The Best Weight Loss Apps for the iPhone – February 2018

With beach season fully here and the sun shining, we all want to be outside having fun and getting tanned. However, many of us might not be comfortable enough with our bodies to toss on a bathing suit and hit the pool or beach. But instead of moping around inside all summer, why not try to lose some weight and get healthier. However, losing weight in a healthy manner is not always easy. It takes a lot of dedication in the gym and the kitchen, which can be difficult. But in 2017 with the way technology has progressed, you never have to do it alone again. That is because the App Store on the iPhone is full of

That is because the App Store on the iPhone is full of apps with the goal of helping you to lose weight. Whether these apps teach you how to work out better, shop better or eat better, they all can bring you value in some way. However, with dozens and dozens of weight loss apps in the App Store, how do you know which ones will help you shed the pounds and which ones will simply waste your time?

Well, if that is your concern, you have come to the right place. This article will take a deeper and in-depth look at some of the best apps out there for helping you lose weight. However, even the best app in the world can’t help you lose weight if you are not willing to put in the time and effort that it takes. If you put in the effort and remain consistent, these apps on this list can have your body beach-ready quicker than you ever thought possible!

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Whatever your weight loss or fitness needs are, this app can help. This app works a little bit differently than most in that it is actually a support app for other health apps and services. The app organizes and presents a ton of different data from a number of the best and most popular wearables.

In addition to collecting and presenting data, the app can also help you reach your goals. Nudge can connect you with a personal health coach who can help you get through everything. The app is incredibly easy to get a hold of, and makes it simple to stay on top of everything from workouts, to nutrition, to sleep, and more.

The look of the app measures up with its function as it has a gorgeous interface that is very easy to use and navigate. Your profile that is included within the app gives you a great snapshot that everything you are doing and some areas that you can possibly improve on. The app can also be downloaded for free, which is the cherry on top of this app.

This app is used by over 15 million people and that makes it one of the most popular in the space. While the main function of this app is to aid in weight loss, that is not all it does. It can also help you gradually create the habits you need to be successful in your goals in the long run.

The app gives you daily tips and tasks to do, and provides you with a simple plan to lose weight and be healthier. It has a great calorie counter, large database of foods, a battery-friendly pedometer, and a ton of different tracking capabilities. Everything from your blood pressure to your weight and food intake can be tracked within this app.

The app comes with a few different programs you can choose from, with different goals in mind. The app is available to be downloaded for free, but there is an option to get a Coach, which will cost you a few dollars a month. This subscription will get you access to a real human coach, support groups and much more. Being that the app is free, you might as well give it a try and see how it works for you.

If you have ever wanted to earn cash while also losing weight and getting healthier, this is the app for you. Pact is an effective way to lose weight and keep yourself on the right path, while also being able to line your pockets. This app is incredibly unique, in that it lets users bet on themselves.

Basically, you are able to bet on yourself to complete your workouts for the week. You pick your workouts, how much you wager and then its up to you to complete the workouts. If you don’t, the money you bet will go into a pool that will pay out those users who actually met their goals. Basically, you will lose money if you don’t workout and will gain some if you do.

This model of incentivization has proven very useful as many users of the app have had giant transformations over time. The app also lets you track workouts, check in and verify meals and workouts and more. So while it may not have as many robust and in-depth features, it is still extremely effective at helping you lose weight as money is quite a motivator.

One of the most difficult part when it comes to losing weight is keeping up with your diet and making sure you are eating healthy. Thankfully, PlateJoy makes it incredibly easy and simple to eat healthily. This app is all about getting custom designed meal plans and grocery lists, just for you.

Whatever lifestyle or diet you have or follow, this app will be able to help you lead a healthier life. Whether you are someone who can’t eat gluten, someone who is adhering to a Paleo diet or are even diabetic, this app will have a plan for you to follow.

The app is also very easy to use and get started with. The first step is to take the lifestyle quiz. This little quiz will basically tell the app how you like to eat and live. You can share the kinds of foods you like, your goals when it comes to fitness and weight loss, allergies, schedule and more. The app then uses 50 different data points to create a personalized menu just for you. Best of all, it is free to use, so there is no risk if you download it and give it a try.

Eating healthy is one thing, but shopping for healthy foods is a whole other beast. The shelves at the supermarket are full of tempting foods that you know you shouldn’t eat (but often can’t resist). This app ensures that you never have to go shopping alone and don’t have to fall victim to your temptations.

ShopWell is an app that tells you all there is to know about the food you are thinking of buying in the grocery store. All you have to do is scan any food your find at the grocery store, and the app will tell you everything about it such as ingredients, calories and more. The app will even offer support in case you have allergies or other food intolerances.

The app also will recommend you new and healthy food that will fit your lifestyle and tastes. This is a great way to get out there and try new things, without having to worry about if they are good for you or not. The app is available to use and enjoy for free, and millions of people have already used it to make healthy shopping easier and quicker than ever.

