The Best War Movies on Netflix [March 2021]

For a genre that should be simple enough to narrow down into one idea, films about war are complicated, often offering different viewpoints on war based around when the film was developed. War films developed during World War II often took the form of propaganda for the Allies, with documentary films like Why We Fight or Edge of Darkness being developed to support war efforts in the 1940s. Even throughout the 1950s and onward, films surrounding war saw the heroes as the paragons of American culture, very rarely critiquing war.

Since the 1970s, films about war have become a far more varied genre. Anti-war films, comedy or satire films, and biopics have all been crafted out of the general wartime film, offering those who seek a deeper understanding of war content their chance at watching a film. If you’re looking to explore the vast genre of war films on Netflix, here are our fifteen favorite films currently streaming for March 2021.

2 thoughts on “The Best War Movies on Netflix [March 2021]”

Avatar %+=R says:
in 2020 ? – –
——— — as we witness Rockefeller USURY wrap up – –
—————— – -its seven decades on the move – -transfer treason- -project ?
———————————– – to Rockefeller –RED– China ? ? ?

—————————— – – Robert Wise’s 1966 ‘The Sand Pebbles’ – – —————————

– –is the set up – -background – -and set up context.

And realize –in 2020– it has been officially disclosed Rockefeller MAO
was on board with Yale in China – -from 1922.

— -WHOA !

Avatar HHHHH% says:
WWII has been done ad nauseum – -and the GQ stylings really will date badly.

BEST war film ? – -for some 20/20 on our 2020 – -state ? – -condition ? – -predicament ?

Romance ? – -action ? – – -adventure ? – – history and relevance ?

—————– – – as the Rockefeller USURY – -RED China treason project wraps up ?

Steve McQueen in Robert Wise’s 1966 ‘ The SAND PEBBLES’ – – –

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