minecraft is a game where users are dropped into the middle of nowhere and must gather resources from the surrounding lands. By collecting these resources, gamers can build anything they think of. Anything that can be created out of squares that is.

Minecraft is often described as a “Sandbox title” – usually meaning that players are given the tools to create rather than playing a title that has you fighting other players or non-player characters. That said, there is some combat within the game, both with players and creatures, but it is entirely optional.

The world is procedurally generated too, meaning that it’s different every single time. One world may have you spawn in a sprawling desert, while another can place you in a rainforest full of towering trees. Either way, the world is what you make it.

Even better are the cooperative features in Minecraft. Whether together or as enemies, players can jump in worlds together and build to their hearts content. That said, playing with random other players will probably mean that your goals do not align. In this case, finding others with similar mindsets is perhaps a better idea. Otherwise, you may see yourself playing with players who want to destroy all of your hard work.

Best Minecraft Discord Servers

In your search for other players, you’re going to want to look into Discord servers. If you aren’t sure what Discord is, it’s a free chat service designed for gamers to curate communities around their favorite hobbies. Using this platform is ideal for those trying to find others to play with that align with their goals and values.

In the case of Minecraft, depending on if you’re looking to build creatively or try to survive in the world spawned for you, it’s important you look for someone who you can do that with. This will make the experience much more fun in the long run, and ensure that you can create something truly magical with the other person.

Some Minecraft Discord servers focus on one online world within Minecraft, often lead by YouTubers and content creators that concentrate on the game. In these, you’ll find GFX Artists, chats and strategies, giveaways, drop parties, and of course, players to play with.

In this post, we’re going to detail the best Minecraft Discord servers for you to get involved with if you want to find other good players.

Noobania Survival & Creative

Noobania is a survival and creative server that features homes, ranking systems, shops, loot chests, and a fully fledged RPG leveling and skill system called MCMMO.

Also, Noobania features plug-ins like massive furnaces, parkour, PVP, build competitions, and a unique feature called ARTMAP – an add-on that focuses on building pixel art over other creations.


The Tavern

A mostly vanilla server – one that focuses on the core experience and doesn’t have many plug-ins or game changes – that features hard mode survival, 400 achievements, and more.

Players have to be approved before joining, and they don’t take anyone under the age of 18. Everything from the spawn to any buildings you find are entirely survival built as well.

Because it’s mostly a survival server, there are some rules you need to follow. For example, you have to clean up after yourself when creating big mining plots or dirt havens. Keep this in mind while playing. This is an excellent space for players wanting a wholesome Minecraft experience with others online.

Skyblock Network

The Skyblock network is a space that hosts the Skyblock mini-game for Minecraft. Here, players start off on a tiny island in the sky with just a tree or two to harvest. From there, the goal is to expand upon the island and create an entire world to live within from only the limited materials.
This space offers custom enchantments, islands, auctions, shops, and more to enhance the traditional Skyblock experience. They also provide additional donation tiers for those looking to support the team as well. Overall, it’s an excellent server for those looking to play the mini-game with others.


There we have it! This list just broke down three different Minecraft experiences – all of them great ones – for players new and old to enjoy. As I mentioned in the introduction, there are so many different ways to play Minecraft. Players are limited only by what they can think of, and collaboration will only enhance that even more. Have fun out there!

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