The Best No-Wifi Offline Strategy Games for Android [February 2020]

Part of the thrill of gaming is finding out what your favorite genres of games are. Do you enjoy platformers, where pixel-perfect timing counts for everything and exploration is rewarded with collectibles and other creative thrills? Role-playing games allow you to customize and manage the stats of a single character or an entire party, providing players with a full sense of accomplishment and control and allowing for some really creative stories to be told. First-person shooters, on the other hand, put you face-first in the action, battling bad guys with big weapons and making sure you win the day based on your singular actions. Those types of games typically don’t allow for as flexible of a story to be told, instead keeping everything on a roller-coaster, taking inspiration from big Hollywood blockbusters over subtle, character-based storytelling.

At their core, all of those game types are pretty easy to dive into. Even deeper genres, like role-playing games, have basic adaptations like Pokemon or Paper Mario that provide fun for anyone to try out. There’s no genre more difficult to dive deep into than strategy games, though. As a whole, strategy titles have a whole number of subgenres that offer a sense of achievement when your grand plan manages to bring you victory. Real-time strategy games (RTS) require you to make hasty decisions without being able to think ahead of an enemy attack. You’ll need to balance your unit control, resource gathering and spending, and game plans while the world unfolds behind you. Turn-based strategy games allow you to think ahead of the action while the game remains paused, and turn-based tactics games push you to smaller scales than the worldwide regions often covered in RTS games. And that’s not even including some of the more “out-there” subgenres, including MOBAs like League of Legends and DotA 2 and even tower defense games like Plants vs. Zombies or Orcs Must Die!.

If you are looking to get into strategy games, one of the easiest ways to do so is to dive into the world of mobile strategy games. Thanks to the touch-based interface and the ease of playing short bursts of gameplay while on the move, strategy games have quickly become one of the most popular genres on mobile. Games like Clash of Clans or Clash Royale (both from Supercell) or Game of War have attracted some major attention over years of Superbowl advertisements and plenty of front-page attention on Google Play, but the real draw to these games comes from the need for some smart strategy in mobile titles. If you’re looking for something a little different from the standard mobile free-to-play content you’ll find at the top of the Downloads list on Google Play, we have just the list for you. These are our ten favorite strategy games on Android.

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