The Best Monitors for Programming [October 2019]

Everybody seems to love a good external monitor. Whether you’re using it for gaming, music production, or programming, having a larger monitor with which you can more clearly separate and see your open windows can be an incredibly thing. 

But programmers tend to have a special affinity for the external monitor, due in part to the fact that they stare at it for so many hours during the day. Only pro-level gamers rival programmers and coding pros when it comes to the amount of time spent in front of a monitor, and these developer gurus understandably want to invest in something that’s going to not make them go blind in a matter of months. 

Another reason programmers seem to love monitors so much is that they allow them to have multiple windows open simultaneously. Any true coding wizard can attest to the fact that most development platforms require the use of several windows at once, and trying to cram them into that gorgeous-yet-limited MacBook Pro screen often just doesn’t cut it. 

So what should you look for in a monitor that lends itself to programming and coding? 

First, you’re going to want to ensure that the resolution is high enough that you won’t be straining your eyes, and that the tiny little text you’re staring at all day is sharp and concise. 

Second, you need to find a monitor that’s big enough to contain multiple windows at once but not so big that you have to keep craning your neck in order to see the corners of the screen.

And finally, you’ll want a monitor that’s supremely reliable, since you won’t want to endure any type of crash halfway through a serious coding session at 4am when Best Buy is closed. 

It’s with these considerations in mind that we bring you the best monitors for programming. Enjoy. 

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