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The Best Motion Sensor Lights

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The Best Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights are a smart alternative to regular lights. They consume less energy as they only work when needed and are more convenient as you don’t have to search for a switch. However, like anything in this world, not all such lights are flawless. They should have a wide enough sensing range and be versatile. We created this guide to help you find a light that meets all your needs and won’t let you down.

You can do that by checking out this list of the best motion sensor lights available on the market. We strived to include options for different purposes and with different features, indoor and outdoor, solar, and plug-in.

01 Motion Sensor Outdoor Light

This lantern-style light is a perfect fit for a front porch, garage, doorway, or terrace. It’s made from matte black aluminum with golden trim for an antique look. The construction is rust- and waterproof, an essential feature for outdoor light. Extra durability is achieved by hardened seed glass.

The light is compatible with dimmable LED and Edison screw base bulbs up to 100 watts. The light’s motion detection works on a wide range of 40 feet without obstacles and at a 220-degree angle. The sensor reacts on people, animals, and cars, and the induction takes up to 30 seconds. Two modes are available. The first one is ideal for reducing energy costs – the light remains completely off until it detects motion and activates at full brightness. With the second mode, the light automatically turns on to 30% brightness at dusk and switches to full illumination when motion is detected.

It’s great if you prefer to keep your house always lit up. Finally, all mounting hardware is included in the set, though professional installation may be helpful.


  • Waterproof and rust-resistant
  • Two modes
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Wide detection range


  • Induction time could be shorter


  • Price $56.98
  • Voltage 120 Volts
  • Power Source Hardwired
  • Wattage 100 watts
Motion Sensor Outdoor Light

02 Yeemaylux Push Light

The Yeemaylux push light is ideal for hallways, bedrooms, wardrobes, and kitchen cabinets. No more searching for a switch in a dark room. This light automatically turns on when detecting motion at up to 6.6 feet distance, 120-degree angle. To reduce energy consumption, it automatically turns off in 20 seconds without motion. The power can also be controlled manually.

One of the main advantages of this light is the ease of installation. No professional hardware is needed, as it magnetically attaches to any metal surface. The included stickers can be used to install the light on another material. Furthermore, the light is fully wireless, featuring a removable, USB-rechargeable 1000mAh battery ensuring up to five hours of continuous lighting. In the sensing state, it can last for about a month. This light is versatile not only in terms of placement but also in design. It’s minimalist and will be a great fit for any interior, from modern to classic.

The light provides 100-lumen brightness equivalent to a 15-watt bulb. Such dim lighting is perfect for nighttime; though multiple lights can be used to achieve higher brightness.


  • Wireless
  • Automatically turns off
  • Versatile placement
  • Long lifetime in sensing state


  • Requires recharging


  • Price $12.99
  • Type of Bulb LED
  • Package Dimensions 4.33 x 3.43 x 1.54 inches
Yeemaylux Push Light

03 Litom 300 LED Solar Wall Lights

This Litom light is equipped with over 300 tiny but powerful LED beads illuminating 30 square meter areas. It’s perfect for garages, fences, patios, swimming pools, or pathways. Despite the high luminosity, this light won’t hurt your eyes, thanks to the unique lampshade design with improved light transmission.

This light is rated IP-67 waterproof. The light utilizes solar energy, so it’s an environmentally friendly and cost-saving option, especially for those living in hotter climates. The solar panel features a 25% photoelectric conversion rate that ensures 10-12 hours of work after less than eight hours of charging. As no electricity is required, the light is fully wireless and can be easily installed by a non-professional. The built-in motion sensor has a high detection range of 26.4 feet and a 120-degree angle.

