The Best News Apps for the iPhone

Back in the day, keeping up with the news was fairly simple and you didn’t have a lot of options. You would read the morning paper and watch the news on TV to see what was going on in your city and the world. However, in recent years, the internet has completely changed and revolutionized how news is distributed, created and viewed.

Through various websites and social media platforms, we can now get the news and expert comments on it only minutes after the story breaking. There is no doubting that the internet and this new method of absorbing the news is definitely better and faster than it used to be.

However, with so much out there, how can one keep up with all the various outlets, journalists, and their stories? Well, the answer is to download a news app of course. These can often aggregate news stories from various different outlets and lay them out in one convenient place for you. The App Store is full of different news apps from different companies. But how do you choose which is the right one for what you want.

In order to help make this decision a little bit easier, we have compiled a list of some of the best options out there for news apps. These apps will ensure you always know what is going on in the world, without having to consult numerous different apps or websites.

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While some news apps can provide you hours and hours of scrolling, others are meant to get you the news as quickly and precisely as possible. Not everyone has hours to scroll through apps to see news, and prefer their news smart and quick. If that is you, you will love SmartNews.

This is an app that was designed to get you the news you want, right away. The app analyzes millions of articles from a ton of different sources in order to bring you the top trending stories in the world. The app has been downloaded over 20 million times in well over 150 countries, which means it can also bring you news from all across the globe.

You can customize the app to ensure that the topics you are interested in are the ones you get news one. The design of this app is also a massive plus as it is very clutter-free and you will never be distracted while browsing. This also makes the app very easy to use and makes checking out the news of the day incredibly quick and painless. SmartNews can be downloaded and used for free as well, which is the cherry on top. This app is definitely one you should check out if you are in the market for a new app to keep track of what’s going on in the world.

In a shock to no one, another Google app finds its way into one of these articles. Google is one of the premier technology companies in the world, and there is no surprise that they can create some pretty amazing apps such as Google Translate, Gmail and many others. Well, you can add Google News and Weather to that list as well.

Google News and Weather give you a comprehensive look at the headlines, news, and weather that matters the most to you. But instead of making you read each and every article in full, you can scroll through headlines first to find what interests you. This helps the app flow in a way that makes it less clunky than it could have been.

In addition to seeing all the news headlines from all over the world, you can also click on a news story to get a more in-depth look at different viewpoints and opinions about the story. You can also break down your news into a certain way to ensure that your experience is as personalized as possible. And as with many of the apps that Google creates and markets, this app is available without having to pay a dime. While it may not have any crazy features to wow you, it is a great and simple news app for those that trust and love the Google brand.

While some people prefer apps that bring in content from hundreds of thousands of different sources, there are some that like to remain loyal to a single publication or company. Whether it be you like the tone or the quality of their work, there can be many different reasons why a person might prefer consuming their news via a single outlet over a mix of many.

While many publications may give you a good breakdown of news in a certain area, few do worldwide news and stories as well as Al Jazeera. Al Jazeera began as an Arabic news source, but has now expanded to provide worldwide news to millions of people all across the world. It prides itself on being a news outlet without bias and one that will show both sides of any debate or issue.

The app itself is quite good right from the start as you are greeted with a curated home page that brings you top stories and their original reporting, right away. However, there is still the option to browse through the app if you are looking to read about a certain story or topic. All in all, this free app is a great option if you have enjoyed watching or reading Al Jazeera and their unique brand of reporting.

With millions and millions of people who use this app every day, Flipboard is among the most popular news aggregate apps on the market. Flipboard is a service that brings together news and stories about any interest or passion that you may have. Whether you love sports, love politics, love movies or love celebrity gossip, Flipboard can make sure you always have some articles to read, collect and share with your friends.

Even if you have more than one main interest, this app is still great. You can create a custom “magazine” that will feature articles and stories that will cover all of the various interests that you may have. You can even create group magazines so you and a number of other people can collaborate together to make an amazing source for all your favorite news.

While a recent update to this app has been less than popular with its users, this app is still among the best in the category. There is also a good chance that the complaints will be taken into account by the company and another update will be made very soon that addresses those concerns. The app is also completely free to download and use, so if you give it a try and don’t like it, you can easily just delete it and try it again with another app.

While many may have preferred the Pulse app before it was taken over by Linkedin, it is still a very good app. While many of these apps on this list wear many hats in terms of what they can offer you, this one is more precise and measured. Linkedin Pulse is a great way to stay in touch and notified about everything going on in your professional life.

You can see what those in your network are reading, what they’re sharing and what they are doing. As you will share what industry you are in, the app will be sure to give you all the breaking and trending news that relates to your industry. The app also gets more and more intelligent the more you use it, as it learns what you’re interested in and the people/companies that you are most interested in as well.

If you prefer more standard news, however, that is available too. Linkedin Pulse allows you to follow and keep track of a number of different publications such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and many more. The app also features a great notification system that will make sure you are the first to know when there is breaking news in an industry or area you are interested in.

