25 Best Stand-Up Comedies on Netflix [Winter 2020]

Stand-up comedy can be divisive. Not everyone finds the same things funny, and your favorite comedian might be hated and despised by your best friend or family members. It’s tough not just to rank comedy specials, but even to recommend them. Not only are there simply a seemingly endless supply of comedy specials available online today, but there’s also no way to predict whether a specific stand-up special will appeal to someone. In many ways, it’s better to look at a list of some critically acclaimed and audience acclaimed stand up specials in order to pick from those, and to figure out which comedy specials make you laugh. Whether you’re looking for broad comedy, family-friendly laughs, or raunchy humor, it’s easy to find the right special for you.

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Netflix in particular has taken a liking to hosting comedy specials, with their goal in 2020 to showcase at least one new comedy special per week. This means it’s hard to find what might match your own personal comedy taste, but don’t worry. Let’s take a look at some of the best comedy specials on Netflix today in no particular order.sa

2 thoughts on “25 Best Stand-Up Comedies on Netflix [Winter 2020]”

Mark says:
SO you think a big homophobe is the funniest comedian on Netflix? No thanks
not you says:
Who made this list the whitest out of touch white person? Just look at number one. WTF is that?

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