The Best New Android Apps and Games – May 2018

Posted by William Sattelberg on May 10, 2018

After a tumultuous April, we’ve finally arrived into May, with the sun shining and the temperatures finally rising over most of the United States. With the weather finally looking positive for the next few months, you’ll probably end up heading outside more often than not. There’s plenty to do this summer around the world, whether you’re looking to travel or you’re just looking to stick in your own backyard for the fun of it. Music festivals, county fairs, swimming pools—from the grand to the small, everyone’s making plans for what they’re gonna do this summer, and chances are your smartphone is gonna play a major part in it all. From providing music for your backyard barbecues to navigating you to your new vacation destination, from paying for the groceries you’re taking on a trip to capturing photos to keep the memories of this summer alive, you’ll want to make sure you have a wide library of apps, games, music and more to your disposal.

We’re here to help. This past month has seen a whole slew of new apps and games for you to download for your Android phone. Looking for games to play on a long road trip? We’ve got you covered with a port of one of last year’s most popular PC games, a reimagining of one of the oldest mobile games ever developed, and a brand new game from one of our favorite active game developers. If you want to keep track of everything leading up to your vacation, we have a brand new tasks app that syncs directly with your Google account to keep your to-do list in check. If you need some new recipes for Memorial Day weekend or some brand new restaurant suggestions in your vacation town, there’s an app that keeps you covered. All that, plus all of last month’s apps and games to keep you occupied.

Whether you’re looking for a brand new game or just to try out some new apps, we have a lot of additions for you this month that are as exciting as anything else we’ve seen in 2018. Whether you’re ready to jump into the car to head to your vacation spot or you’re just looking for a place to grab some food, this month’s apps are perfect for the upcoming summer season. These are the best apps and games for May 2018.

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Karan Singh says:
Really nice list of Android apps for the month!

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