The best thing is when the sensor detects movement, illumination increases gradually to avoid scaring your pets. Three light modes are available. High light keeps the light fully off until movement is detected, then turns on the highest luminosity. In the dim light mode, it works on low luminosity until movement is sensed, then increases to full. Finally, the light can always be on at medium power.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost-saving
  • Three light modes
  • High sensing range
  • Doesn’t hurt the eyes


  • Not suitable for areas with not a lot of sunlight
Litom 300 LED Solar Wall Lights

04 Hisoo Motion Sensor Light

The Hisoo light is designed for ceilings and walls. Its minimalist design and adjustable color temperature make it perfect for any interior. The temperature can be set either using an external wall switch or an internal setting. The installation process is simple, though the help of a professional is always a great idea when electricity is involved.

This light features a motion sensor with a 20 feet range and custom delay time from 30 to 120 seconds. There are three sensor settings. With the first option, the light is off during the day and only turns on when detecting motion at night. With the second, it lights up at any time of the day.

Finally, it can also be used as a regular light. The Hisoo motion sensor light is powerful, providing 1600 lumen of light equivalent to a 150-watt incandescent light bulb. However, it’s a LED light that utilizes only 18 watts, saving up to 85 percent of energy. The light holds ETL, CE, and ROHS safety certificates.


  • Three settings
  • Powerful
  • Adjustable light temperature
  • Energy saving


  • Professional installation may be required


  • Price $27.98
  • Voltage 120 Volts (AC)
  • Power Source Hardwired
  • Wattage 18 watts
Hisoo Motion Sensor Light

05 Glorious-Lite LED Security Lights

Glorious-Lite security motion sensor lights are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. They’re constructed from die-cast aluminum with quick heat dissipation for durability and stable performance and hold an ETL certificate. The IP65 waterproof rating ensures that no rain, sleet, or snow will damage the lights.

These lights are versatile in terms of placement and position, thanks to the adjustable lighting angle and simple installation. The Samsung LED beads put out 3500 lumens of light while consuming 35 watts of power for lower energy bills. They are equipped with a professional filter lens that dissipates light for lower impact on your eyes.

The Glorious-Lite motion sensor detects cars, people, and animals within a 72-feet distance and at a 180-degree angle. The lighting time is adjustable, ranging from 30 seconds to ten minutes. The light turns off automatically after.


  • Designed for outdoor use
  • High brightness with low energy consumption
  • High sensing range
  • Adjustable timer


  • Only one setting


  • Price $31.44
  • Voltage 120V(110V-130V)
  • Wattage 35W
Glorious-Lite LED Security Lights

06 Svarog 3-Pack Motion Sensor Lights

Savrrog motion sensor lights are a perfect choice for hallways, bathrooms, cabinets, stairs, or bedrooms. The price is extremely affordable for a three-pack. These lights run on AAA batteries and are thus versatile in terms of placement and don’t require professional installation. No batteries are included, however.

On average, these lights can run for six months if activated up to 10 times a day, so the additional battery costs may not be high. The Svarog lights feature a 25-lumen brightness each. On its own, such a light is ideal for an intimate atmosphere, while combined, three lights can illuminate a large area.

The motion sensor detects movement within 10 feet distance at a 120-degree angle horizontally and 60-degree vertically. It turns off automatically after 25 seconds when no movement is detected. It has to be dark enough for the sensor to work. These lights withstand temperatures of -4 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and are suitable for garages or patios. However, they aren’t waterproof.


  • Easy installation
  • Affordable
  • Run six months on one battery on average
  • Great sensing range for indoor lights


  • Additional battery costs
  • Only one setting
Svarog 3-Pack Motion Sensor Lights

07 Auvon Plug-In Motion Sensor Nightlight

Plug-in lights combine a simple installation of wireless lights and a constant power supply that doesn’t require batteries or sunlight. This Auvon four-pack of lights is designed for indoor use since they aren’t waterproof. They’re a perfect fit for hallways, stairs, kid’s rooms, kitchens, or bedrooms. The lights are fire-resistant and feature over-current protection.

A single button allows you to easily adjust the brightness for a specific occasion. These lights consume up to 84 percent less energy compared to alternatives not equipped with a motion sensor. The sensor automatically turns off when no motion is detected for 60 seconds. It detects movement within 16 feet and at a 120-degree angle, working only after dusk. This isn’t a high range, though sufficient for most indoor areas. Apart from the auto-sensing mode, the lights can also be controlled manually.


