The Best 5 Free & Affordable Alternatives to Quicken

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If you’ve been looking for a personal or small business finance tracking and accounting system other than Quicken, we’ve got five to recommend, starting with free and ranging to paid systems.


GNUCash is available for Linux, Windows 10, Mac, and as an Android app on Google Play. This application lets you track banking accounts, stocks, your income, and expenses. GnuCash’s design has kept the user in mind with ease of use, power, and flexibility. It is built on professional accounting principles, which give you the peace of mind that you’ve got balanced books and accurate reports at hand.


GNUCash is free and you can download it from the GNUCash website.


Mint is also free. It’s a Web-based service that uses the cloud to store and manage your personal finance data. It’s easy to get started using Mint. You can use it to set up budgets, get a free credit score, enable alerts, get advice, categorize items easily, and track your investments, all the while being assured it’s very secure. From personal experience, I can tell you this is one of the best personal finance platforms out there.


Try Mint for yourself: go to their website and check it out. You can also download the Mint mobile app on your Apple, Android, and Amazon devices.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital provides financial tools to see your net worth, analyze your investment portfolio, and plan for your future retirement goals. They have a Web version, as well as downloadable apps in the Apple app store and Google Play store. Use it at home on your personal computer and then on the go with your smartphone or tablet. If you’re looking for a comprehensive and straightforward financial and wealth management software that’s free, this is definitely one for you.

Personal Capital

Sign up at Personal Capital’s website, for free.


You Need a Budget (or YNAB, in short form) is an amazing budgeting alternative to Quicken. It’s available for Windows and Mac. Until recently, it was free. Now there is a $5 monthly fee since the introduction of YNAB 4. Their website states that it costs $50 a year or, if you’re already a YNAB 4 user, they give it to you at a discount of $45 yearly. Use it to get your family on a budget, pay off debt, and stick to that plan while getting ahead. It does work. So, for $5 a month you can easily make it fit your budget. It’ll definitely be a wise investment.


Apps are available for Web, Android, iPhone, and iPad.


This budgeting alternative is one of the best out there, and worth a look. Check out YNAB.


Moneyspire is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS 8 or later, and comes in a free or paid version. The free version is limited to one account and personal use only, while the paid version lets you have unlimited accounts for $54 a year and is available for personal or business use. Moneyspire is user-friendly and comes fully loaded with options: track accounts, track detailed transactions with your spending and income, get bill reminders, make reports and charts, manage spending from your computer/tablet/phone, reconcile statements, use as a balance forecasting tool, split transactions, set budgets, receive online banking support, receive multiple currency support, export and import data easily, receive support for your investment accounts, and print checks. If you’re looking for one alternative to Quicken to do it all (and don’t mind paying $54 annually), then Moneyspire gives you the best bang for your buck.

MoneySpireWhy not give the free version a try? If you think it’s worthwhile after trying it out, get the paid version and use it to its fullest potential. Go to the Moneyspire website and give it a spin.

These are our top five picks for both free and affordable Quicken alternatives. Try them out and choose the one that works best for you or your business!

Posted by Heather on February 19, 2016

4 thoughts on “The Best 5 Free & Affordable Alternatives to Quicken”

Tony says:
Can YNAB convert premiere 2014 Quicken data to YNAB
Heather says:
YNAB should be able to convert your Quicken Deluxe data. That’s what I use and came from using Quicken.
Rami says:
which one of these programs online and able to convert quicken deluxe data to it
Keith says:
That’s my 100 thousand dollar question as well. I know that Personal Capital won’t convert data, and I’m doubtful on the others as well. Quicken is pretty proprietary on their data requirements.
Kent says:
Why can’t there be just a flipping bank register program that does just that and only that. Quicken Basic used to be more than enough for simple users. So I have to pay for it, big deal. I’m willing to pay for such a simple program,.

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