The Best Offline No-Wifi Apps for Toddlers on the iPhone

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No WiFi apps for toddlers on iPhone. Those can be a difficult category of apps to find and nail down, especially with how full the App Store is of games that are designed for teens and adults. Sure, there are “categories” for kids that try to show you the best apps and games for toddlers, but more often than not, there isn’t a whole lot there in terms of quality.

But, if you’re on the look for some age appropriate apps and games for your little one on the iPhone, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve taken the liberty of combing through the massive library of the App Store, compiling and testing all of the best games that you can find for toddlers on iPhone. These have been thoroughly tested, so you can be rest assured that these games are appropriate for even the youngest of children.

Whether you’re looking for something mindless for your young one to play, or something educational, there’s something for them on this list. If you follow along with us below, we’ll show you ten of the top apps for toddlers on iPhone that you can download, and let them whisk off into a corner and player. And so, without further ado, here’s our exhaustive list and recommendations:

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As the title implies, this game is very basic. Children of all ages can play, but toddler age (3+) or higher might only have the critical thinking skills to complete it. Still, Alphabet Phonics says its ideal for ages 0 to 6. That said, ABC Alphabet Phonics is the most comprehensive in helping your children learn the alphabet, as well as what each, individual letter sounds like!

Alphabet Phonics will help your children learn the alphabet through sight, touch, and sound. It has dynamic game play that allows you to adjust the difficulty automatically, which keep children continuously challenged. ABC Alphabet Phonics also helps fight boredom by keeping children entertained through fun and engaging voice actors, as well as vibrant colors.

The game allows you to make it familiar for your children as well — Alphabet Phonics will allow you to switch out their voice actors for your own voice. You can even add objects to the game that you’re children will be familiar with.

There’s multi-language support, so children of many different geographic areas can learn the alphabet in their own tongue.

Up next is ABC Animal Toddler Adventures. If you’re looking for another app that is full of a variety of fun games, this one will be right up your alley. This one was designed by teachers who are experts in children’s education, giving parents a tool that will help their children learn fine motor skills and important concepts right at home!

There are all sorts of educational activities in this game — the ability to trace letters (using the common core standard font), A to Z spelling, number counting through tracing dots, jigsaw puzzles to help critical thinking and motor skills, alphabet flash cards as a memory game, and a handful of other fun games and activities!

Children are kept entertained through consistent rewards — they’re actually awarded with stickers for correctly accomplishing puzzles and activities. Ultimately, ABC Animal Toddler Adventures will help enhance your child’s cognitive ability, setting them up for success in school.

And then, there’s Bubble Shooter. This one isn’t necessarily educational, but will ultimately help children with their color and pattern recognition skills.  In Bubble Shooter, you have to match the color of the bubble shooter with the bubbles of the same color, and then fire at those to pop them. Shoot as many as you can. Shooting them blows the bubbles up! You’ll have to match three bubbles to blast them away, and clear the board. You’ll complete missions of varying difficulty, and then win in-game coins to redeem exciting rewards.

This one also has an Arcade Game mode, where things get really challenging. You’ll play Bubble Shooter in this retro game mode, matching bubbles, completing matches, with the game getting more and more difficult as you go — this game mode will actually keep you busy for days, if not weeks, with their being thousands of fun puzzle challenges for you to tackle.

Bubble Shooter keeps things highly addicting and fresh, too. Every few weeks they put out a new update, which adds tons of more levels for players to complete.

Bejeweled Classic is another fun one that kids can play. This is another match-3 color game, where you match jewels together to destroy them, giving you more points. If you get lucky, you can match more than three, which can cause some explosive visuals as jewels explode, and as falling jewels match themselves.

There’s a couple of different “modes” in the game, which alters the theme of your board as well as the music playing in the background. For example, you can choose the “Zen” mode, and relax as you attempt to either beat your own high score, or reach the top of the global leaderboard.

Of course, if the game ever gets too difficult, there’s a Hints button, which helps you identify the pattern that you’re not seeing!

Love Balls is a new game on the App Store, and is ideal for ages six and up. Two balls sit on a teeter totter, and you have to draw a line to keep them on that totter. If they fall, you’ll have to start over!

You draw lines and shapes, and then the balls crash into each other, causing all sorts of visual fireworks and different effects. The game is all about physics, and while it’s a whole lot of fun to play, it can work as a nice, visual representation of what physics are like as well!

New level are added every week, each one with different objectives to accomplish. It can get fairly addicting, and content is always kept fresh. If you want a real challenge, you can draw lines for your balls to try and collect pens, which adds a whole new level of complexity to the game. It’s definitely more ideal for some of your older kids!

Intended for kids four and up, they’ll love the vibrant colors and cartoon-like action of LEGO Ninjago. Kids will be able to fight the “bad guys” throughout Ninjago city.

The premise is that Zane, the main character that you’ll be playing, has gone undercover and is infiltrating a criminal organization called the Sons of Garmadon. You’ll be tasked with gaining the organization’s trust and infiltrating the gang — LEGO Ninjago is all about that last step of infiltration — surviving the Street Race of Snake Jaguar.

Kids will be able to avoid the Ninjago city traffic by tilting the device. They can avoid traffic, jump ramps, and dodge explosions by tapping the screen and tilting the device in the correct manner. As they’re driving, they cna pickup power ups that will increase health, speed, and other aspects. Some even give you a special attack for a short amount of time.

As you play and race, you can earn LEGO Studs. If you’ve ever played a LEGO game, you’ll be familiar with these — these can be used to spend on mystery bags, upgrade weapons, and so much more. Kids and toddlers alike will love the game, whether because of its vibrant style, or because of its fast-paced racing action.

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector is up next. Likely more ideal for the little girls in your life, the goal of this game is all about, well, attracting and collecting kittens!

Players will attempt to attract cats with food, and then encourage them to play with the carious amount of toys that you have out. The are actually over forty varieties of kittens that you can collect, including tabby and calico’s. There are some rare cats that you can collect as well, but you’ll need to find and put it particular items to attract them and bring them around to the neighborhood.

The game has a fairly unique and cartoon-like art style, almost with a vintage spin. That said, colors are fairly medium, and almost washed out, but not quite vibrant. It still has some nice detail in the game, though!

Created by Fisher Price themselves, Laugh & Learn: Shapes and Colors was designed for kids six and up, to help children learn their various colors and shapes. Fisher Price actually says that this is designed to help you teach your kids their colors and shapes, but also their first words, and even reactions!

Kids will be able to tap or tilt the screen to interact with the variety of on-screen shapes and colors. It’s a fairly small game, but there are actually two levels of play for your children — for level one, kids can tap the screen to hear the name of the shape or color. On top of that, they can take part in some fun animation by tilting the device to make the shapes bounce around the screen.

In the second level, kids will be able to tap the screen to hear the name of the shape or color as well as tilt the device to make the shapes slide across the screen. However, in the second level, kids will also actually be able to play the piano at the bottom of the screen.

Laugh & Learn: Shapes and Colors actually has seven little songs that children can sing along to as well. There are actually two sing along songs, and then five ditties that they can jam to!

As you can see, there are a lot of great learning-type games for your kids and toddlers for the iPhone. These are great to just hand-off to your toddler for when you’re on the go, but many of these can be played well on the iPad as well, which can keep your children occupied while a parent is cooking dinner or trying to finish an important task! Of course, these are all great learning supplements, with some fun thrown in, too.

Do you have a favorite iPhone app designed for toddlers? Sound off in the comments section below — we’d love to hear your suggestion!

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