The Best Projectors for Gaming – November 2018

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In the not-so-distant past, the very thought of using a projector while gaming seemed like absolute madness. Earlier iterations of even top-selling projectors tended to lack the definition and power that’s required for most games, and on the off chance you were able to find a projector that ticked all of these essential boxes, its price was doubtlessly through the roof.

Thankfully those days are over, and there are a large number of affordable projectors that can be used for gaming. For those of us who aren’t satisfied with the limited power, size, and aspect ratios of standard computer screens or even large televisions, a projector can allow us to game in a hundred inches of projected clarity from the comfort of our sofa.

So instead of limiting yourself to an underwhelming screen or dishing out thousands of dollars for a giant HD TV, check out these high-powered and (mostly) affordable gaming projectors.

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One thought on “The Best Projectors for Gaming – November 2018”

Avatar KoVaCap says:
Based upon this review I ordered the DR.J.
Whilst a very good value for money where it comes to showing movies in a fairly dark room, the device is utterly useless for gaming.
There is no lag, I grant you that. But the projector does not deliver 5000 lumen, has a very poor contrast ratio, and I was not able to get a sharp image on all edges. I played around with all possible settings but no dice.

The projecting distance was 3,5 meters and as said, it delivered a very good quality for movies and frankly, I was astonished by it’s quality. I have had projectors three times that price that did not even remotely deliver this quality. But gaming? Perhaps battle chess, but no modern games.


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