The Best Science Apps for the iPhone – July 2018

The world of science is wonderful and full of things to know and learn. Whether you like biology, chemistry, anatomy or anything else related to science, there is no shortage of things to know. Even if you aren’t a scientist or a STEM student, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to learn about the wonderful world of science. Thankfully, almost all of us have a device that can help us learn more about science than we ever thought possible, our phones.

And while we often use our smartphones as a way to communicate with our friends, watch videos or browse social media for hours and hours, they can also be a great tool for education. Especially when it comes to science, there are a ton of different apps out there in the App Store that can not only educate you but also keep you entertained at the same time.

This article will take a closer look at a number of great science apps, each different from the last. Some of these will educate you about all things science, some will let you do little experiments of your own, and some will even help you have some fun. The App Store is full of tons of different choices, but the ones included on this list all have value in some way and won’t waste your time or bore you to death. So without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best and coolest science apps for the iPhone.


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If you ever need expert knowledge on anything science or math-related, this is the app for you. With over two decades of development, this app is changing the way how people commute and gather knowledge. WolframAlpha uses its collection of thousands of different algorithms, data and sources to compute answers to your questions and provide you with in-depth reports.

The amount of different subject matter that this app can help you with is simply staggering. Almost any science or math related problem you can think of, this app will be able to answer it. Whether you have questions about Trigonometry, Quantum Physics, Psychometrics, or any other complex subject, WolframAlpha can help.

The one thing you might not like about this app is the fact that it isn’t free like many of the apps on this list will be. However, it can still be yours for under $5. And to only pay that amount to get instant access to almost any science-related question you could ever have is a small price to pay.

Just as you would expect from the title of this app, Molecules is an app that lets you view 3D renderings of molecules and even lets you manipulate and move them around with your finger. These can be rotated and zoomed into, and this app is a fantastic way to learn all about molecules. The interface is clean and logical, and the app is quite easy to use.

Some people learn better by reading or hearing about things, but this app is perfect for those who learn better by seeing or interacting with things. But in addition to helping you learn, the app also is strangely addicting as you look at each molecule and see how it differs from other ones you have looked at.

This app is an open-source project that is completely free to download and use. If you want to get new or custom molecular structures, they can be downloaded to the app. While this app doesn’t do a ton compared to many of the other apps on this list, it is definitely one of the most interesting and can definitely still teach you a thing or two.

This app is all about keeping you or your children entertained, while also making sure you learn a new thing each and every day. BrainPOP has been downloaded millions and millions of times by all different sorts of people from teachers, to students, to parents, and everyone in between.

BrainPOP is an app that gives you a different animated movie to watch every day. These movies are designed to keep your attention and not bore you, while also teaching you some valuable information. Once you are done watching the movie, the app quizzes you on the movie as well. While the app does include a lot about science, a wide range of other subjects can be covered with this app as well.

While the app is free to download and use, that only gets you the one video and quiz a day to test your knowledge and get smarter. However, if you want a deeper access to the content of this app, there are a few different types of this app you can get. The first is the Explorer subscription, which gets you an additional 4 videos and quizzes each day. However, if you really want full access to this app, you can go for the Full Access subscription. This option gets you unlimited access to the near 1000 videos and quizzes within the app.

If you are anything like us, watching those nature documentaries is something we all love to do. And while some people may love seeing all the animals in their natural habitats and watching all that they do, some people love the soothing and calm narration. And of all the people who do the voiceover work for these nature documentaries, no one is as famous or as beloved as David Attenborough.

For decades, he has been narrating nature videos and documentaries, and there is finally a place where you can enjoy all of this work without having to search far and wide. Attenborough Story of Life is an app that contains the most comprehensive list of content from Attenborough ever released. You can find highlights, videos, and clips of his work from dozens of different shows and programs.

The app even includes some exclusive content created and curated by Attenborough himself.  The app also lets you save clips that you love and allows you to easily share them with others. So not only do you get all of this amazing content in one place, you get it completely free. If you love nature documentaries or David Attenborough himself, this app is a must have and is one that will surely provide you with hours and hours of enjoyment.

For over half a century, the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) has had a mission of creating a future in which people and animals live in harmony together. A big part of this is saving animals from a number of different threats. And while there is a good chance that you have heard about it, you might not have known that the WWF has an app. WWF Together is an app that provides you with in-depth and interactive stories of various different endangered animals such as giant pandas, tigers, polar bears and more.

WWF Together is an app that provides you with in-depth and interactive stories of various different endangered animals such as giant pandas, tigers, polar bears and more. All in all, the app really helps you connect with these endangered species that you probably knew of, but didn’t know that much about. The app also gives you multiple different ways to get involved and help protect these animals that you just learned about.

In addition to these stories, this app has a variety of other cool features. WWF Together includes a ton of up-to-date wildlife and conservation facts and a ton of different facts about animals. The app also includes impressive galleries of photos and videos for your enjoyment. The app can be downloaded and enjoyed for free and is one of the best apps out there for connecting with a wide range of different animals.

Learning about the anatomy of a human being can be a long and painstaking process for some people. There are so many different things to learn and know, that any way to make it easier or more fun is always a good thing. Well thankfully, this app can do just that. Visual Anatomy Lite is a tool for education and referencing about human anatomy. Whether you need to know about the bones, the muscles or any of the systems within the body, this app will be great for you.

The app contains over 100 high-quality images and over 300 different feature points that can be individually selected to look at closer. Each of these feature points is labeled and has its own description so you always know what you are looking at. Quick navigation is possible within the app and you can view the models from various different angles. You can even quiz yourself from right in the app!

