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How to Connect Strava to Garmin

In the age of technology, keeping track of your fitness goals is easier than ever. All you need is an app that tracks your progress and a wearable device that lets you access said app. Fortunately, Strava and Garmin are there to help. While Strava helps track your progress, a wearable Garmin device allows you to keep an eye on your progress as you complete...

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The Cheapest Phones With Wireless Charging

Charging your phone has never been easier, thanks to wireless charging. Gone are the days when you'll have to untangle wires or make sure that the wires don't topple over anything while charging

What GPUs Support DLSS

It's no secret that video games are becoming more graphically advanced every year, thus requiring complex hardware upgrades. In some cases, the processing power needed is beyond what available hardware can achieve, so GPU

What GPUs Support DLSS

The Best Soundbars for Blasting Your Favorite Music

When it comes to filling a room with great sound, a soundbar is an excellent option. Soundbars are sleek and unobtrusive. In spite of that, they pack a powerful audio punch, and because they're

The Best Budget Gaming Phones

Gaming phones are all the rage right now, and believe it or not, a lot of people are opting for this type of phone. They are more durable, they perform well, and they can do


The Best Rugged Smartphones

Most of the smartphones you'll see today are designed with style and simplicity. While these smartphones are good all-in-all, they're definitely not built for the outdoors. For that, you're going

The Fastest External Hard Drives

Hard drives are great for a variety of purposes. You can use them to store your files for work or for school. You can even use them to save your files and games for your


The Best PS5 Monitors

The PlayStation 5 delivers a new standard for gaming. While the console itself is already great, you can make the experience even better by using the right monitor for the job. The console does work

The Best TV Headphones

Watching TV at home can be a comfortable experience. With the right speakers and a good setup, you can easily have a fantastic home theater experience. If you want to have a more personal and