The Best New Android Apps and Games – August 2018

Posted by William Sattelberg on August 13, 2018

The air is hot, the temperatures keep rising, and the days seem to stand still in the heat. We’ve entered the dog days of summer, and it can become unbearably hot outside, especially in dry and humid locations like the south or the east coast. If you’re looking for ways to beat the heat, we’ve got a whole new set of Android games to celebrate the summer with, so you can safely stay inside the air conditioned haven you’ve built for yourself. Whether you’re preparing to head by to classes at the end of the month, or you’ve just gotten back from a month filled with vacation time and find yourself bored with the day-to-day ongoings at work and home, some brand new apps and games can go a long way in helping you perk up through August and beyond.

For this month, we have a whopping six new apps and games to look at, including games that’ll help you waste your time away and apps that might help you keep your attention where it counts. Three new games, including a brand-new SimCity-esque city manager app, a new open world RPG that focuses on survival mechanics, and the biggest game in the world finally arrives on Android. Meanwhile, on the apps side, we have a brand-new customization app for Android, a new beta from Google for phones running their latest operating system, and an app designed from the ground up to help you avoid those terrible spoilers you often find on the internet. Let’s dive into our picks for the six best new apps and games of the month—plus all of last month’s games and apps, too.

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Karan Singh says:
Really nice list of Android apps for the month!

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