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The Best Monitors for the MacBook Pro [October 2019]

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The Best Monitors for the MacBook Pro [October 2019]

Anyone who’s used or tested the latest MacBook Pro will tell you that if it gets on thing right, it’s the screen. The gorgeous Retina displays on the latest iterations of this famed Apple product are truly a sight to behold, and regardless of whether you use it to professionally edit photos or stream Netflix, you have to acknowledge that these screens are simply awesome. 

But the MacBook Pro tops out at 15 inches—meaning that some people are simply out of luck if they need a larger screen for work or play. Whether you’re a gamer who needs an immersive experience as you battle your enemies across the globe, or a music producer who needs to expand your track count, having a 15-inch monitor sometimes just simply doesn’t cut it. 

And when that’s the case, you need to turn to an external monitor in order to solve your viewing woes. Not too long ago, your only option was to invest an exorbitant amount of money on one of Apple’s lovely but incredibly and obscenely expensive monitors, which were billed as being the “perfect fit” for every Apple product that required one.

Thankfully those times have changed, and there are plenty of monitors that can connect seamlessly to the new MacBook Pro for a fraction of what you’d pay at the Apple Store. In fact, with the right adapters in play, it’s fair to say that virtually every monitor on the market is compatible with the latest MacBook Pro line. 

But purchasing just any old monitor would be a mistake, since in order to get the most bang for your buck, you should take advantage of the fact that the latest MacBook Pros only allow USB-C connections.

Again, you could opt for an HDMI-based monitor and purchase the proper adapters in order to connect, but why not purchase a monitor that’s USB-C-ready to begin with—increasing your transfer speeds and overall compatibility while occasionally even eliminating the need for a separate power cable?

It’s with this spirit in mind that we bring you a list of the best possible monitors that you can pair with the latest MacBook Pro series—all of which utilize USB-C connections in order to streamline both the power and data-transfer processes. 

01 LG Class Ultrafine 4K UHD LED Monitor

LG Class Ultrafine 4K UHD LED Monitor

We’re the first to admit that seeing an LG monitor with this type of price tag can be a bit unnerving. Although they produce top-notch products that can stand the test of time, LG is perhaps best known for tech that won’t break the bank. 

Still, this monitor is a truly impressive specimen, and if you have the cash to throw around you’d be hard-pressed to find a monitor that better deserves being hooked up to your beloved MacBook Pro. 

We’ve found that when it comes to monitor sizes, 32 inches is pretty much always enough. On the off chance you need more space for your windows and apps, you always have the option of stringing two or more monitors together, but at a certain point you’re simply doing your eyes a disservice by burdening them with too much strain. 

This 32-inch monitor boasts UHD 4K resolution with advanced color calibration technology that offers breathtaking clarity and fine detail with four times the resolution of Full HD. It’s also designed to work with compatible calibration devices that ensure precise adjustments of color, brightness and more.

This display also features a more accurate color pallet and broader contrast ratio than other monitors in the price range—meaning you’ll be able to enjoy truly high-end picture quality regardless of whether you’ll be watching movies, playing games, or working with pro-level video editing.

Editing on-site footage with full color expression is possible, and you’ll be able to reproduce digital color content just as you intended with the preview camera on site; allowing for accurate conditions like shadow detail, color, saturation, and brightness for precise editing and better overall control in post-production.

You get full USB-C connectivity so you won’t have to worry about picking an adapter in order to directly connect to your MacBook Pro, and a variety of on-screen controls make it easy to quickly adjust everything from volume and brightness to picture mode presets without having to scramble for buttons on the side of the screen. 


  • Price $1,202.49
  • Refresh Rate 60 Hz
  • Screen Size 32 Inches
LG Class Ultrafine 4K UHD LED Monitor

02 Dell U-Series 38" Screen LED-Lit Monitor

Dell U-Series 38" Screen LED-Lit Monitor

Dell is of course wonderful at making a seemingly endless number of gadgets, but their monitors really take the gadget cake when it comes to style, design, and functionality. This extremely immersive monitor is perfect for anyone who wants to pay service to the awesomeness of the MacBook Pro screen when they simply need more space, and its price was recently reduced by amount $100—making it the perfect time to buy. 

This 38-inch behemoth allows you to keep an eye on every bit of the action thanks to a curved screen with Infinity Edge technology, and you’ll be able to complete your projects and enjoy your entertainment in style thanks to super accurate colors and sharp details. 