  • Simple installation
  • Versatile placement
  • Low energy consumption
  • Two modes
  • Four-pack


  • Sockets should be available


  • Price $19.99 ($5.00 / Count)
  • Voltage 120 Volts
  • Power Source Corded Electric
Auvon Plug-In Motion Sensor Nightlight

08 LumiGuard Solar Motion Light

Solar lights have plenty of advantages. They don’t consume electricity, reducing energy costs, don’t hurt the environment, and don’t require professional installation. This particular LumiGuard solar light was created specifically for outdoor use, for instance, in patios, pool decks, gardens, stairs, or garages.

It holds an IP-44 weather resistance certificate, thus is capable of withstanding splashes, rain, snow, and high temperatures. The installation process is made simple with a dedicated screw hole. One and four-pack options are available, as well as two color options, black and white. The 20-LED panel provides 200 lumens of light for twelve hours of continuous use after charging for only eight, thanks to a 1200mAh battery.

LED’s lifespan is approximately 50,000 hours, making this light a long-term investment. The sensor detects movement within 10 feet distance, at a 120-degree angle, recognizing cars, animals, and humans. Only one setting is available – the light turns on when movement is detected after dusk.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Energy-saving
  • Simple and versatile installation
  • Long battery lifespan


  • May not be suitable for areas with little sun


  • Price $15.97
  • Voltage 3.7 Volts
  • Power Source Battery-powered, Solar-powered
LumiGuard Solar Motion Light

09 LED Motion Sensor Under Cabinet Light

These strip lights are a perfect choice for under cabinets, closets, basement storage rooms, or pantries. Their magnetic mounting ensures simple installation, and the stickers can be used to attach the lights to non-magnetic surfaces. Overall, the placement is extremely versatile, as no electric supply is needed.

Each light operates on four AAA batteries that aren’t included in the set. However, the energy consumption and battery replacement costs won’t be high. An automatic timer turns the lights off when no motion is detected for 15 seconds. Furthermore, LED lights are much less energy-consuming than regular lights. The sensor detects movement within a 17-feet distance as long as the area is dark enough. Apart from an auto mode, the lights can be controlled manually.

Last but not least, these lights come at a great cost for a four-pack. If you’re looking into an energy-saving, easy-to-install option for a good value, this might be it.


  • Simple installation
  • Low energy consumption
  • High sensing range
  • Good value


  • Each light requires four AAA batteries


  • Price $28.99
  • Voltage 3 Volts
  • Power Source Battery-powered
LED Motion Sensor Under Cabinet Light

10 Govee Motion Sensor LED Light Strip

Strip lights are a great fit for modern interiors and offer numerous placement possibilities. They can be attached to any surface, thanks to the sticky clips and flexible construction that can bend around corners.

These Govee lights come in a six-pack and can be connected into one long strip. One drawback is that interlocking wires have no LEDs, resulting in blank spaces. This is unlikely to be noticeable for most users as the LEDs are tiny, which may annoy the perfectionists. Two size options are available, 6.56 and 9.8 feet, plus a one-meter-long cord. The six brightness levels allow adjusting the light to certain occasions using the control box on the end of the strip. The light can be turned on and off manually or set to auto mode utilizing a motion sensor. It detects movement when the room is dark enough and automatically turns off in 15 seconds, ensuring lower energy consumption.

The lights are ETL-certified and can be powered by any device with five-watt USB output, such as a laptop or power bank. The Govee Motion Sensor light helps create a cozy atmosphere in kids’ rooms, bedrooms, hallways, kitchens, or living rooms. However, the light isn’t waterproof, so be careful when installing it in humid environments such as bathrooms.


  • Versatile and simple installation
  • Adjustable length
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Turns off automatically


  • Motion sensor detection range not specified


  • Price $19.99
  • Voltage ‎5 Volts
  • Power Source AC
  • Wattage 5 watts
Govee Motion Sensor LED Light Strip

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