The Best New Android Apps and Games – Spring 2019

Posted by William Sattelberg on March 16, 2019

March has arrived, and with it, spring is beginning to blossom throughout the United States. While the northeast might be getting slammed with a couple final winter storms to close out the season, the signs that spring is upon us are coming clearer and clearer. This weekend, Daylight Saving time begins again throughout the country, springing us forward an hour and providing that additional hour of daylight in the evening most folks find so wonderful. The days are getting longer too, even without the help of Daylight Saving, and parts of the country are finally beginning to feel the warmth of the sun again. Soon enough, leaves will begin to bud on trees around the country, and you’ll finally be able to emerge from the comfort of your heated house to enjoy the season.

Until then, you might need some new apps and games to get you the final few days of winter, and luckily, it’s been a banner season for Android apps. We’ve got several new apps for this list update, including a brand-new app that helps to add a Pixel-exclusive feature to any Android device, a new video player designed for watching movies at night, a brilliant money-management app with a built-in assistant, a texting app perfect for managing your mass texts, a wallpaper app that improves wallpaper picking on any device, and finally, two new games perfect for a few minutes at a time. Plus all of our apps from winter, making it a perfect time to try out some brand-new apps. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

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Karan Singh says:
Really nice list of Android apps for the month!

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