As many of the apps on this list aim to do, Feedly looks to make your life easier than ever by having all the news that is important to you displayed to you in one place. Every single day, millions of people use Feedly to read their favorite blogs, check out breaking news,  and do everything they need when it comes to consuming news.

So not only do you get everything you need in one singular location, it also arrives in an extremely clear and concise manner. The app is incredibly simple to use and all of your news will come to you in a way that is incredibly easy to both read and navigate. People use Feedly for a wide variety of topics, so it is fantastic that it is not only powerful but also quite simple to use.

Because Feedly is connected to millions and millions of feeds in a wide range of industries and niches, you will always be able to find and read exactly what you are searching for. This app does not feel random in the least, if you are looking for a specific story or article, you will be able to find it, right where it should be. Also, you can add any RSS feed and easily check out that content any time you like. This is truly among the vastest and powerful news aggregate on the market, while remaining incredibly simple to operate.

The New York Times has long been one of the most popular and famous publications in the world. The publication has won numerous different awards, and now have an app available so you can read the NYT right from your iPhone. This app is fully customizable and allows you to pick and choose which sections and blogs you want to include in your reading list.

In addition to that, there are also a number of other great features that are packed into this app. You can save articles to read in the future, can set up breaking news alerts only on the topics that matter most to you, and you even get a handy little morning briefing of all going on in the world at that time.

So while many may prefer a news aggregate to consume their news, there are also those who love the journalism style of a certain publication. If you are one of the millions out there who has been checking out the New York Times for years and trust them as your sole source of worldwide news, then it is a great idea to download this free app to check out the New York Times anywhere you go, at any time.

Digg has been around for well over a decade and has a lot in common with Reddit, who we chose as the winner in this battle of the news apps. Digg looks at different interesting and popular stories, articles and videos from all over the internet and puts them into on convenient place for its users.

The app features a feed of content that is constantly being updated with stories from all over the web. These are hand picked by the writers and editors on Digg, so you can be sure you are getting quality content that has made it through some inspection. This app also features a cool little feature called Digg Dialog. Digg Dialog is a weekly live conversation with various authors about their content and the top content around the world.

If you aren’t a fan of their feed, there is also a feature that allows you to select the blogs, publications, and authors that you want to follow. So no matter how you like to consume your news, this app can do it for you. While it may not have had the success or the popularity of Reddit, it is still a good option.

Pocket is a bit different than most of the apps on this list as it is more of a productivity app than it is a news app. However, if used correctly, this can be one of the best ways to consume your news. The primary use of Pocket is that it provides you a place to save articles and videos to your phone to view later.

So if you are browsing the net and happen upon something you want to check out later, it can easily be saved to this app, which will also sync across all of your different devices. In addition to saving the news, stories and articles that you find throughout your journey on the internet, you can also find new things to read by using the Discover feature on Pocket.

While the app can be downloaded and used without having to pay a dime, there is a premium membership available that can help the app become a more powerful tool. For $4.99 a month you can upgrade to Pocket Premium, which gives you a permanent library to keep a backup of everything, the ability to search throughout the full text of the app and suggested tags to help you stay organized. Both the free and the premium versions of this app are definitely worth a download.

This app is all about getting you the best and brightest news stories from a number of different sources. News Republic prides itself on being one of the best at providing you with a customized news feed based purely on the things that interest you the most. This app will give you the news and viral stories as soon as they break, so you know you will always be in the know.

The app has dozens and dozens of content topics to choose from and hundreds of thousands of new pieces of content come through each and every day. This app will provide you with a nearly endless supply of great articles, videos and news stories. There is even a very helpful search function that you can use if you are interested in reading about one story or person in particular.

You can easily comment on any post you see without the need to create an account nd can share any content you see directly to a social media account if you so choose. All in all, this is a great and simple app that gets you access to boatloads of content, without the app feeling too crowded or busy.

If you are a big-time power user who consumes a ton of news and media, this might be the app for you. Inoreader is a content reader that helps you keep in touch with your favorite sources of information.

Being that it’s an RSS feed reader, it can help you combine all your favorite blogs and websites into one simple feed. Instead of having to visit source after source to get your news fix, you can have it all come to you with ease. Also, with this app, you can search news by keyword, can save pages for future viewing, and do much more too.

The app also does a great job at keeping track of what you have already read, so you will know right away if something is new developments to a news story, or something you have already read. If you frequent many different sites for news and stories, it might be worth a try to download this app and see if it can make your life easier.

Very few publications have been as popular as the Wall Street Journal for decades and decade. In fact, this publication has been around since 1889 and is still going strong well over 100 years later. While it used to only be consumed in the paper variety, you can now read the Wall Street Journal from your very own mobile device.

This app gives you access to all that the Wall Street Journal does and lets you see breaking and trending news in a number of different industries including Politics, Lifestyle, Business, Economy and much more. You can rest assured knowing you are getting 100+ years of expertise going into each story on this app.

This is truly one of the most respected publications on the planet, so it is no shock that their app is so popular and well done. You still get the great reporting you expect from the WSJ, but you also get a number of cool features that you would expect out of a news app.

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