The 10 Best Wireless Earbuds – July 2017

Not so long ago, wireless earbuds were the laughingstock of both the audiophile and tech worlds. They delivered astoundingly bad quality sound and fit so poorly in the average person’s ear that the user had to stay perfectly still in order to maintain even the slightest resemblance of a seal. Times have changed, however, and now there are quite of few remarkable wireless earbuds on the market—geared toward a number of different audiences and users. In addition to making life easier for the user by eliminating that pesky cord (how many times have you cursed that hellish tangle when you pull your earbuds from your pocket?), these earbuds often come packed with a wide range of handy features, such as Bluetooth connectivity, automatic power-on, remote control functions, and more. So don’t fear the wireless earbud. Instead, embrace this technology that has finally caught up with modern times and has claimed its rightful place among respected tech gadgets by picking up a pair today. Here are the Top Ten wireless earbuds on the market.

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