The Best Waterproof Cameras [July 2019]

The GoPro revolutionized the world of both professional and amateur video recording. All of a sudden, anyone with a modest budget was able to pick up a GoPro and document everything from biking adventures to surfing lessons with minimal experience—all through an incredibly small piece of gear that offered unparalleled quality and functionality. 

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The GoPro is undeniably awesome. The only problem is that it’s also undeniably expensive, and since its groundbreaking inception a string of incredibly similar and far more affordable products have entered the market—meaning that you no longer have to break the bank if you want to capture some truly stunning video of your next big adventure. 

Whether you’re a professional skateboarder who wants to document your latest tricks on the halfpipe or simply a casual biker or underwater explorer who wants fresh material for your Instagram page, having a quality action camera is of the utmost importance. 

And in order for an action cam to be worthy of real adoration, it has to be waterproof. That’s why we’ve assembled a list of the best and most affordable waterproof cameras on the market—most of which offer much of the same quality and functionality of a GoPro at a tiny fraction of the cost. 

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