You’ll be able to connect up to six compatible RF devices or use Bluetooth 4.0, and since this monitor is fully compatible with all operating systems you won’t need to worry about having to install those annoying drivers or third-party apps in order to get going right out of the box. 

This monitor even allows you to display and edit content from two different PCs at once with a single KVM feature, and since a single USB-C connection both transfers data and takes care of the power you won’t have to worry about cable clutter. 


  • Price $2,904.02
  • Refresh Rate 60 hertz
  • Screen Size 38 inches
Dell U-Series 38" Screen LED-Lit Monitor

03 LG 27UK650-W 27 Inch 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor

LG 27UK650-W 27 Inch 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor

The first two monitors on our list, although indeed fantastic in every way shape and form, may understandably be a bit pricy for some potential buyers who are looking for a more basic way to expand their screen options. 

And if that describes you, then we highly recommend checking out this LG IPS 4K monitor, which offers Ultra HD 4K resolution with IPS clarity along with 27-inches of screen for a truly immersive viewing experience. 

This monitor is compatible with industry-standard HDR10 high dynamic range (supporting specific levels of color and brightness that exceed the capabilities of ordinary monitors), and you’ll be able to take advantage of the monitor’s accurate sRGB color reproduction in order to do everything from screen movies to work professionally on photo edits and beyond. 

This monitor is also compatible with the latest HDCP 2.2 copy protection, so it will display video from 4K streaming services, game consoles and Ultra HD Blu-ray disc players with ease. 

You have a wide range of on-screen control options that allow you to adjust everything from the volume and brightness to the individual picture mode presets and more without having to fiddle with buttons on the side of the screen, and there are a wide range of advanced gaming features that help you take advantage of everything that the latest games have to offer. 


  • Price $419.99
  • Refresh Rate 60 Hz
  • Screen Size 27 Inches
LG 27UK650-W 27 Inch 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor

04 LG 32UD99-W 32-Inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor with HDR 10

LG 32UD99-W 32-Inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor with HDR 10

We usually don’t try to cram this many products built by the same brand into our lists, but when it comes to truly great USB-C type monitors that work perfectly with the latest MacBook Pro models, we’re not going to lie and tell you that LG isn’t the best. 

This HDR monitor features outstanding Ultra HD performance thanks in part to a 4K display panel with in-plane switching (IPS), which delivers accurate colors that remain consistent at wide viewing angles. 

This monitor is compatible with the industry-standard HDR10 high dynamic range, and you’ll be able to utilize every element of the latest DCI-P3 color space that’s used by the film industry that brings you your favorite movies and shows—meaning that you’ll enjoy the ultimate realistic viewing experience regardless of what you’re watching. 

This model is fine-tuned to work flawlessly with a wide range of devices right out of the box, and the virtually borderless design allows you to keep an eye on every window and app on your screen without inducing eye fatigue. 

There’s also a handy screen-split function that allows you to quickly and easily customize your monitor layout in order to multitask on the fly. 


  • Price $699.00
  • Refresh Rate 60 hertz
  • Screen Size 32-Inch
LG 32UD99-W 32-Inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor with HDR 10

05 Lenovo L27M-28 27-Inch FHD LED Backlit LCD USB Type-C Monitor

Lenovo L27M-28 27-Inch FHD LED Backlit LCD USB Type-C Monitor

Where would any truly great monitor list be without a Lenovo model? At an incredibly reasonable price given what it can do, this monitor delivers a full 27-inch IPS HD display that offers excellent viewing angles, minimal glare, and crisp imagery—all in a sleek and minimalist design that fits into any desk decor. 

Designed with the latest USB-C devices in mind (especially the MacBook Pro), this monitor offers a single-cable solution to your viewing woes, and you’ll be able to connect the monitor to your devices via a single cable in order to simultaneously transfer data, audio, and video to and from your computing devices while enjoying the luxury of a large screen.

For the price, this monitor is also exceptionally clear and detailed, thanks to a 1920 x 1080 resolution that offers a crips picture without exaggerating any element of the color spectrum. 

And thanks to a TÜV Eye Comfort certification, you’ll be able to stare at the screen for hours on end without having to worry about putting too much strain on your eyes. 


  • Price $319.98
  • Refresh Rate 75 Hz
  • Screen Size 27 Inches
Lenovo L27M-28 27-Inch FHD LED Backlit LCD USB Type-C Monitor


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