30 Best Stand-Up Comedies on Netflix – June 2017

Posted by Kathy Burns on June 1, 2017
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No matter what’s happening in the world, it’s almost always better with some jokes thrown in. Sometimes you need a little bit of stand-up comedy. Check out these picks for some of the most hilarious and outrageously funny takes on life, love, family, and politics that you can find on Netflix right now.

If you’re not feeling like stand-up right now, but you still want to laugh, check out our lists of the best sitcoms and the best comedy movies currently streaming on Netflix, too.

4 thoughts on “30 Best Stand-Up Comedies on Netflix – June 2017”

Julie Bittner says:
A few of these are grossly outdated and even 30 years later, I could probably recite every punchline in 3 different languages. (lol) Just kidding, I can only speak English (cymbals from the drum roll) There! Did I make the list too? I’m standing up, I promise! As I said, there are some good ones but I can totally see why the negativity engulfs this comment section. Only some old fogie who wasn’t accustomed to foul language on a regular or the ways of the “other worldly” would see this as a night for gut-busting, rip-roaring put you in stitches laughter. I haven’t seen a couple of them either so I guess they deserve a fair shot. This list is so-so, not the best!
Douglas W Scott says:
I disagree strongly with this list
Julie Bittner says:
I cannot say that I completely disagree, however, the order has no sense whatsover. I mean, if you’re going to list the top # of anything, at least do it from best to worst, or even vice versa. This one is way off the mark in that aspect but in agreeing to disagree, I DO see some great stand-ups in the lineup but I have seen much better that could have easily bumped a few off this list and took their places. As well, there are a couple that were awesome in their time, but perhaps I saw them so many times 30 years ago that they seem pretty bland now, i.e., Sam Kinison?? Really?
Tara says:
You missed Trevor Noah – he’s the best standup comedy on Netflix.
pussifiedbullshit says:
who , who , who and who after Murphy Pryor Bullshit pussy list

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