This app is a staple in the workout and weight loss category and is one with millions of users. MyFitnessPal is a calorie counter and diet tracker that is not only robust and feature-heavy but is also really real easy to use. It has a database of over 5 million different foods, so no matter what you eat, this app will be able to track it and include it in your logs.

In only a few minutes a day, this app allows you to easily track all of your diet and exercises within its very easy to use interface. Whether you are new to apps like this or have been using them for years, MyFitnessPal is one you are sure to be able to use. This app lets you add multiple foods, will remember your favorite foods and much more.

The app can also connect with a ton of other devices to ensure that all of your information and data is synced up and accurate, no matter what app or service you are using. The app is able to be downloaded completely free and comes fully featured without the need to pay a cent. However, if you want some extra features and bonuses, there is a premium membership you can pay a few bucks a month for. However, millions have used the free app with success and have collectively lost a huge amount of weight.

While many of these apps have been food-centered or have food-related features, working out is definitely still a part of a successful and healthy weight loss journey. And if you are after a great workout app, Jefit is simply one of the best. It not only comes with a smart training system, it also makes it incredibly easy to log your workouts thanks to the database of well over 1000 exercises to choose from.

The app can also help you plan your workouts so you always know what is coming up next. And once the workout is done, the app can help you track your progress and to make sure you are always challenging yourself. The community within this app is also incredible. Whether you want some support, inspiration or even want some answers to your questions, Jefit has something for you.

With so many great and helpful workout related features in this app, you might think it would be a little bit clunky and hard to use. However, that could not be further from the truth. Jefit looks incredible and is very easy to navigate. You will never ever get lost in the app and it is very simple to use, for anyone. So whether you are just getting started with tracking your workouts, or are moving from another app, this will be simple to use.

If you are looking for an easy to use and simple workout app, there are few out there easier to use than Daily Burn. It starts with an assessment and then will recommend you a plan and workouts based on the answers you provide and the details you give. The app has nearly 100 workouts and 20+ different programs. So whether you want to do some cardio, dance or lift some heavy weights, you can find a plan or program that will work for you.

The app also includes a cool feature in which a new workout is available each and every day of the year. This 30-minute workout is only available for a 24 hour period, and it goes live at 9 am ET each morning. The many video workouts and exercises included in this app are incredible for those who would rather watch workouts than read about them.

The community within this app is also very impressive and a big selling point. Share your fitness journey with thousands of other users, while also using the community for motivation and inspiration for those times you are struggling to get a good workout. And with the app being free to use, you are doing yourself a disservice by not trying it out or considering it.

If you want simplicity without sacrificing customizability, give this app a look. In fact, Sworkit was created to be both easy to use and simple, while still offering a personalized and custom experience. Whatever your goals and experience levels are, this app has something for you. Also, whether you want to get stronger, leaner or more fit, the app has a variety of exercises to help.

The app has tons and tons of different bodyweight exercises, which means you will never run out of things to do. While the app includes workouts that are already pre-made, it also includes the option for combining these exercises into your own custom workouts as well.

While the app is able to be download and used for free, it does include the option to subscribe to a premium membership. This premium membership will cost you just shy of $10 a month but comes with some pretty amazing features. Sworkit Premium gets you guided premium workouts, custom intervals and workouts, an ad-free experience and the option to correspond with an actual trainer.

Working out is an instrumental part of losing weight, but finding the time to work out is not always easy. Most of us work 40+ hours a week and barely find time to ourselves, let alone time to go to the gym or workout. Thankfully, this app (as you can tell by the name of the app) has a ton of short workouts that can be done within only a few minutes.

Each day, you can test yourself with some simple and quick workouts, but don’t think that makes them easy. In fact, you will be doing quite a bit of work in those 7 minutes. Each workout consists of 12 high-intensity body weight workouts, with each exercise lasting 30 seconds, and then 10 seconds of rest between each exercise. So as you can see, you are sure to be dead tired after a short but effective 7-minute workout.

The app is free, but there is an option to upgrade to a paid version of the app. While the free app is solid, the premium version gives you a ton of useful extra features. You can see a log of your workouts, create custom workouts, can adjust the duration of exercises and rest, get more routines and much more.

One of the most common and effective ways to lose weight is to do some cardio. And there is no more popular version of cardio than running. However, not every run or runner is created equally. The kind of things a long distance runner would do, differ from what a short distance runner will do. Also, the skill level of each runner is different.

Thankfully, no matter what kind of runner you are, Runkeeper is an app you should definitely consider having on your iPhone. This app lets you track your runs and exercises, set goals and see your progress over time. It is used by tens of millions of people and thus, the community within the app is large and ready to help you with any questions you might have.

Staying motivated and interested while running is tough, but this app is a huge help. You can easily track your goals, set new goals, share results and more. Over time, you are sure to get better at running, and it will be amazing to be able to look back and see how much you have progressed over your journey to lose weight and become healthier.

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