The Best Multiplayer Games for iOS – December 2018

Posted by William Sattelberg on December 29, 2018

Whatever your taste in iPhone games, there’s one subgenre of gaming that lets you take full advantage of the capabilities of your device: multiplayer titles. These come in all different genres, which means that no matter what your favorite style of game or how much expertise you have in gaming, you can easily find a title for you and your friends to play.

Some multiplayer games are made for couch play – games that you can play right on your own iPhone or iPad with a friend sitting next to you with their own device. Other games allow you to pass and play an iPad or iPhone, taking turns competing in a board game or planning turn-based strategies in combat. Of course, some of the most popular games in 2018 have been online multiplayer experiences, where you’re battling it out against random people from all over the world from the comfort of your living room.


But with so many games vying for your attention on the App Store, how do you know which multiplayer titles are worth playing? We’ve scoured the entirety of the App Store to find the best games of 2018 to play, and evaluated them based on their App Store rankings, number of downloads, and ongoing development. Some are newcomers to the iOS charts, and some have been around for years. There’s a game for nearly every category in the app store games category. With any luck, you’ll find a new favorite game on this list.


You’ve seen the ads. Been inundated by the ads. Gotten tired of the ads. And now, you actually look forward to seeing the ads. Which means it’s time for you to play Clash of Clans. Start out by building a small village, then fight and conquer your way to an empire! Just be careful with this game – it can take over your life worse than Toon Blast has taken over Ryan Reynolds’.


Remember a few years ago when the 2048 craze swept through? The game was simple, and simply addictive. You swiped cubes together to form ever-higher numbers. Now, that addictiveness has been transferred to the multiplayer arena with Cell Trap Multiplayer. You’re still combining numbers – only this time, it’s with the added challenge of trying to keep your opponent from doing the same.


Pool is a sport, right? It doesn’t matter. This game has been named an Editor’s Choice in the App Store, it’s got more than 600,000 reviews(!), and it was every kid’s favorite game back when Yahoo Games was a thing: It’s 8 ball pool. Adapted by Miniclip for iOS, 8 ball pool will always be a classic. Each player starts out with a set number of coins, and you bet coins on every game, with the winner taking all. If you run out of coins… it’s just like real pool. You’re going to have to buy more to get going again.

Board Game

Way back in 2013, a little multiplayer board game called “Small World” launched a Kickstarter for an iOS version. More than 7,000 backers and an on-time release later, and it rocked the iPhone app charts. It ended up winning more Game of the Year awards than Taylor Swift won Artist of the Year awards that year. Five years later, and with a 64-bit update (Small World 2), the game is still a stunning combination of game mechanics with iPhone or iPad graphics.


N.O.V.A. 3 combines immersive gameplay with impressive graphics and a well-written storyline to create a novel sci-fi action game. You can join up to 12 other players in seven different Halo-esque multiplayer modes: think CTF, FFA, etc. One of the most unique features of N.O.V.A. is the ability to chat between players using the microphone on your iPhone – just like you can on an Xbox.


No list of the best multiplayer iOS games of 2018 would be complete without Fortnite Battle Royale – and headed into 2019, the game is still going strong. With a staggering 3.2 million reviews on iOS, Fortnite is the game that took the world by storm in 2018. If you have not played it yet, the concept is simple. 100 players parachute out of a bus (bear with us…) onto an island. There, they must fight each other in a free-for-all on a rapidly shrinking battlefield.


Asphalt 9: Legends is the undisputed champion in iOS multiplayer racing games. The game features a stable of the best hypercars in the world, letting you experience the thrill of racing them in the palm of your hands. The graphics are breathtaking, with over 70 locations available to you in high definition. The only thing this has in common with Need for Speed is that they both have cars – otherwise, this is the clear winner.

If none of these games piqued your interest, leave a comment below! We read the comments regularly, and we’ll help you find a great new multiplayer to keep you and your friends entertained.




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