The Best Touchscreen Chromebooks [March 2021]

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Chromebooks continue to be one of the best values in tech, offering great speed, performance, and reliability for often well under the price of a competing Windows laptop. Though Chrome OS started out as a simple browser, these devices have continued to grow in maturity over the last several years. From apps and games to file browsers and even some Adobe app support, Chrome OS has come a long way in terms of its usefulness, completely dominating the budget market for laptops and replacing the terrible, clunky Windows laptops of last decade. There’s a great Chromebook for nearly every price point imaginable, and if all you need in a computer is a way to write papers, watch Netflix, and browse Facebook or Instagram, a Chromebook is a surprisingly great option.

If you have a tax refund burning a hole in your pocket, it’s the perfect time to get yourself a brand new laptop that will make browsing the web a whole lot more enjoyable. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, a student, a parent, or anyone else, Google’s lineup of affordable devices can often be just enough functionality to be perfect devices. Touchscreen-equipped Chromebooks mean videos, note-taking, and even light gaming are all a cinch on the device, without having to pay for high-priced premium Windows ultrabooks that are mostly used for similar ideas. And hey, if you’re looking for a premium Chromebook device, we even have some options for you there.

There are so many different models to choose from that picking up a Chromebook today can be a daunting task. Which models should you pick up, and which should you avoid? Sit back and relax, because we have you covered. This is our guide to the best touchscreen Chromebooks on the market today.

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One thought on “The Best Touchscreen Chromebooks [March 2021]”

Mavis says:
It’s weird, you’d think the Chromebooks made by Google would be the best, but then ASUS steps in and beats them at their own game. It’s good to see someone do something better than Google for once though.

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