Whether you are a student, a teacher, or just someone who wants to learn more about the human body, this app is an amazing educational tool for you. There is a more fully featured version of this app, but the free version is also pretty decent too. Either way you decide to go, rest assured that this app will be a great educational tool that will definitely help you learn more about the human body.

There are very few (if any) apps out there that are better for training for surgical procedures than this one. In fact, this app is used in a number of residency programs across the USA and a number of different of foundations, so you know it’s legitimate.  Touch Surgery is an app that allows you to practice surgery with a realistic and detailed guide, right on your iPhone.

The app can test your knowledge, track your progress over time and even share your results with other professionals in the industry. There is a huge database of different procedures to choose from and you can even build your own library of procedures based on the ones you want to learn and get better at. Simply put, there is no better app out there to help you learn about surgery and to test your medical skills against the best in the world.

There is absolutely no doubting the viability and helpfulness of this app in the medical field. However, would you believe if we told you it is able to be downloaded and used completely free? That’s right, you don’t have to pay a cent to get to use the same app that the pros do. All in all, this is one of the best apps for soon-to-be surgeons or just those who want to see what it’s all about.

Stargazing is an amazingly fun activity, but this app can make it even better. And you’ve never seen a stargazing app like this on a mobile device before. Star Walk is your interactive guide to the night sky above you and can give you information about all the stars and constellations, more than 200,000 of them for that matter. Not only that, but the app follows all of your movements in real time so it always knows what celestial bodies you will be able to see from where you are.

The app is also extremely easy to use. Simply launch the app and point your device at the night sky. From there you will be able to see all the different stars and constellations, in their proper places. As you move the device, the app will update your view in real time. You can also tap on each object to learn more about it and get more information. The app has loads of other features too, and it makes it easy to share your discoveries and findings with others.

Despite the fact that it is the most expensive app on this list, we would say it is more than worth the price. The things that this app can do are extremely cool and keep you entertained for hours, while also being able to educate you about the sky we see above us every single night. Also, with more than 10 million users, most people don’t mind paying a few dollars for an app like this one.

While at first glance you might just think that this app is a cheap Google Earth knockoff, you couldn’t be further from the truth. EarthViewer is basically like a time machine for exploring throughout the extremely deep history of the earth. Don’t worry about the app being accurate either, as it is based on the latest scientific research.

The app lets you scroll through the last 4.5 Billion years of the Earth’s history in minutes. Whether you want to see how the continents have changed over time, or how cities have grown or shrunk, this app can do it for you. Our planet is dynamic and constantly changing, and this wonderful app proves it. In addition to seeing the earth change, this app also includes features such as the changes in sea level over time, changes in global temperature over time, features on large events in the history of the world and much more.

This app can provide hours and hours of entertainment, while also teaching you quite a bit about the history of the earth as well. In fact, we would argue it would be hard to ever run out of things to do in this app. However, one of the best parts about this app is the fact that it can be yours without paying a single dollar. It can be downloaded for free and there is no need for in-app purchases as everything is already included within the app. No matter who you are (whether a student, teacher or anyone else) there is a good chance you can find some enjoyment out of this app.

If you like listening to experts speak about the things thet are passionate about, this is the app for you. In case you are unfamiliar with TED talks, they are conferences in which people speak about technology, entertainment, design and more. They are watch by millions of people and instead of scouring the internet to find your favorites, why not use this app?

The TED app gives you access to more than 2,000 different videos to learn from some of the smartest and most remarkable people on this planet. You can search by mood or topic, to ensure that you are only watching videos that you want. However, with so many experts in so many different fields within this app, it is definitely a good idea to get a little bit out of your comfort zone and check out new videos and topics. No matter which videos you watch on this app, you are sure to learn a thing or two from them.

While this app won’t be for everyone (as some might find the talks a little bit dry and boring), there are millions of people that love TED talks and listen to them any chance they get. This app also has a number of other features such as the ability to bookmark videos and download them for offline viewing. The TED app can even create your very own playlist of TED talks for you. But perhaps best of all, the app is available for free.

For some people, math is the bane of their existence. It seems to be one of those subjects that you either love or hate, are great at or are terrible at. If you are one of those people who aren’t good at it or hate it, this app might be for you. Mathspace is essentially a textbook and workbook to help you improve and get more comfortable with math.

Mathspace is a computer-based system that lets students (or any individual) to complete full solutions online while getting feedback along the way to make sure everything is being done correctly. No matter what subject or area in math you need help with, you can feel confident that this app will have you covered.

While the app is definitely aimed at students, it also has value to people outside of the classroom. Math is all around us, and understanding and enjoying it can make your life a lot easier. With so much content available in the app (over 30,000 questions, answers, and problems), it is amazing that the app is available without having to pay a cent.

Now this app is fairly different than most on this app as it doesn’t necessarily teach you about science, but it uses a lot of cool science and technology within the app. This app uses augmented reality and many would say it is the single coolest app on this list. SketchAR is all about helping everyone be able to draw like a professional artist.

The way it does this is by showing you a virtual image of the surface you are going to draw on. Basically, you hold your phone in one hand as it shines the virtual image onto your real piece of paper, while your other hand can trace the virtual image. Also, you can transport any image you have on your phone into a sketch that you can draw.

While the app is great, it can be a bit finicky to get working. It requires a steady hand and a bright room to work. But once you get it to work, the technology within this app is truly amazing and is on the cutting edge of technology and what is capable of our mobile devices. Also, the fact that this app is completely free is a great selling point. Even if you aren’t an artist or aren’t really into drawing, this app is worth a try based on the fact of just how cool the science and technology of it is.

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