The Best 5 Free & Affordable Alternatives to Quicken [July 2020]

If you need to manage finances for your small business, there’s no tool you’re more familiar with than Quicken. H.I.G. Capital’s software allows you to track your bills, expenses, and your back accounts, while also managing the accounting and finances at your small company. Quicken is highly rated, exceptionally stable, and has been around since the 1980s, which means near-universal support by accounting firms. Obviously, this level of polish, trust, and baked-in features don’t come cheap. Installing a new copy of Quicken can cost you anywhere from $40 to $100 USD, and the developers have been experimenting with subscription models in other countries—bad news for those of us who don’t want to keep paying for our software.

If you don’t want to pay for your accounting software, you aren’t out of luck. There are plenty of alternatives to Quicken that cost far, far less, and some apps are even free to use. If you’ve been on the hunt for an alternative program for both personal and small business finance tracking, we have good news for you. We’ve found the five best accounting system software packages available as alternative choices to Quicken. Whether you don’t want to pay for software or you’re looking for something a bit easier to use or manage, you’ll find the best alternatives listed below. Let’s dive in.

15 thoughts on “The Best 5 Free & Affordable Alternatives to Quicken [July 2020]”

Avatar Brent Rob says:
Despite the unreliable aspects and failure to innovate as an active trader I have needed the tracking aspects of Quicken. Budgets and snapshot portfolio analysis are not important. What is critical is trade by trade purchase and sale history i.e. when did I purchase Amazon shares, at what price, etc. And what was my entire portfolio on May 7 2018? I cannot tell if any of these applications provide this tracking. Do they or any others do this?
Avatar CB says:
Have been very happy with Quicken over the years, but can not get the reports to print out anymore. Nothing wrong with the printer – prints everything else – connection is fine. Just won’t print anything from the quicken.
Avatar William Dell says:
I am still using Quicken 2009 and seems to work well for me, got it free with my tax software way back when,
Avatar jose says:
but can you get updates automatically of the accounts, stock, etc..
Avatar Jay says:
In response to a simple check register…Dome accounting software may be a good choice. But you can’t download.
Avatar Roger Kell says:
I have used Quicken for a long time and am generally happy. I am looking for something simply to deal with creating a budget. Quicken is too complicated when you consider ones existing DATA. Also many of the suggested alternative don’t appear to support CANADIAN requirements.
Avatar RFB says:
Personal Capital is the best contender for a Quicken Replacement. But, the lack on tax reporting by category, and the lack of an interactive bill payment system make it a long way from Quicken, warts and all. SO, I use both – PC for investments and Quicken for banking and bills. Quicken also gets the investment reporting simply for Net Worth and Tax Reporting functions.
Avatar Lee Rigg says:
These programs are all “too inclusive”. Is there not a simple program that mimics a check register and also be useful at tax time? If anybody knows of such a program, PLEASE post it here.
Avatar Bud says:
I currently use both Quicken Deluxe AND Personal Capital. I need to use both because, for me at least, of two very good reasons. Quicken’s main, but not only, disadvantage is cost. This was borderline acceptable before; now, since becoming a subscription service, it has crossed that line. Personal Capital is great in the investment area when it comes to tracking one’s portfolio against a few major indicies, and everything is done semi-automatically. On the negative side for Personal Capital, and the reason for my still using Quicken, is that it is virtually worthless come tax time. Customizing Income and expense categorization is very cumbersome and splitting categories for transactions is not possible.

Bottom line: Personal Capital is superior to Quicken for many things investment related, but so lacking in accurately monitoring income and expense categories that it is unacceptable as a standalone replacement. That is the reason why I am on this website today—still looking for a Quicken replacement.

Avatar Kurt says:
Certainly doesn’t look like Moneyspire supports a small business the way Quicken Home and Business does. What am I missing
Avatar Kim says:
Will any of your recommendations merge with Quicken? Instead of starting from scratch?
Avatar Diana Dupont says:
I have years of Quicken data that I don’t want to lose – Is there one app that will convert Quicken data and old no longer existing accounts information.
Avatar Tony says:
Can YNAB convert premiere 2014 Quicken data to YNAB
Avatar Heather says:
YNAB should be able to convert your Quicken Deluxe data. That’s what I use and came from using Quicken.
Avatar Rami says:
which one of these programs online and able to convert quicken deluxe data to it
Avatar Keith says:
That’s my 100 thousand dollar question as well. I know that Personal Capital won’t convert data, and I’m doubtful on the others as well. Quicken is pretty proprietary on their data requirements.
Avatar Kent says:
Why can’t there be just a flipping bank register program that does just that and only that. Quicken Basic used to be more than enough for simple users. So I have to pay for it, big deal. I’m willing to pay for such a simple program,.
Avatar LordAnalog says:

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