20 best shows on Amazon Prime this fall

20 best shows on Amazon Prime this fall-1

Amazon Prime is taking the fight to Netflix in a big way and is investing massively in its on demand TV and movie portfolio. That means we, the viewers get an amazing selection of top quality watching for not a lot of cash. If you’re a Prime member, what are the 20 best shows on Amazon Prime this fall? Read on to find out!

In no particular order:

1. Dollhouse

Dollhouse was another Joss Whedon show that was cancelled too early although it lasted longer than Firefly. The premise is about memory wiping and a group of girls trained as agents and used for missions before having their memory wiped. A great show that could have had a great future.

2. Empire

Empire is something I didn’t think I would like, the usual drug dealer trying to go straight affair with lots of gold and hip hop. Yet the characters, the story and the camera work all make it very watchable.

3. Black Sails

Black Sails is essentially Spartacus but with pirates. Made by the same people, Starz, this is less a historical drama and more a series of fighting set pieces in a different time period. Nevertheless, it makes very good TV.

4. Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead is a spinoff of everyone’s favorite zombie series. This is a prequel set in L.A. within a troubled family having to cope with modern life and the onset of the zombie apocalypse. It’s a good watch and available on Amazon Prime now.

5. Alpha House

Political satire is a bit hit and miss, but Alpha House is definitely a hit. Starring John Goodman as a senator and a good supporting cast as his house mates, this is a comedic look at how people can behave if left alone too long.

6. The Americans

The Americans is an excellent series that features two KGB agents trying to pass as Americans during the Reagan era. It is silly at times but the rest is compelling watching, showing some of our highlights and lowlights quite unflinchingly.

7. Bosch

Bosch is a Michael Connelly character played by Titus Welliver. It’s a cop show but not quite the usual procedural nonsense we have to contend with. This is thoughtful, well put together and was created by one of the brains behind The Wire. Enough said.

8. The Fall

The Fall is another cop show but is also a bit different. Set in Ireland and starring Gillian Anderson as a cop chasing a serial killing Jamie Dornan, this is a more intelligent show than the usual that has some very strong acting too.

9. Catastrophe

While the era of the sitcom may be over, occasionally a good one comes along. Catastrophe is that one. Cutting humor, deeper characters than usual and some good writing and acting, this is a show with real promise.

10. Hand of God

Hand of God isn’t one of the many shows that tries to make lawyers look good. This is a gritty show that tackles some hardcore issues. Fortunately, former biker Ron Perlman is more than up to the task of carrying the story.

11. Into The Badlands

It’s good to see martial arts back on the screen especially when they are done well. That’s exactly what Into The Badlands brings to the table. Lots of drama, lots of action and plenty to get your teeth into. The series is only six episodes long though which is a shame.

12. Mad Dogs

Mad Dogs is based on a UK show that has been dumbed down for the American audience. Despite that it is funny, poignant, well cast and quite amusing.

20 best shows on Amazon Prime this fall-2

13. Man In The High Castle

Man In The High Castle is another Amazon Prime original and hopefully one that will go far. It asks what the world would be like had the Nazis won the war and is a grim reality check of just how lucky we are right now.

14. Masters Of Sex

Masters Of Sex could have been really bad, but thanks to some great scripts and superb acting, it turned into a very interesting show. Fertility expert turned sex expert needs to get a lot of it to become ‘expert’. Much more deep than that despite the simple premise.

20 best shows on Amazon Prime this fall-3

15. Mr. Robot

If you haven’t seen Mr. Robot yet, you really should. It’s a counter culture series that follows hacker Rami Malek as he takes on Evil Corp. It’s current, topical and tackles exactly the kinds of things those of us into this culture face all the time. It’s great.

16. Parks and Recreation

As a spinoff of The Office, Parks and Recreation is a real triumph. It’s light, easy going and funny. All those things The Office were not. A good script, brilliant casting and nice pacing make this very easy watching.

17. Preacher

Preacher is a comic book adaptation that anyone can watch without switching off most of their brain cells. Dominic Cooper is a small town preacher with an interesting side, supported by his ex-girlfriend and an Irish vampire. A must-see while it’s on Amazon Prime.

18. UnREAL

UnREAL is amusing as it reflects our culture of vacuous celebrity and addiction to reality TV. It does it all with a bit of humor too. It is dark at times and will not fail to make you think, which is why it makes good TV.

19. Top Of The Lake

Top Of The Lake is set in New Zealand and concerns itself with finding a 12 year old girl that goes missing. It’s about small town life, people, stories and that little girl. It’s an unsung hero of Amazon Prime and you really need to watch it.

20. Transparent

Transparent is strong. It has great writing, great acting and won a prize for Best TV Show. It tackles transgenderism but does it in a way that won’t alienate viewers in the slightest. It is bitter sweet, amusing and clever.

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