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The Best Video Editing Apps for the iPhone [April 2020]

No matter what phone you buy in 2020, it probably comes with an incredibly powerful camera. That includes your iPhone, which takes fantastic stills and best-in-class video that can’t be beat by any other phone on the market you can buy today. Of course, if you’re looking to step up your video game, you’ll need to grab an editing app for your iPhone. From adding text and effects to stitching together a number of clips, editing is an instrumental part of the movie-making process.

Although plenty of pro-level apps exist for Mac and Windows PCs, you don’t need a pricey piece of equipment or an expensive program to edit your videos. The App Store is full of video editing apps, from full NLE suites to apps that make it easy to auto-enhance your footage. Of course, with the App Store completely flooded with video editing apps, it goes without saying that many of these apps are virtually useless or even actively terrible. If you’re looking to avoid the trash and grab the best video editing apps for your iPhone, we’ve got the guide for you. We have fifteen apps to pick from that help you customize and personalize your videos, from making full-length films to improving your next Instagram post. These are the best video editing apps for April 2020.